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Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 150 lbs - 68 kg
Physique: Slim
Age: 29
Deadlift: 200 lbs
Benchpress: 100 lbs
Squat: 200 lbs
Legpress: 225 lbs

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Hey there, its your girl Paris Love. I am a fetish model and I have my own clip4sale store you should check it out. I am friendly, goofy, positive, and fun person to be around.I also love to do role playing. Lets set up a session guys email me at Looking forward to meeting new people 😁

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11-27-2020 11-30-2020 Las Vegas Nevada United States
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I had the pleasure and privilege to wrestle Paris recently. First off she made booking fast and easy. She replied to my initial email within hours and later that same day we had a confirmed date for our session. So I was immediately impressed with her professional and responsive communication. The day of the session I was running late and Paris happily agreed to move our start time back. The later start time actually worked out better for us both. Paris was always very friendly and accommodating during the entire session process and her communication was outstanding. When I finally got to her room Paris was very warm, friendly and welcoming. Within just a few minutes she had me feeling comfortable and any anxiety I might have had was gone. As anyone can see in her pictures Paris is extremely sexy, but I don't think her pictures do her justice. I found Paris to be EVEN more beautiful in person. Her eyes are mesmerizing and she's got a big smile that just lights up any room. Obviously Paris is gorgeous and has a super fit, toned, athletic body, but her personality is really what made the session so great. Paris is bubbly, sweet and just so easy to get along with. In just a short time I felt like we were old friends.
Once we started to wrestle I was most impressed with how fast Paris was. Her speed & athleticism really shined. Paris was also extremely skilled, which honestly took me by surprise. I'm 6'1 I'm not a little guy, but I was COMPLETELY out wrestled! I loved how she kept talking to me throughout the session. Every time she got me in a hold there was NO ESCAPE from, she laughed and let me know about it. Several times I didn't even see it coming! And Paris DEFINITELY ENJOYS what she does!! My only regret is I only booked a 1hour session, next time I'll go for 2! I had such a blast with Paris. She really is something special and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND anyone who gets the chance to book a session with Paris to do it!!! I'll definitely be seeing her again if she's ever in my area again.


Thank you I had a blast with you as well. I'll definitely keep in touch with you and let you know the next time I'm up there. 😘😘😘


I had a great session with Paris last week while she was in Northern Va for a catfight video. I wanted to session with her because of the energy & enthusiasm she showed in her wrestling clips and she did not dissapoint. We did a fantasy semi-comp match and despite my size advantage Paris more than held her own.

She's one of the slimmer girls that I've wrestled but her tight body is surprisingly strong/powerful and her scissors are ridiculous once she gets the proper angle on your neck. She spent the hour climbing all over me like a tree & pinning me down while we we both constantly laughed at the crazy positions we kept ending up in.

She's only been offering sessions for a year but Paris really enjoys wrestling so our session felt like 2 life long friends just having a good time and I cant wait to do it again! All in all Paris was awesome from our easy communication in setting up the session to the actual wrestling itself. I'll be sure to book 2 hours with her instead of 1 moving forward now that I know what to expect!

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