Location: Niagara, Toronto,
E-mail: princesspeaks@yahoo.com
Weight: 200 lbs - 90.7 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Age: 40
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Just got back from my session with PeakPrincess. Easily one of my top 5 sessions ever, having done 30+ over the years and 10 this year. I love all the big girls Lora O. Ripped Princess Muscle Foxx and back n the day Karla Nelson Thea Bennington Kris Lubke. Communication was excellent quick two emails and was all set. Hotel was great nice lobby had a coffee while waiting. When she opened the door WOW was blown away with her size I had asked her to wear a nice dress and high heels showed off those muscles perfectly. The session was holds ,muscle worship and some strength demos. First off her personality is amazing fun easy going so easy to talk with and laugh. We started off with some posing WOW her arms are amazing I am used to big arms but her trade mark PEAK is unreal. She is currently 4 weeks out of her last competition which she was robbed of 1st place she was 2nd. All of her muscles were hard as a rock no give at all. Her bear hugs were amazing extremely powerful easily one of the best for me . Head locks again amazing powerful . Scissors WOW her legs are like a vice just awesome.The hour and a half went by way to fast next time 2 hrs or more. Any body on the fence about seeing her do not hesitate to see her. I cant wait till see is back in NYC.


She is very nice/polite/and friendly....almost wish you could be friends and hang out with her.


Let's just say she's very nice/polite and honest. Partially drove from PHL to NYC to see her and despite being late (thanks train and bad directions) fun was had.

She's so good, that IF she comes to Philly in September, I'll see her again, and then NEVER do this again. Can't afford to get hooked on her :-)


Emailed peakprinces a month ago & again 3 weeks ago to set up session when I was traveling to her area. She NEVER responded to my two emails of 4 & 3 weeks ago. The 1-star rating reflects bad communication (not responding to my emails in last month). :dry:

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