Location: London, United Kingdom
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Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 165 lbs - 74.8 kg
Physique: Athletic

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About Me

Hello everyone, 


Who wants a tussle? 


Been wrestling for three years now professionally and been getting into playfights for as long as I remember! Ive always been freakishly strong but now after improving my skills and training hard Im ready to take you all on...

I am mostly based in London and occasionally Manchester. this year I will be starting to tour so keep an eye on dates. Filming ventures under way too so watch this space. 

I adore all forms of wrestling. Im an aggressive and strong competitive wrestler, can lift and carry up to 95kg and love creative fantasy sessions. Im also a dominatrix so dont be shy if you have a special request. The worst I can say is no. 

I require deposits and/or references for our first meeting. 


See you on the mats...


Pussy Willow





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BEIRUTJOUNIEH 12-16 Nov BUDAPEST 3-5 December AMSTERDAM 17-20 December SINGAPORE 23-27 January Will also be lurking near Manchester around Christmas you might be able to catch me for a session at The Wrestling Factory. Otherwise I will be in London at The Submission Rooms.

Saw pussy williow with Ax jay today she is better in the flesh if a little crazy. But fun to be with very strong and her punches are hard legs are very strong .But had a good time at Axa,s new place aAxa,'s always good fun .I dedire anyone to take them both on .will doit again soon Bill


So Pussy Willow was my 4th session today, and this was by far the most intense of the sessions today.

She tweeted about the session just before the start, with an image of what she was wearing for it.


I think the best way of describing this session was, that unlike most sessions I've had where the girls have systematically taken me apart, Pussy Willow simply bulldozed me. She overpowered me from the start to the finish! When we grappled at the start, she simply shoved me right in the chest and I went flying! She is one powerful wrestler!

She jumped on me, smothered me, and proceeded to 'torture' me with a variety of holds including extremely powerful headscissors, sleeper holds, facesits (front and reverse, and held for long periods of time), foot chokes and smothers (at one point, she forced most of her foot down my throat and made me suck them!).

She has a very dominant but fun personality and this really shone throughout the session. I even experienced my first ever ballbusting (she did ask if I fancied trying it, and out of curiosity I said yes!)...she had me pinned by sitting on my midrif, and then suddenly smashed her knee straight into my old boy...oh my god the pain! She followed this up with a crushing groin grab, before jumping onto my face and facesitting me full weight before I'd even had time to moan in pain!

She threw me about all over the matroom, and also has become the first ever session wrestler to make me tap from a body scissor (I am a large lad!).

I finished the session breathless, slightly bruised, but giddy with happiness from the sound thrashing that I'd received (and she seemed to have enjoyed it too, as she laughed and smiled at me (in a wicked sort of way) the whole time.

Book this girl - you won't regret it...just make sure you're prepared to get roughed up a little!

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