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queen brianna kelly


Location: Portland, Oregon
E-mail: ilovebriannakelly@gmail.com
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Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 165 lbs - 74.8 kg
Physique: Curvy
Age: 49

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About Me

I am currently offering wrestling sessions in the Portland area. I only do fantasy domination type wrestling at this time due to recent breast lift surgery in February. I have trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a year as a white belt. I also offer online wrestling where we can talk about it and I can dress up in fight gear. Lots of variety: Boxing, Stomach Punching, Kicking, Scissor Holds, Grappling, Take Downs, Head Locks, Choke Holds. 

I usually wrestle in a Gi, yoga pants, yoga shorts, rash guard, yoga sports bra. You can choose one of those. I do not wrestle in a bikini. 

More about me:

​My name is Queen Brianna Kelly and I offer Female Domination sessions in the Portland area or out on the coast in my large dungeon. I offer Kink lessons, coaching for men, foot and body worship, feminization, outings with me (and my friends and/or alpha males too), business marketing strategies, health wellness coaching, and much more.
Serious inquiries only. I only deal with respectful individuals.

1.) I do not tolerate drug or alcohol use during session.

2.) I do not tolerate bad hygiene.

3.) I request that you DO NOT wear cologne, stinky deodorant or chew gum.

4.) I do not tolerate bad manners.

5.) Be on time.

Go to my website to learn more about me: ilovebriannakelly.com

Im the producer of adult entertainment and education based on Female Power and Male Vulnerability. After immersing myself in fetish culture, I learned there is a great deal of healing that goes on through these intimate explorations. I go deep into the shadows of your mind, heart, and soul to guide you to a safe understanding of your true self.

I created a foundation called Spirit Rising that helps humans recover from emotional trauma. Im here to help you make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions and deliver the sustainable success you desire. At Spirit Rising, I offer education and help with housing. Educational topics consist of; meditation, quantum healing, healthy cooking, music, tantra, shibari, dance, art, business, and more. Retreats are held all over the world. Contact me if you want to share your large home for a retreat location. Locations must be fit for a Queen.
My business background is 20 years Project Management in construction, and 7 years in the software industry as a Product Development Onboarding Specialist. I also owned a juice bar for a few years, and became a Health and Wellness Consultant. The corporate rat race, and my failing health forced me to think outside of societys box to find my own comfort, healing, and self love. As an Empath, Ive studied psychology from a young age for my own self preservation. Ive developed a simple and clear program to help you gain the peace and love you so desperately desire, that lurks from the shadows of your mind.

My other interests are: Yoga, Jiu Jitsu, Dancing, Swimming, Hiking, Sewing, Crafting, Sailing, Interior Decorating, Painting, Shibari, Psychology, NLP, Quantum Healing, Hypnosis, Rock Collecting, Crystals, Gardening, Website Design, Photo Video Editing, Modeling, Traveling. Im 59 (6 with heels. I love dancing in heels, especially wedges).

I have two main locations: the coast of Oregon in Lincoln City, and Portland. My house on the coast has a full size play room and lots of fun things to do. I’m currently looking for a bigger place in Portland to create another full size play room. I also will travel to Seattle for the right person. I prefer clients who schedule regularly so we can develop a type of relationship that evolves as I get further and further into your mind.

When you send a message. Tell me about yourself, what you liked about this post, and why you want to see me. Text is fine but you must be specific as to what you are looking for. I offer many things. I WILL NOT REPLY TO MESSAGES THAT JUST SAY “Hi” or “How are you”. You must be specific on your initial correspondence to me or you will be ignored. If you have multiple questions, it’s best to go to my website to start a phone or video chat. I will not keep going back and forth with you after about 5 messages. 

$200 an hour and you can schedule multiple hours. 

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