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Location: Atlanta, Georgia
E-mail: queensavage92@aol.com

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Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 155 lbs - 70.3 kg
Physique: Athletic

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****Ladies if you need a place to do your sessions I am now available to host them at my condo downtown Atlanta! Just send me an email!!!****


-Please be sure to include your city and state in the subject area of your email.

-Please have the date that you would like to book a session included in the email as well. 

-Please be serious about booking a session when emailing me. 

-DO NOT email me about any sexual activities. This is not a escort site. I am a fighter. Be respectful. 


Hey sweethearts, Thank you for your interest in a session with me & checking out my session girls page. About me.. I love doing sessions, I am a very good Wrestler who can also accommodate on many different kinds of sessions. Please remember when emailing me that I do not like doing back and forth long emails or talking to time wasters who never book.

Please only email me if you are planning to book a session. I am a very fun and energetic womn! You will always enjoy your time spent with me! I love to smile and laugh and have a great time during our sessions! I do NOT offer any sexual sessions. Period. Do not ask!

If you do not see that I am coming to your city, sponsor my trip and I will come! I am obsessed with sessions. I enjoy meeting new people and working with people from all over. I love doing videowork as well as working with other women too.I am a friendly person, never a mean girl but I do not tolerate any disrespect from anyone. Girls do not hesitate on reaching out to work with me! 

I would love to get into more pro wrestling and competitions. Also more video work. Dont hesitate to hit me up about any information about that! 

Ps. I do require a deposit when booking or traveling. I do not tolerate any bullshit so please if you plan to bullshit with me, dont! Youll be mad at yourself for it. My rates are $300 an hour with multi hour discounts! Please feel free to tell me what kind of interested in so that I can accommodate 👑

Love and Domination 🌺


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I had fun doing a session with Queen Savage. She is a sexy looking Creole looking woman. Easy to communicate with and down to earth. I am a skinny and weak dude so I was no match for her. She is strong and powerful.


This girl is something else. She is pretty, strong and skilled, especially with her legs. Once it’s locked you’re either going to pass out or have a sore neck. Also, her endurance is ridiculous. I thought I was in decent shape, but I started to get thrown around and couldn’t do anything about it as we came to an end. Very professional and easy to communicate with. Didn’t have a problem getting in touch and was fast at responding. Definitely recommend.

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