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Height: 5'6” - 168 cm
Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 27

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Soft, slim thick, Latina extremely fun to touch and grab. No complaints yet ;) 

I want you all to know upfront Im not a competitive fighter by any means, meaning I have 0 formal training. Everything I know is from experience and thinking on the feet. Im throwing myself into this because Ive gotten positive feedback on my strength and sturdiness for years now and feel this is a great way to get involved. That being said I also model for pictures and videos often so I try not to get bruised up and I fully understand bruises happen, theyre inevitable, especially with me since I tend to bruise like a banana. I mention it so we can avoid doing anything that causes large bruises that would be difficult to cover up. 

Communication is key!

The more details the better. Tell me how youd like our session to go the more informed I am the better the chances well both get exactly what were expecting out of this. Misunderstanding can be bothersome and awkward experience and I prefer to avoid any situations like that as much possible. I strive to make this experience not just about fulfilling your desires but also understanding you to make the experience the best I can and learn from every interaction too make the next one better than the last

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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
11-19-2019 11-21-2019 Tampa Florida United States
11-22-2019 11-23-2019 Jacksonville Florida United States
11-23-2019 11-24-2019 Charlotte North Carolina United States
11-24-2019 11-25-2019 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States
11-25-2019 11-26-2019 Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
11-26-2019 11-28-2019 Boston Massachusetts United States
11-28-2019 11-29-2019 Baltimore Maryland United States
11-28-2019 11-28-2019 New York City New York United States
11-29-2019 11-30-2019 Richmond Virginia United States
11-30-2019 12-01-2019 Nashville Tennessee United States
12-01-2019 12-02-2019 Tallahassee Florida United States
12-01-2019 12-02-2019 Jacksonville Florida United States
12-23-2019 12-23-2019 Atlanta Georgia United States
01-12-2020 01-13-2020 New Orleans Louisiana United States
01-13-2020 01-15-2020 Houston Texas United States
01-15-2020 01-16-2020 San Antonio Texas United States
01-16-2020 01-17-2020 Austin Texas United States
01-17-2020 01-19-2020 Dallas Texas United States
01-19-2020 01-20-2020 Birmingham Alabama United States
01-20-2020 01-22-2020 Atlanta Georgia United States
01-22-2020 01-27-2020 Las Vegas Nevada United States
For Rates QueenGiaLove@gmail.com TEXT ONLY 646-883-1973 RULES NO KISSING Kissing is anywhere but lips NO SUCKING I do not offer blow jobsoral NO FUCKING I do not off sex USE of toys are negotiable I DO NOT BOTTOM I keep control during sessions. I dont little or play any submissive role. I am a DOMINANT only I specialize in Face-Sitting Lift and Carry Cuddling Tickling Dominating Wrestling Verbal Humilation Antagonizer Feet semi-competitive cat fight sensual erotic submissions pins fantasy boxing scissors breast smothering etc Couples welcome

Had a session with Gia late Thursday night (1000 thank you’s) and it was terrific!! She just has a way of getting you in her web and trapping you! She’s agile, athletic, and sensual. Sensual enough to put you to sleep and you don’t even know it. Asked for semi-comp/fantasy and she totally delivered, as usual! Gia is totally into what she does, and I’m sure you will too! Get in contact with her, text/ e-mail, very responsive! Just a great session overall


Late posting this review. She came to my city in the summertime. She was fun and very attractive in person. She knows her wrestling very well. Can't wait to have another session with her. :)


I've done over 50 sessions over the years, but Had not done one for quite a while. Earlier this week I had the chance to see Gia, and decided to "unretire". My expectations going in were pretty high due to all the great reviews, and I'm happy to say the whole experience was even better than I expected.

Making the arrangements was straightforward and hassle free. She made quite an initial impression at the door - absolutely stunning in person. She's very down to earth and personable, and made me feel comfortable right away. It was also clear she had taken the time to read my email and get a sense of what I had in mind.

We did a fantasy wrestling session, with a bit of a role play - Gia serving as my therapist to "treat" my fantasies about a couple of co-workers. In short, it couldn't have been better. We started with some arm wrestling. I hadn't really been expecting to beat her, but I thought it would at least be reasonably competitive. However, she crushed me easily several times with each arm, and followed up by making me worship her feet. She even let me try both arms against each of hers, and I was barely able to hold her even. We did mostly fantasy wrestling after that, and she completely dominated me with a mix of headscissors, smothers, LOTS of facesitting, and a killer series of camel clutches. Since this was fantasy, I wasn't really trying to resist, but I felt like it would not have made a bit of difference anyway. The smothers and facesitting in particular were absolutely incredible - easily the best I've experienced.

Overall, I had absolutely no complaints - it just couldn't have gone any better. On top of everything else, she's definitely not a clock watcher, and it also seemed like she was enjoying herself as much as I was. Just a wonderful girl all around and an absolute must see.

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