Location: Grondo, Belarus
E-mail: zoloto.rada@mail.ru

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Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 36

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About Me

Dominatrix and wrestler!

I am a professional dominatrix and a very skilled wrestler from Belarus and worldwide traveler.

My name is Rada Gold from Belarus  I am very strong and skilled wrestlers i been training different kinds of martial arts since i was young and still keep going for further and hard training , for the first session you will see the soft side of me my smile will attack your heart and control your mind as soon as you step on the mat you will see the dark side of me and you are going to feel the absolute pain round your body and soul i will guarantee you that you are going to beg me to stop , my headscissors are unbreakable and tough if you didnt took a fast decision and tap im going to make you cry and put to sleep in seconds , my body scissors are dangerous and could break your ribs if i want to.

Remember that i am your boss Your mistress all what you have to do is to kiss my feet and feel thankful.

Looking forward to seeing you for a session!

No time waster please.



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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
12-01-2021 12-07-2021 Cairo Egypt
12-07-2021 12-12-2021 Dubai UAE
12-11-2021 12-14-2021 Athens Greece
12-14-2021 12-16-2021 Frankfurt Germany
12-16-2021 12-18-2021 Manheim Germany
12-18-2021 12-22-2021 Zurich Switzerland
12-30-2021 01-12-2022 Barcelona Spain
01-12-2022 01-14-2022 Valencia Spain
01-14-2022 01-15-2022 Seville Spain
01-15-2022 01-16-2022 Madrid Spain
01-17-2022 01-19-2022 Nice France
01-19-2022 01-23-2022 Marseille France
01-23-2022 01-25-2022 Lyon France
01-26-2022 01-29-2022 Paris France
01-29-2022 01-31-2022 Brussels Belgium
01-31-2022 02-04-2022 Amsterdam Holland
02-07-2022 02-19-2022 Bat Yam Israel
These are approximate dates of my big trip. Those who wish to meet write for the further planning of my trip. You will also need to send a deposit as confirmation of the meeting.

I made a session with Rada which was the first one in my life.She is a very professional wrestler and very strong too.She has a very strong body and can kill you with her bare hands.Her scissor holds can make you faint in seconds..the session I can not forget never..


I met Rada on her visit to Istanbul. We arrange the session after exchanging a couple of emails. When we met, I saw she had read my session request and had prepared for that (which is I rarely experience). She is a very beautiful lady, but very strong too. Although I am heavier than her (more than 40 pounds) she matches me muscle to muscle. And when it comes to wrestling her technique and endurance makes the difference. I cannot match her wrestling skills. Besides a good wrestling session, Rada is very nice lady to be with, fun, nice and a lady who you can get good conversation with


I've met Rada while she was in Warsaw last December. It was my first session ever so I was kind of nervous and I didn't really know what to expect. Fortunately Rada was able to calm me and introduce me to the world of session wrestling mixed with a little beatdown. Her physique is absolutely amazing and she easily took my breath away with her holds. She was like a predator hunting for a defenceless prey. Very quick and very strong, very experienced. She has a nice personality, too. Also, she didn't ask for any deposit which I consider as a sign of trust toward me. Be aware that she don't like to write e-mails or WhatsApp messages a lot, but she is very warm person and quite a talker when you meet her in person. Higly recommended, no matter if you are experienced or a beginner!

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