Location: Grondo,
E-mail: zoloto.rada@mail.ru
Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 155 lbs - 70.3 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 37
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I met Rada in Zurich. I was only able to contact her towards the very end of her tour, but she was very kind to accommodate me in her schedule though it must have been a struggle for her. She is really strong and likes to dominate her opponents. She is very skilled and can contort and morph you to her wishes. Really enjoys her control over you. She is very sweet in person and communicative.


She is very very very strong... She never allowed me to attack. She just pinned me like a heavy stone. I couldn't do anything. i cannot forget that she grabbed my legs and kick my testicles. it was great.


I am waiting for session with strong 💪 girl rada... She is very kind and chat with me....i am booking for sumbission wrestling i think she s easily knocked out me.... I am waiting for many days for this session... I like her guillotine chock... I am really waiting for that chock.....


I meet here many time during her tour in Milan .
I consider one of top5 best European Session wrestlers .
Ultimate sessions i tried propose her : Do you like it domination , BDSM practice ?.
So lets start the domination sessions after wrestling session .
The ultimate meeting be the best session did with her .
I counsel see her videos to : www.clips4dale.com/store/45945 .
Next organize private session with her . You remain emotionally , after session.


She is very strong.....


Only knockout


I finished session with Rada in Cairo , this was first time to do mixed wrestling sessions, my body is average , Rada is a beautiful woman her body is athletic coordinate shape when she turned off her top clothes to start session with me at this moment I realize I can't resist her more because I see beautiful woman with powerful muscles in front of me , I asked her before session that I want hard serious session but when we start she dominate me so hard and no hope for just try to fight I feal that I am in power machine just kiss her feet to beg her to be more kind or mercery to me she crushed me so fast and made high scissors I feal when she did scissors that I will gone when I feal I will gone in seconds just beg her by slight strike on her back thighs the feelings as I did powerful massage or I discovered the ability of sex power of women this is new thing to me and I feal too with safe although she is so so strong but she know what she did even her clients be in safe so she is a professional in her business above all that she is kind , sexy , lovely woman I advice all with Rada .

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