Location: Grondo,
E-mail: zoloto.rada@mail.ru
Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 155 lbs - 70.3 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 36
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I am waiting for session with strong 💪 girl rada... She is very kind and chat with me....i am booking for sumbission wrestling i think she s easily knocked out me.... I am waiting for many days for this session... I like her guillotine chock... I am really waiting for that chock.....


I meet here many time during her tour in Milan .
I consider one of top5 best European Session wrestlers .
Ultimate sessions i tried propose her : Do you like it domination , BDSM practice ?.
So lets start the domination sessions after wrestling session .
The ultimate meeting be the best session did with her .
I counsel see her videos to : www.clips4dale.com/store/45945 .
Next organize private session with her . You remain emotionally , after session.


She is very strong.....


Only knockout


I finished session with Rada in Cairo , this was first time to do mixed wrestling sessions, my body is average , Rada is a beautiful woman her body is athletic coordinate shape when she turned off her top clothes to start session with me at this moment I realize I can't resist her more because I see beautiful woman with powerful muscles in front of me , I asked her before session that I want hard serious session but when we start she dominate me so hard and no hope for just try to fight I feal that I am in power machine just kiss her feet to beg her to be more kind or mercery to me she crushed me so fast and made high scissors I feal when she did scissors that I will gone when I feal I will gone in seconds just beg her by slight strike on her back thighs the feelings as I did powerful massage or I discovered the ability of sex power of women this is new thing to me and I feal too with safe although she is so so strong but she know what she did even her clients be in safe so she is a professional in her business above all that she is kind , sexy , lovely woman I advice all with Rada .

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