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Im a neat package of fighting spirit, fierce beauty and warriors endurance, topped with a slight sadistic streak. I have background in sports, gymnastic and ballet, Ive done lots and lots of general fitness, cardio and weight training over the years. Thanks to all that I developed strong muscles and steady endurance. I am naturally very flexible, but lots of yoga and stretching has made my body even bendier, which gives me a lot of creative ways to make my opponents submit.
I joined session wrestling world at the very end of 2017 and it overtook my life ever since in the most positive way. I love what I do and it definitely shows. I also started training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu back then and both my technique and my strength skyrocketed very quickly. But its a constant work in progress of course, I am always setting new goals for myself to reach. 
Im a tough girl who can take a punch or two, but what I really enjoy is when I have my opponent completely under my control and when I can see him struggle - you will be struggling with me, A LOT. Book your session today and Ill be happy to unleash all my RAGE on you!
Note that I dont offer any sexual services, please dont contact me with such inquiries.
You can always ORDER A CUSTOM VIDEO or a PHOTO SET. Just send me an email about it, and please keep you initial inquiries brief, direct and simple. You can get a taste of my videos on my clip store: https://www.clips4sale.com/151335/
  • Session availability is very volatile at the moment and depends on the current restrictions around covid. If they are happening, its only possible in Berlin for the time being. No traveling until further notice. You are always free to inquire about the session and the priority goes to regulars, local guys or guys who are able to provide a fresh negative covid test and the ones who are interested to be a jobber in my clip4sale videos (must show face on camera).
  • In case you are interested to be a film victim / jobber and are able to make at least 2-3 clips (10-20 min each), the price of a session will be reduced for you. Preferably guys who can take a real KO. Email me for all the details.
  • I also offer SKYPE SESSIONS again, only 1-2 days of a week. Take a look at my Twitter page where I will be annoncing the next available days, or just email me to inquire.


  • If you want to show your appreciation and support me, I always welcome amazon.de giftcards** to my email address. Dont forget that my birthday is in December, so its a perfect time to treat me. I LOVE gifts. :))

**Please never use amazon notes to write me a message, best is to leave those blank and then send me a separate email with your message.

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Hello Rage ,I am Henk from Venray the Netherlands , I hope that the Pandamic will be over very soon , so I can have the change finally to book a session ones with you , the last time I have saw you wrestling was at the September 2019 Event from Monica in England , I was there with a friend of my.to watch all the matches so also the matches from you against Lina and Orsi I believe you fight there.after that event I follow you a lot on fightpulse.com where I watch all your video's. So I hope the Pandamic will be over soon so I can book that wrestling session with you.
Greetings Henk and stay healthy.


Hi Rage!
I'm from Barcelona and I'm so interested to have a mixed wrestling session with you if you want. If have plans to come to Barcelona in a future tell me, because if you want and can here you have one victim for your videos, and maybe of the session if you beat me 😜. Also I will tell you if I come to Berlin, at the moment I send you an email to contact directly. Tell me if you like the idea! 😍


I also ordered a custom from Rage and I'm so glad that I did. It was a POV reverse headscissor video, meant to simulate a "be careful what you wish for" experience in a session. Quite literally, the final product was more than I could have asked for. Not only did Rage remain faithful to the original idea; she made it her own, adding all kinds of amazing dialogue and other flourishes. For instance, at one point, she slapped the camera to wake up her victim and talked about how he was literally "shaking" from all of the KOs. Unsolicited advice: if you order a custom from Rage, avoid the temptation to over-script; the idea may be great in your head but it will be even better with her at the creative helm.

She also went above and beyond in production, including with simulations of tapping and KOs. The full video ended up being longer than my original order and will be available in her Clips4sale. Again, I couldn't have asked for more.

Throughout, our email correspondence was a joy. Rage was (is) professional, thoughtful, enthusiastic, and kind. She genuinely cares about her fans and has an uncanny ability to "get" what makes us tick.

THANK YOU, Rage! You are frighteningly good at what you do.

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