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Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 150 lbs - 68 kg
Physique: Curvy

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Im a neat package of fighting spirit, fierce beauty and warriors endurance, topped with a slight sadistic streak. I have background in sports, gymnastic and ballet, Ive done general fitness, weight exercises and a lot of yoga and stretching for years, thanks to which I developed high flexibility and steady endurance. After over a year of practicing session wrestling and bjj, both my technique and strength skyrocketed, and its a work in constant progress. Im a tough girl who can take a punch or two, but what I really enjoy is when I have my opponent completely under my control and when I can see him struggle - and you will be struggling with me, A LOT. Book your session today and Ill be happy to unleash all my RAGE on you!
Please note I DONT OFFER ANY SEXUAL SERVICES, dont contact me with such inquiries. When emailing, please include your stats, previous session references and experience, and propose the city and day you want to meet me. Actually, the more information you write in your initial email, the better the chances to get your spot secured quickly.
I am only sometimes open and able to book you last minute. But this is terribly hard when on tour and when I have most of my time pre-booked already. The sooner you write the better, but if you write me with less than 48h notice, I will most probably not have available spot for you.
 Also, very important, please write me in English! I know it says Im in Berlin, but I dont speak German (yet). :)

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Competitive Wrestling
Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
2 on 1 Wrestling
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Fantasy Boxing
Tag Team Matches
Female vs Female
Tickle Wrestling
Lift and Carry
Belly Punching
In-Gym Training


Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
05-24-2019 05-25-2019 Lyon France
05-26-2019 05-28-2019 Marseille II forty km away email for precise location II France
05-29-2019 05-31-2019 Barcelona Spain
06-03-2019 06-05-2019 Prague Czech Republic
Berlin Lyon Marseille Barcelona possible double sessions with Warrior Amazon

This week I had my third session with Rage, and like the two other times, I have this 'wow, did this just happen?' feeling. My body hurts, I'll have sore muscles for a week and if I didn't know any better, I'd have a broken ego for a month.
Obviously she keeps improving her technique and strength, and luckily, she uses it to keep surprising you with how she beats you. The idiot that I am, I asked her to make me fear her.. Well, that worked.. Up to the point that I stopped saying 'please' and started saying 'help', and even more: in the end I thanked her for releasing a hold.. I cried in her scissors, and laughed when she invented new holds where she used her flexible and strong limbs to twist what's not supposed to be twisted.
It was a super roller coaster with a witty, funny and super talented fighter, a badass who will give you what you ask for - and more.. That can be a light tussle, a competitive match, or (silly me) a beating. I'll be walking around with a huge grin for a while. Thanks Rage!


Skilful Shieldmaiden too Strong for Stubborn Dutchman

Six weeks after our first email contact the day (Prey Day and Pray Day, we called it) had come to learn to know Rage (a well-chosen name for this female wrestler) on the mat. I had been wondering all those weeks whether I (being a bit taller, 15 kg heavier, much older, some jiu-jitsu experience in years gone by) would be able to keep up the fight against this "certified man crusher" (I like that name too). Once kneeled on the mats, I promised myself not to get distracted by her body in beautiful leggings and a sports bra and I was awaiting her first move. She got me down terribly quickly, but I just managed to keep my arm away from being caught by her dangerous legs. Rage is experienced enough to seduce her victims into such a submission lock already in the session's first half minute. So to keep up I needed all my strength and I must foresee where her manoeuvres would be tricky enough to lead me into humiliation and pain. On a couple of occasions I did manage to withstand her attacks, but often I could not and had to tap. I am a person who likes it to become locked up eventually in painful submission holds, but prior to such decisive moments I want to perform as an escape artist. I think I too hard tried escaping from her threatening attacks, and therefore got exhausted sooner than planned. Yet, throughout our fight I hesitated between a more intense (competitive) and a lesser intense (semi-competitive) fight. Rage noticed my efforts to escape and thus to avoid tapping and she called me stubborn; that was a true remark of her. On the other hand I got thrilled when I would let go my stubbornness a bit more and yes, consequently, my head got trapped in a figure-4 lock between those dangerous thighs and calves (I on my back, she in reversed order on top of me). Here I was confronted with the abilities and advantages of her spirit, skills and power: my head was squeezed and I needed to tap, although I much enjoyed the intense grip of her thighs on my head. We couldn't see each others faces as her buttocks (not to be missed!) were in the way. Not much later (now I was really getting exhausted) I experienced her strength again when I was vainlessly trying to free myself from her facesitting mode. Rage has a clever way of pressing your straight arms down and finding the right spot to take place on you. After having folded my legs double to the limit, she let me dream of an escape. I wasn't far from fainting, actually, and I wish I could have stayed in that dream for a while, but Rage prompted me to tap. Near the end of the session I was lying on my belly and Rage sat on my back. With her powerful legs she managed to force my elbows to touch each other, while her crossed feet, at kiss distance from my face, were pressing my head into the mat. This first session (of many to come) ended with a gogoplata (new for me): I found it astonishing how she, with her foot pressing under my chin, could stop this stubborn opponent from breathing!
My session with Rage has learned me that I had better allow myself some more tapping, in order not to get exhausted already after 45 minutes. Next time I shall be more sensitive and enjoy the full 60 minutes of superiority of this powerlady. I highly recommend you to go for an intense wrestling session when she comes to visit your country.


I wish to send a review of my double session whit this two beautiful girls from Germany, Rage and Warrior Amazon.

I meet them for a 1,5 hour session in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm in an apartment in the city.

I have requested a session there they would try to make be beg and tap for mercy, and some feet worship. I am if I can say not a small man, I am 1,80 high (around 5,9), and my weight is 95 kilos (around 187). We started whit 5 minutes one by one, after 5 they switch. It did only take me o few minutes to find out that I would not have a chance to one of them. They don’t look so strong but they are much stronger than they look. I did not have anything to say about, and that was only one by one. It was scissors, arm grip etc. I am not so familiar what every grip is called. I don’t remember how many times I had to, tap, beg and kiss feet for mercy, I did also have to request a short break a couple of times, I was exhausted.

After the session we was out for a nice dinner together. Rage and Warrior are two very nice and friendly girls, but on the mat, they are really dangerous. If you want to meet someone that is very skilled and strong, they are stronger than they look, trust me. You should meet them, bet be prepared to tap and / or beg for mercy. The day after the session it felt in my body that I have meet them.
A man from Sweden.

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