Location: Fort Smith, Arkansas
E-mail: ravendayfights@hotmail.com

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Height: 5'4 - 163 cm
Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 57

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I have always loved wresting and been good at it.  It wasnt until my daughter Hotstuff Hollie begged me to try a tag team wrestling session with her, that I knew I had to join the session world.  I had so much fun!  Ive been working to improve my wrestling skills and also have a bdsm background so I love domination.  

My specialities are: submission and pin wrestling, domination, scissor session, smothering, belly punching, foot worship, humiliation, leg wrestling, tickle wrestling and trampling.  I do not ask for deposits.


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All I can say is Wow! Raven surpassed all my expectations. She was prettier in person and that body, Whooo! I won't mention her age since it wasn't a factor. I am a younger man but I didn't feel like I was with an older woman. I could tell she enjoyed being dominant and this wasn't just a persona for her. She asked questions to really make sure the session was just the way I wanted it. I was happy she travels with wrestling mats since I've had carpet burn on more than one occasion after a session. Def one of my favorites.Will see again.


I actually had a session with Raven Day this last weekend. She did not ask for a deposit prior to the session. I must admit that she seemed a bit disorganized or disoriented at times, but once the session got going, it was enjoyable. I asked for a playful, slower paced, easy going wrestling session and she was very good at delivering just that. I can't speak to how she would be in a more active semi competitive session. I think she's pretty new at this and may not have the skills yet for a true semi competitive session, but if you are OK with a much more basic wrestling session, you will be happy with her.

As far as her looks go, she definitely is as well built as the pictures show. Considering what most mid 50's women look like, she is above average but you have to take the age factor into account with your expectations. Personally, I think her face is prettier looking than the pictures, somewhat Sophia Loren like. I was happy with how she looked, but don't expect perfection.

It was hard to tell if her newness to the sessioning world is causing her to be nervous and disorganized or whether that's just how she is. For me, I was comfortable with her and enjoyed the session, but she may not be for everyone.

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