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Location: Clearwater, Florida

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Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 27

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Dom. Nerd. Artist. 

Submit to me, you really dont have a choice. If you dont do it willingly Im more than capable of bringing you to your knees. Its your favorite little Riot Starter with a fresh face and new games to play. I will own you, whether its on the mats or not. I love to be competitive and know just how to take control of the match, your mind, and your life. 

Profesional, punctual and fun to work with. References available if needed. 

I do not offer nude or sexually explicit shoots/sessions of any kind 

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11-08-2019 11-11-2019 AtlantaRoswell Georgia United States
I do require deposits when booking for sessions out of town or state! Available for shoots and private sessions. Travel sponsors are always appreciated. Email me at

I hope everything is ok with Riot. She has a lot of good reviews about being a good communicator and session girl. However, she has been very hard for me to get in contact with. I get that people get busy, but I have tried since 11 August 2019 to book a session but she seems to have dropped off the map. I sent a follow up email on the 19th and did not get a response back until the 31st. That was her confirming she could do the type of session I asked for. I asked her if a certain date was available and have not received a reply. I would love to see the Riot everyone else talks about on these reviews, not the one who ignores emails. I understand if you are busy Riot, but please try to make some effort to keep clients in the loop. I wish you well and, despite this review, still hope to have a session with you.


Earlier this week, I had a transcendentally amazing grapple with Riot that I simply must post about as she is one of the most generous, empathetic, patient, and divinely sexy session people I have ever had the pleasure of wrestling. Not only did she rescue me and take the booking after another person took my deposit and ghosted me, but she did a session that was high energy (definitely put her all into her chokes), accommodating (wore wardrobe I requested), and fun from the first tap to the last laugh (which she definitely had - and deserved). Her easy going demeanor bellied her talented combat abilities, but our safety was always top priority, and I'd be hard-pressed to think of anyone who really deserves your trust more on a mat. If you're anywhere near her, see her if you can. She's amazing.


We never ended up sessioning. She ghosted me. I was polite, respectful, and concise, followed her rules, and willing to leave a deposit. She ended up canceling her trip to my city, but never bothered to tell me. I understand that things come up in life, but just let the person know--don't leave them hanging.

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