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Location: Clearwater, Florida
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Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 28

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Dom. Nerd. Artist. 

Submit to me, you really dont have a choice. If you dont do it willingly, Im more than capable of bringing you to your knees. I will own you, whether its on the mats or not. I love to be competitive and know just how to take control of the match, your mind and your life. With over 6 years of accumulated experience in a multitude of fetishes, I can make your fantasies a reality. Im hotter than the girl next door because I can destroy you. Your weak male brain is just begging to be shaped into the perfect, ass kissing little mutt.

Profesional, punctual and fun to work with. References available if needed. 

I do not offer nude or sexually explicit shoots/sessions of any kind 

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I do require deposits when booking for sessions out of town or state! Available for shoots and private sessions. Travel sponsors are always appreciated. Email me at

Completed a 2-hour semi-competitive/tickling/domination session with Miss Riot Starter last night and I’m still floating down from my wrestlers high, not to mention delightfully sore from neck to toe. If Riot doesn’t beat you with strength, she can win with flexibility and mobility, making her an extremely tough and challenging opponent to get a handle on. Of course that’s what makes a session with her so fun and exhilarating. Equally as enjoyable was the conversation throughout the session. The joy of speaking with someone who shares a deep appreciation for mixed wrestling enhances the entire experience. I’m looking forward to recovering, rebuilding, and preparing for an eventual Round 3 rematch!


Had a session with Riot in Charlotte. She is absolutely amazing. She claims that she does not have any formal training, but it’s hard to believe because of how good she is. I’m a younger guy with about 10lbs on her that does weight training and is in pretty decent shape, but she demolished me at will it seemed like. Whenever I (momentarily) wiggled from a hold, she would always use it against me and put me in a worse position. She’s such a smart fighter.

Riot is also very accommodating as I requested for her to put me in some foot domination type holds if she was capable of putting me in them. And not only was she fully capable of doing so, but she did so with a smile on her face the whole time while talking so much trash. She totally emasculated me and it was fantastic. It was a semi-competitive match, but I genuinely think the outcome would be the same if it was competitive.

Plus, she’s such a cool person! She’s friendly, has a good sense of humor and is very well-spoken. You need to see her if she’s in your area! I will definitely see her again if I ever get the chance to.


I got to meet Riot today for the first time. It wasn’t not only my first time seeing her but my first session ever. I was nervous and shy at first and she could tell. It was a scissor session and I never experienced scissors before so she walked me through it and put me into each hold to see what it felt like. We did a lot of talking before and during the session and the reviews that say she is a cool person was not lying; she is a very cool lady and she is sweet also; and best of all she’s genuine; I felt like she’s like that as a person outside of sessions and that she’s just not faking it but actually genuine. I asked about her artwork and she showed me some; she is talented at that as well. She definitely went on the easier side of things when it came to scissors since I was a newbie. I know if she wanted to she def could have KO,d me in no time. She does have good power and the most I made it too in a headscissor was 40 to 50 percent. I got to be put into virtually every scissor you could think of. In her bodyscissor it was the most surprising of all because in scissor videos it looks the most tolerable but if she wouldn’t have coached me through it I would’ve been in for it. She asked if she could give me a a full power bodyscissor and I let her I tapped maybe 1 to 2 seconds in. I really did have a great time and I almost forgot I hope she don’t mind me saying this but I got to get a hug from her before I left. If you get to book her don’t be foolish and miss out because you will regret it. If she comes back to New Orleans and I have the time and money to I def will book another session with her. One last thing after this long review I left with a huge smile on my face after I left I was cheesing hard lol. Thank you Riot for the great time J in New Orleans

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