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Height: 5'3” - 160 cm
Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 26
Squat: 70 lbs
Legpress: 200 lbs

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I collect boys tears.

Do you want to sweat and cry tears at the same time little boy? Thought so. Hi my name is Rogue. I am new to the session wrestlng scene, but have been putting boys in their place since day one. My legs are strong from years of cross country, softball, field hockey, and swimming. Try and test them, and you will be seeing stars :)  Once Im on you, there is no breathing until I say so!  If interested in a session please reach out to Lets have some fun together...

I am experienced with fantasy wrestling, muscle worship, foot worship, ball busting, tickle torture, scissor sessions  On top of sessions... I have a lot of modeling experience and am readily available for any of you producers out there. I love to dress up in costumes, heels, or get down and dirty sweating it out on the mats with you. Many other fetishes within reason will be considered. If you cant take the pain get out of the kitchen!! 

I am based in Delaware but am available to travel anywhere, esp. Philadelphia. If you live further away, and want me in your city, just put in a request :)  I am from the Philadelphia area, and travel there frequentley. When requesting a session please include age, height, weight, session experience and refrences. Cannot wait to start dominating all you little boys out there! Try me. If you dare... but dont say I didnt warn you. I mean business as my pleasure. Take a chance, maybe you can tame Rogue...BUT I DOUBT IT. Get on your knees and get ready to worship me... Im here to teach you a lesson! When we are done  our fun please leave me a review I love are you feedback! Want to make each victim comfortable and have a blast!

Little crybaby boys need not apply. 

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What a fantastic session I just had with Rogue! I just got home and could not wait to write about the unforgettable time I had with her. One, I can still feel the soreness in the neck, jaw, sides from the chokes, scissors, and squeezes. I'm sure I'll be feeling it tomorrow (that good pain that we like to remind us of the session).

Rogue was fantastic to set up a session with. She was very responsive, very personable, and outgoing to make sure I was comfortable with the setup for the session.

Once I arrived, she was so sweet and we chatted about what I preferred and like turning on a light switch, she turned into the dominatrix that I had wanted. Choke holds, hair pulls, slaps, punches, and slaps to the body/face (slaps only to my face). I would ask for a breather and we would chat and you got the sweet person she is to chat with. But when the break was over, she was all business.

I cannot recommend her enough to anyone in the Tri-State area. Again, personable, sweet, thoughtful but at the same time, will kick your butt when she gets a hold of you! Her legs are incredibly, and I cannot stress that enough, incredibly strong and had me seeing stars during her scissoring of me.

Just overall, a great night! Thank you, Rogue!


Booked a session with Rogue. Set up a day and time to meet. When the day came, she did not respond to my messages. Was looking forward to the session, very disappointing


There is a new sheriff in town and she doesn`t believe in taking prisoners unless they surrender unconditionally to her..
Her name is Rogue.
Because these are scary times, we likely won`t meet for a while. Yet it gives us a chance to really get to know one another by phone.
She is special; she`s for real, honest, very personable and open.  But be sure to remember "not to poke the bear." She is a multi talented athlete with a strong body and an equally powerful, alpha personality. Bjj for sure is going to come easy for her.
She is naturally dominant, not only because many guys need it. She just may be one of the few session wrestlers who enjoys making us surrender more than we want to. She totally understands herself and she simply loves taking control. If you are in NC, I suggest you try to meet her. I must wait but every conversation tests my patience. 

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