Kai Hopkins/Haze Davis

Kai Hopkins/Haze Davis


Real name: Kai Hopkins/Haze Davis
username: rose risque
Location: West Lafayette,
Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg
Age: 19

The scam

We here at have had a real problem with this person. She scammed TWO guys, and had the audacity to say "putting her on this scammers section is unfair". We gave her a chance to pay the two guys she scammed, and she never did, so we put her back on. She scammed two people. "Person A" she accepted money from to have one of her "friends" wrestle him (I doubt this is a real person). But she took the money and ran off with it. "Person B" she was supposed to do a text chat thing, but only did 30 minutes instead of an hour and the 30 minutes she did do, she half-assed it. This person is not worth your time.


Please comment if you have any more information on this person. We are doing this to prevent future scamming, so no "doxxing" please.


Just one more guy who was scammed by Rose Risque/ Shannon. For all of you guys who may think that she will treat you different way that any other client, please don't fall for it. She is a first class liar who will do anything to get a money from you. But the moment you pay a down payment for a session, video shoot, video chat etc you won't ever hear from again. She will block you and remove any of your comment from her instagram page, I have a few screen shots from her page for those who don't believe. She will tell you sad stories how poor and unhappy she is, how she doesn't have food or place to stay, or that you are the only friend she has. lol Believe there is many guys like you who she plays this game, pretty smart for 19 years girl. Well I did my job to warn you, its your call what you gonna do with it. Just know that money she get from you she use for her and her boyfriend Kai Hopkins to have good time...


She has contacted me a few times on Instagram, as has her friend (the one that Person A wanted to session with).

They both ask if I want to session. When I ask where they are located, if they have a website, are they on any credible session list sites (like here). I am met with nothing but attitude, and they both claim that for a deposit of $50 they will travel to me. That last bit you have to be an idiot to fall for.

I informed both of them that:
1) the pics and the clips they keep posting are from their short stint with FWC from over a year ago, nothing current.
2) that I only session with those listed on sights like SessionGirls and have reviews
3) that I will not blindly send a deposit especially if they have 0 reviews, don’t know where I am so how do I know they will even be able to session with me, and have current content from sessions.

Of course that led to them lashing out telling me that they don’t have to do anything and that they are “too big” for sites like SessionGirls.

They are just 2 young stripers who no-showed FWC several times (I know that site has burned talent before on their own and owes talent money) and now they want to make money without doing anything


She is not posting messages “from” Jennifer Thomas that claims that some guy named Steve is all to blame for her removal and that this will be corrected. I do not trust it at all. Jennifer runs a tight ship here. This is just a girl looking to scam people out of money. Who is only going to charge $150 for a travel session for a hour. This girl is a scammer

sessiongirls admin - steve

"She is not posting messages 'from' Jennifer Thomas that claims that some guy named Steve is all to blame for her removal and that this will be corrected". This doesn't make any SENSE. Who is the "she" in "she is not posting messages from jennifer thomas"?


Sorry, for some reason “now” we replaced with “not”. It should read “SHE IS NOW POSTING MESSAGES”. The she is Haze. He posted a screen shot of some messages that were apparently from Jennifer.


I think the person meant to say "she is now posting messages saying a guy named Steve is to blame".

Steve if you go on her Instagram, you will see that these possibly fake messages from Jennifer Thomas saying you were sexually harassing women and that Rose would have her profile restored. I wish i could show you the screen shots, but that is not an option here.

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