Location: Los Angeles, Southern California
Phone: 424-254-8041

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Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 27

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Beautiful, fit, clean, well educated. Fast and flexible. 2 years of semi-competitive wrestling experience. Specializes in playful domination and scissorholds.  To find out more, please email your interests. call and text ok as well. 

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Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
Female vs Female
Tickle Wrestling
In-Gym Training

I have sessioned with most of the top session girls, and I would easily place Roxanne in the upper echelon. In fact, for my taste, she is absolutely the best. She is a beautiful woman, extremely fit, smart, fun, and loves to dominate. I feel extremely lucky to live close enough for regular sessions with the Goddess of Fire.


Setting the session up with Roxanne was super easy, which was a big plus considering I had all the other details of my trip to arrange.

I'd say her pictures don't do her justice, but... she actually has a ton of excellent pictures here. Well I can tell you her face and body are as amazing as they seem. She also has a warm personnality. It takes time to appreciate some people, while others send you good vibes right off the bat. Roxanne is one of those.

I had a pretty specific roleplay in mind, that I had explained her by email. She remembered it perfectly the day of the session. When she got out of the bathroom in her black tights and a see-through black top, wearing a confident smile, I knew that booking her was an excellent idea.

As jpjax pointed out, she has really good muscle control. When she gets you between her legs, she can squeeze you just enough to make you do whatever she wants you do to. In my case, a lot of body worship. I'm usually quite bratty, however Roxanne managed to push buttons I didn't know I had and to put me in a real submissive state. By the end of the session, I was hers and we both knew it. We took some time to get back to the "real" ourselves, then had a nice chat and she called me a Lyft (I had a data issue on my phone due to international roaming).

It was an amazing experience, only darkened by the fact that I'll probably never see her again since I'm not planning on coming back in California any time soon, and she doesn't seem to be travelling. If I lived anywhere near Los Angeles, I'd become a regular for sure.


10-7-17. So much fun with Roxanne. Good wrestler I can't wait to wrestle again . Did I say very Beautiful too.

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