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Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 38

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biceps: 12.5 in, hazel eyes, quads: 22.5 in, Calves: 13.5 in, 1980


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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
07-09-2019 07-10-2019 Detroit Michigan United States
07-10-2019 07-11-2019 Cleveland Ohio United States
07-11-2019 07-12-2019 Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
07-12-2019 07-13-2019 Newark New Jersey United States
07-13-2019 07-15-2019 Manhattan New York United States
07-15-2019 07-16-2019 Buffalo New York United States
07-16-2019 07-17-2019 Utica New York United States
07-17-2019 07-18-2019 Boston Massachusetts United States
07-18-2019 07-19-2019 Washington DC Washington United States
07-19-2019 07-20-2019 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States
07-20-2019 07-21-2019 Brazil Indiana United States
09-11-2019 09-12-2019 Indianapolis Indiana United States
09-12-2019 09-13-2019 CHATTANOOGA Tennessee United States
09-13-2019 09-14-2019 Atlanta Georgia United States
09-14-2019 09-15-2019 Columbus Georgia United States
09-15-2019 09-18-2019 Tampa Florida United States
09-18-2019 09-19-2019 TALLAHASSEE Florida United States
09-19-2019 09-20-2019 Birmingham Alabama United States
09-20-2019 09-21-2019 Nashville Tennessee United States
09-20-2019 09-21-2019 SAINT LOUIS Missouri United States
July 9-10 Detroit July 10-11 Cleveland July 11-12th Philly with Ava Simone July 12th -13th NewarkNJ with Ava Simone July 13th-15th Manhattan Ny with Ava Simone July 15-16 Buffalo July 16-17 Utica July 17th-18th Boston Mass July 18-19 Washington DC July 19-20 Pittsburgh July 20-21 Brazil IN September 11-12 Indianapolis with Killpussy September 12-13 Chattanooga with Killpussy September 13-14 Atlanta GA with Killpussy September 14-15 Columbus GA with Killpussy September 15-18 Tampa Fl with Killpussy September 18-19 Tallahassee FL with Killpussy September 19-20 Birmingham AL with Killpussy September 20-21 Nashville TN with Killpussy or September 20-21 St. Louis MO with Killpussy

I’ve had the pleasure of booking a number of session’s with Safa, she is one of the best around session wrestler’s and will cater to your desires, remember it’s YOU, when you book a session with her calling the shots at what to expect…while you might see some of her clips and the many KO’s, there is nothing to be afraid of when you book her, she takes care in all her sessions. Book a fantasy or other non-competitive session and you will find her one of the best around to meet your session desires. She is safe, fun and yes super sexy.


I had two 3 hour competitive wrestling sessions with Mistress Safa over a long weekend. So fun, I had to do it twice!

Mistress Safa was uncommonly quick and enthusiastic to respond to my inquiry (nice!). She was a hoot to chat with, and we easily developed a competitive rapport that would fuel our alpha desires to battle it out on the mats. No doubt, I had an uber dominant tigress by the tail. Or, maybe she had me?

Just a note of caution: Mistress Safa’s wordplay and psych game were strong from the very beginning, and she backed every bit of it up on the mats. She has a long memory. And, she LOVES to fight. Choose your words wisely.

Mistress Safa is not only a thoroughly competent grappler, but she is quick, strong, tenacious, and tough to the core. Her effort and pace were all out from beginning to end - all action, all aggression. No quit in this girl.

Once Mistress Safa got me under her control (inevitable), she was ruthless and gave no solace or quarter. Ultimately, she left me bruised, battered, and spent - and wanting more!

Thank you, Mistress Safa!


I had my first session with Safa last Saturday. We did a mixture of wrestling holds ballbusting and some belly punching. I planned on getting a beatdown but was to nervous that day so we did some wrestling holds and her legs are crazy strong. We did some ballbusting her slaps and punches hurt but nothing like her kicks. Looking forward to are next session

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