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Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
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biceps: 12.5 in, hazel eyes, quads: 22.5 in, Calves: 13.5 in, 1980


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10-03-2020 11-06-2020 Chicago Illinois United States
11-07-2020 11-08-2020 Cleveland Ohio United States
11-08-2020 11-09-2020 Baltimore Maryland United States
11-11-2020 11-12-2020 Buffalo New York United States
11-12-2020 01-05-2021 Chicago Illinois United States

Safa was my first ever session, and it was incredible! It really was! Everyone reading this and considering a session should email her!! She is beautiful with a great smile and personality, stunning body, with amazing legs and feet. Honestly, her pictures do not do her justice, she is an absolute beauty! She catered to every request (even wore the style and color of bikini I requested) and completely owned me on the mat. At my request it was light wrestling (at best) and I mainly wanted her to dominate me, which she did with every scissor hold I knew of. She would also pin me on my back, hold me in a helpless position, inflict a little pain and stare in my eyes, which was incredibly sexy. She made me tap dozens of times and she will do the same to you. Her legs are incredibly strong, stronger than I ever imagined they could be. She even let me (sometimes “forced“ me to) worship her perfect feet and toes and she rubbed her feet all over my face throughout the session to cater to my huge foot fetish.
I was in the same position as many of you potentially reading this: I watch the videos online and always dreamed about being in a beautiful woman’s scissor hold. But, I never had the guts to book one (picking a time my wife was out of town) and didn’t know if I had the money (sessions aren’t cheap). To all those out there: grow some balls and save your money! It’s worth every penny and yes you do have the money!!



I knocked on the door about a minute before our appointment time. The door opened and there she was, superstar Safa Warda up close and personal, melting my nervousness away with her sparkling eyes and infectious smile.

We chatted for a few minutes before she led me to the room with wrestling mats. For the next 15 minutes or so, she taunted me, bullied me, beat me, squeezed me, and basically had her way with me. Safa is really strong and very skilled. And she is an enigma. Sweet, mean, gentle, cruel, caring, sadistic, sensuous and brutal. She pinched my nipples, slapped me, elbowed me in the ribs, pulled my chest hair, and basically moved me around the mats like a rag doll. I wasn’t fighting back much except to try to relieve the pain, and I know she was taking it very easy on me. This gorgeous girl could really mess a guy up.

Knockout Queen

Safa’s scissors are legendary. She squeezed my head and neck with her muscular thighs in many positions, usually making me tap frantically when she would tighten her inner thigh muscles and flex her body to apply suffocating pressure. I saw stars, and she didn’t always release at my taps. And she assured me that she wasn’t using much of her strength at all.

And then suddenly, dreamland. I asked her to try my favorite position, the classic frontal headscissor. She laughed while she positioned her thighs around my neck. She applied pressure and then lifted her legs a bit. The next thing I remember is waking from a dream, feeling almost out of body and hearing myself make a weird snoring noise. I thought I must have been at home waking in my bed, but then realized I was thoroughly confused about where I was and this adorable woman staring at me.

Yep, she knocked me right out. It happened so fast, and I don’t think she intended to. It was painless and totally disorienting, but not entirely unpleasant. I was feeling wobbly though, so she let me rest for a few minutes. “Enjoy it.”

This was about 20 minutes into the session and I was done. I told her I was happy if we stopped now and that I would enjoy just talking with her for the rest of our time together.

We moved back to the living room and chatted about anything and everything. She related that she’s going through a big hassle with someone impersonating her online and that this is seriously impacting her business. I have no idea why anyone would be so vindictive to her. Safa is a total sweetheart and a savvy businesswoman.

At our hour’s end, we hugged and said goodbyes. As I walked to my car, I realized how sore I was. And how I still felt lightheaded and weak. This morning I still feel soreness in my neck, ribs, jaw, even my teeth from her relentless squeezing. But I’m so happy I got to spend an hour with the amazing Safa after fantasizing about her for years. And I’m actually quite pleased that I’m no longer a knockout virgin.

Safa Warda is a unique combination of stunning beauty, muscles, technique and angel/devil attitude. Guys, if you want the ultimate mixed wrestling experience, you won’t go wrong with Safa. She loves her work, and she will definitely surprise you with her talents no matter your strength and skill level. Just don’t be surprised if you suddenly wake up from a dream. Knockouts are her specialty and she doesn’t even have to try.


I have to start this review with a HUGE apology to Ms. Safa. Man, did I ever underestimate this girl. I know her reviews were great but she’s the smallest woman I’ve ever sessioned with and she’s a MODEL, right? How tough could she really be? Well I found out – the hard way.

Turns out, the modeling thing pays some bills but she’s PASSIONATE about her wrestling. She’s got a HUGE competitive spirit (which I LOVE) and technical skills that reflect a lot of experience and training. I signed up for full competitive – I expected a fun challenge but I was MOSTLY confident I could take control when necessary. Yeah, that confidence went out the window shortly after we started.

She handled everything I threw at her and she is a master at escapes and reversals (in addition to being extremely tough and VERY stubborn). She had me playing defense for much of the session – something I had not expected. Lift your head for a split second and she immediately hooked a very flexible leg around your neck. One second you’re looking down at her like you’re in control, next second you have a completely different view (painful but not necessarily bad :)

Safa charges a small premium for full competitive – she wants to weed out pretenders because she really enjoys it and she doesn’t want to hold anything back. Trust me – you get your money’s worth – and she makes SURE you get your money’s worth (just be careful what you wish for :) Another session girl warned me that Safa is a wildcat – turns out that was quite the understatement.

Before the session started, we talked about ground rules and in my overconfidence I gave her the green light for just about anything. That was before I knew about “The Safa Rules” (and trust me - these rules aren’t found in any rule book). On the few occasions I got her in trouble she whipped out the Safa rules – more often than not she was able to turn the tables pretty quickly.

That being said, Safa is always watching to make sure you don’t get injured (a little pain is okay though :) and she’ll change tactics as the session goes on to make sure you’re getting the most enjoyment possible. She also talks a little smack during the session but it totally works because she can back it up with her ability. She’s the total package. I am so looking forward to her next visit and I highly recommend her to anyone who’s up for a challenge.

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