Location: Chicago, Illinois
E-mail: wrestlingsafa@yahoo.com
Weight: 160 lbs - 72.6 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 40
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Our session was yesterday evening 8/16/21. Safa is AMAZING. She's actually more attractive in person than any of the photos I've seen of her. My hopes of semi competitive were totally unrealistic so it was a fantasy match with her dominating me in several holds. I never had a chance but really enjoyed the struggle ! We are not too much different in height and weight, Within 2 inches and 10lbs. She has more muscle and highly skilled. I am 19 years older. I believe my reactions amused her. lol. I am only a bit sore today. She is super easy to talk to ! She tried something without asking first and turns out I love it. And then there's the camel clutch. THANKS SAFA.


I just saw Safa for the first time while she was in Indiana, and i've been sessioning over the past few years. She is by far one of the best people I have sessioned with.

To start I am a pretty shy person, but from the moment I walked in the door she was very friendly and made me feel safe and relaxed. Her personality is extremely kind and she makes sure you get the most out of your time with her. Do not miss your chance to session with her.

We did a bit of wrestling (If you could call it that) I spent most of my time on my back, being choked , trampled and smothered. (All at my request) and let me tell you, it is an amazing feeling each squeeze threatens to put you right to sleep if she wants you to, but even so she had perfect control and never went too far. Her facesitting, is divine she is one of the best facesitters I have had the pleasure of spending time with. Also, some other reviews mentioned this as well if you have a foot fetish, she is also your girl for sure.

My only regret is I didn't have the chance to have a longer session with her, i'd have gladly let her kick my ass for another hour. Safa is absolutely amazing and I look forward to the next session with her!

Carson's Creekside

I had a semi-competitive session with Safa yesterday. It was a blast. She enjoyed showing me her dominance while giving me the sweetest trash talk. When I did manage to get a submission on her, she came back even tougher. She was so easy and fun to talk to. I can't wait for her to return for a rematch. If she comes to your city, make sure you book a session with her. You will love it!!


Honestly I don’t know where to begin. I’ll just leave it with this…it was an awesome hour well spent. She is AMAZING. Do not pass on the opportunity to see her when she’s in your area. She’s funny, easy to talk to, and absolutely beautiful!! Looking forward to the next time!!!


I just had my first session with the AMAZING BEAUTIFUL SAFA WARDA!!! This was definitely an experience I’ll never forget! It was super easy scheduling, and I was super nervous lol. Soon as she hugged me the nerves kinda went away, kinda.

About the session, I scheduled a fantasy wrestling/scissor session, I had know intentions on fighting back(not that it would’ve mattered anyway lol). I’m a pretty big guy, and from the start she threw me on the mat like I was a toy, jumped on me sat on my chest an slowly choked me with her feet, I’ve never felt anything like it! While her feet ware slowly cutting off my air she was looking me in the eyes explaining what I need to do to enjoy the session, I don’t know what it is about her stare, but when she’s staring at you you’ll become instantly weak.
She then put me in some scissor holds that were literally unbreakable, at this point just the mere thought that this beautiful sensual woman can destroy me at will started playing with my psyche, and she new it too, I tapped soooooo many times and she was just smiling saying she hadn’t even given me %10, in some cases she didn’t even squeeze just the hold alone had me feeling woozy and dizzy! Then she asked if I wanted to be ko’d! Of course I wanted to try. She sat me by a mirror so I can see myself, and she put me in a hold and I started day dreaming it was weird yet incredible, I was so disoriented, I felt high and slightly confused lol, and she said I wasn’t even all the way out. This woman is incredible!! I’ll be daydreaming about that session for a long time, Safa left me sore mind f’d and on high, that’s the best way to explain what just happen. Safa is amazing inside and out!


Safa is an absolute star when it comes to sessions. From communication to delivering exactly what I asked for in my request, you can tell she has years and years of experience. She is beautiful in person and wow is she a monster on the mats. She can kick your ass or be a little easier if you want it, but she can read what you want without you having to tell her. Her experience shines through and I’d love to see her again if given the chance


Yoooo Safa where it's at. So down to Earth and chill, and simply one of the best at delivering the dream session you never want to wake from! She's pretty funny too, and the convo/vibe never died, I felt some chemistry here! She is very strong, sexy, and very annoyingly crafty with her wrestling skillset. This one you have to have on your list, at the very least the top of it haha, to wrestle with, she will over-satisfy you, bet on it


I have sessioned with Safa before and she is wonderful. This last time was a few days ago.

We did some kickboxing sparing, not trying to kill each other but she put some force behind her blows.

Of course we took breaks to catch our breath and to talk. She is excellent at conversations and knows how to make you feel safe and welcome.

Everyone should book a session with her when she’s near you


Safa was my first ever session, and it was incredible! It really was! Everyone reading this and considering a session should email her!! She is beautiful with a great smile and personality, stunning body, with amazing legs and feet. Honestly, her pictures do not do her justice, she is an absolute beauty! She catered to every request (even wore the style and color of bikini I requested) and completely owned me on the mat. At my request it was light wrestling (at best) and I mainly wanted her to dominate me, which she did with every scissor hold I knew of. She would also pin me on my back, hold me in a helpless position, inflict a little pain and stare in my eyes, which was incredibly sexy. She made me tap dozens of times and she will do the same to you. Her legs are incredibly strong, stronger than I ever imagined they could be. She even let me (sometimes “forced“ me to) worship her perfect feet and toes and she rubbed her feet all over my face throughout the session to cater to my huge foot fetish.
I was in the same position as many of you potentially reading this: I watch the videos online and always dreamed about being in a beautiful woman’s scissor hold. But, I never had the guts to book one (picking a time my wife was out of town) and didn’t know if I had the money (sessions aren’t cheap). To all those out there: grow some balls and save your money! It’s worth every penny and yes you do have the money!!



I knocked on the door about a minute before our appointment time. The door opened and there she was, superstar Safa Warda up close and personal, melting my nervousness away with her sparkling eyes and infectious smile.

We chatted for a few minutes before she led me to the room with wrestling mats. For the next 15 minutes or so, she taunted me, bullied me, beat me, squeezed me, and basically had her way with me. Safa is really strong and very skilled. And she is an enigma. Sweet, mean, gentle, cruel, caring, sadistic, sensuous and brutal. She pinched my nipples, slapped me, elbowed me in the ribs, pulled my chest hair, and basically moved me around the mats like a rag doll. I wasn’t fighting back much except to try to relieve the pain, and I know she was taking it very easy on me. This gorgeous girl could really mess a guy up.

Knockout Queen

Safa’s scissors are legendary. She squeezed my head and neck with her muscular thighs in many positions, usually making me tap frantically when she would tighten her inner thigh muscles and flex her body to apply suffocating pressure. I saw stars, and she didn’t always release at my taps. And she assured me that she wasn’t using much of her strength at all.

And then suddenly, dreamland. I asked her to try my favorite position, the classic frontal headscissor. She laughed while she positioned her thighs around my neck. She applied pressure and then lifted her legs a bit. The next thing I remember is waking from a dream, feeling almost out of body and hearing myself make a weird snoring noise. I thought I must have been at home waking in my bed, but then realized I was thoroughly confused about where I was and this adorable woman staring at me.

Yep, she knocked me right out. It happened so fast, and I don’t think she intended to. It was painless and totally disorienting, but not entirely unpleasant. I was feeling wobbly though, so she let me rest for a few minutes. “Enjoy it.”

This was about 20 minutes into the session and I was done. I told her I was happy if we stopped now and that I would enjoy just talking with her for the rest of our time together.

We moved back to the living room and chatted about anything and everything. She related that she’s going through a big hassle with someone impersonating her online and that this is seriously impacting her business. I have no idea why anyone would be so vindictive to her. Safa is a total sweetheart and a savvy businesswoman.

At our hour’s end, we hugged and said goodbyes. As I walked to my car, I realized how sore I was. And how I still felt lightheaded and weak. This morning I still feel soreness in my neck, ribs, jaw, even my teeth from her relentless squeezing. But I’m so happy I got to spend an hour with the amazing Safa after fantasizing about her for years. And I’m actually quite pleased that I’m no longer a knockout virgin.

Safa Warda is a unique combination of stunning beauty, muscles, technique and angel/devil attitude. Guys, if you want the ultimate mixed wrestling experience, you won’t go wrong with Safa. She loves her work, and she will definitely surprise you with her talents no matter your strength and skill level. Just don’t be surprised if you suddenly wake up from a dream. Knockouts are her specialty and she doesn’t even have to try.


I have to start this review with a HUGE apology to Ms. Safa. Man, did I ever underestimate this girl. I know her reviews were great but she’s the smallest woman I’ve ever sessioned with and she’s a MODEL, right? How tough could she really be? Well I found out – the hard way.

Turns out, the modeling thing pays some bills but she’s PASSIONATE about her wrestling. She’s got a HUGE competitive spirit (which I LOVE) and technical skills that reflect a lot of experience and training. I signed up for full competitive – I expected a fun challenge but I was MOSTLY confident I could take control when necessary. Yeah, that confidence went out the window shortly after we started.

She handled everything I threw at her and she is a master at escapes and reversals (in addition to being extremely tough and VERY stubborn). She had me playing defense for much of the session – something I had not expected. Lift your head for a split second and she immediately hooked a very flexible leg around your neck. One second you’re looking down at her like you’re in control, next second you have a completely different view (painful but not necessarily bad :)

Safa charges a small premium for full competitive – she wants to weed out pretenders because she really enjoys it and she doesn’t want to hold anything back. Trust me – you get your money’s worth – and she makes SURE you get your money’s worth (just be careful what you wish for :) Another session girl warned me that Safa is a wildcat – turns out that was quite the understatement.

Before the session started, we talked about ground rules and in my overconfidence I gave her the green light for just about anything. That was before I knew about “The Safa Rules” (and trust me - these rules aren’t found in any rule book). On the few occasions I got her in trouble she whipped out the Safa rules – more often than not she was able to turn the tables pretty quickly.

That being said, Safa is always watching to make sure you don’t get injured (a little pain is okay though :) and she’ll change tactics as the session goes on to make sure you’re getting the most enjoyment possible. She also talks a little smack during the session but it totally works because she can back it up with her ability. She’s the total package. I am so looking forward to her next visit and I highly recommend her to anyone who’s up for a challenge.


Safa is tough. "Chicago Tough". I asked for rough treatment and in short, bit off more than I could chew. While careful, safe and sane, she seems to absolutely love to take male and female opponents to their limits and deviously encourage them to find more! Incapacitating me early, she laughed and trash talked me well past our scheduled time, punishing me with lightning fast guillotines, full weight trampling, and the strongest scissors I have found so far in the business. Incidentally, if you dont have a foot fetish like I do, you probably will after Safa is finished with you! Her peds are truly adorable, just like the rest of her from head to toe. I think she actually applied a mandible claw on me with her bare foot, but I'm not sure because I was pretty loopy by then. I asked her why she didnt include pro in the styles she offered, and she said she isnt comfortable advertising pro until she learns a few more holds. That's the kind of integrity she brings with her game. Safa is one of the most enjoyable of the top lady wrestlers in the business. I cant wait for her to teach me another mixed wrestling lesson!


I’ve had the pleasure of booking a number of session’s with Safa, she is one of the best around session wrestler’s and will cater to your desires, remember it’s YOU, when you book a session with her calling the shots at what to expect…while you might see some of her clips and the many KO’s, there is nothing to be afraid of when you book her, she takes care in all her sessions. Book a fantasy or other non-competitive session and you will find her one of the best around to meet your session desires. She is safe, fun and yes super sexy.


I had two 3 hour competitive wrestling sessions with Mistress Safa over a long weekend. So fun, I had to do it twice!

Mistress Safa was uncommonly quick and enthusiastic to respond to my inquiry (nice!). She was a hoot to chat with, and we easily developed a competitive rapport that would fuel our alpha desires to battle it out on the mats. No doubt, I had an uber dominant tigress by the tail. Or, maybe she had me?

Just a note of caution: Mistress Safa’s wordplay and psych game were strong from the very beginning, and she backed every bit of it up on the mats. She has a long memory. And, she LOVES to fight. Choose your words wisely.

Mistress Safa is not only a thoroughly competent grappler, but she is quick, strong, tenacious, and tough to the core. Her effort and pace were all out from beginning to end - all action, all aggression. No quit in this girl.

Once Mistress Safa got me under her control (inevitable), she was ruthless and gave no solace or quarter. Ultimately, she left me bruised, battered, and spent - and wanting more!

Thank you, Mistress Safa!


I had my first session with Safa last Saturday. We did a mixture of wrestling holds ballbusting and some belly punching. I planned on getting a beatdown but was to nervous that day so we did some wrestling holds and her legs are crazy strong. We did some ballbusting her slaps and punches hurt but nothing like her kicks. Looking forward to are next session


I just came from my first session with Safa In Hartford It was a double session with Ava Simone. Safa Is amazing I had a sleeper/scissor pro fantasy session. Safa Is simply awsome I had a blast with Safa her sleeper holds are to die for she had me on the edge of black out which Is what I like. Safa scissor holds are also amazing. I totally recommend Safa for a session she Is a remarkable woman she Is very friendly,kind and beautiful. I will definitely see her again when she comes back through. Thanks Safa Rich


I wanted to write what a thrill and privilege it was to meet and session with the great Safa! I got to meet her last week in Chicago. Safa went over all my requests to be sure we were on the same page (which I greatly appreciated) and she wanted to make sure my session was the best. Safa did a phenomenal scissoring me, dominating me and smothering me. In between beatings, we would chat (she's very smart and funny). Safa is very welcoming and friendly when you meet her. Don't let the business side of her emails scare you. I'm sure she gets hammered by time wasters and other jerks. She's so the real deal! I've sessioned with a lot of great ones and Safa is right up there! BTW, she is drop dead gorgeous! Finally, gave me a great burger place recommendation when I left. So, two birds with one stone! Hope to session again with Safa!


I had a really enjoyable session with Safa back in 2014, so when the opportunity to meet her again arose this year, I contacted her. Some things haven't changed: Safa is still cheerful, playful and good-looking. She's also a lot stronger and more skilled than I recalled.

Our first encounter was quite one-sided in my favor, but things were much more balanced this time. While it wasn't a competitive session, I didn't have to pretend to be quite convincingly dominated. I was eager to try her newfound knockout skills. Alas, my neck proved to be tricky, and we couldn't find a way for her to put me to sleep before panic forced me to tap. It wasn't for lack of trying though! I still spend a very nice hour between her legs or arms and under her breasts or ass. She's an excellent face-sitter.

I'll meet her again next time she's around.


Safa is gorgeous, skilled, quick as a cat, deceptively strong and fun to be around. More than once, I have waited several weeks to book a session while Safa was on one of her long world tours - and she is totally worth it! I think she just got back, so hoping to meet her again soon.


I recently met Safa as she made her way thru Boston ,,it was the first time I have ever booked with her , it was simple thru email and I’m going to for warn all that she doesn’t say a lot thru email but when you meet her she has great communication and a great personality and makes sure your session is tailored to what you want and can adjust her levels of skill for you. She is very friendly and beautiful in person with a killer body. I booked a semi comp wrestling session and spent most of my time on my back as she laughed it up while I was wrapped up quite often tapping out. I have wrestled a lot of girls this year and I’d say Safa is in the class of what I would say the Elite on this session girls website or any other website. This girl can wrestle and wrestle hard and makes it so much fun as she beats you on the mat. Her scissors and chokes are some of the strongest I’ve been around and she was no where near full throttle with me. All I will say is any trips she makes back to Boston I’ll be on the roster. If you haven’t met this girl you HAVE to check her out if she’s coming to your city trust me she’s worth it !!!
Thanks Safa !!!!


I guess you can say that you never forget your first. LOL! I have sessioned with Safa many times already and each time seems to be better than the last. I always forget how quick she is! We had a boxing and wrestling session. She was outstanding as always. Need to make a trip out to Chicago before she decides to retire.


Finally saw Safa last weekend for a semi comp/scissor session. Don't know why I waited so long. Safa checks all the boxes, not a clock watcher, truly enjoys sessions, beautiful, athletic and sexy figure, strong and experienced in many forms of fighting. This is what sets Safa apart from the rest. Be totally honest about what you are looking for in a session. Safa will deliver. She asked about what I wanted for a fun session and asked if I had a wardrobe request. She exceeded my expectations on both. My session was amazing thanks to Safa's abilities. She would take me to the edge of what I felt I could handle, then just pushed me a little beyond. Somehow she knew I could take a bit more than I described but without me getting too nervous or hurt in any way she would back off just enough to make me want more. Throughout the session she would mix up her intensity levels and every so often stare down at me with her gorgeous eyes, letting me know she was in control but allowing me to enjoy an amazing time. Safa keeps you on your toes with her ability to mix up the variety of ways she uses to totally dominate you. And you'll love it. I've done sessions since 2012 and Safa is easily top 3 all time. Safa will have you on the verge of panic even though deep down you know everything will be ok, when she decides so. Lol!!! Seriously, an incredibly talented and beautiful session lady. I'm booking again very soon.


I'd scheduled a "semi-competitive" boxing session with Safa, but soon after we started I learned she was trottle open all the way. Along with being extremely energetic and enthusiastic throughout the match and devastatingly gorgeous — she wore a not-much-to-it bikini — she was stronger than I'd imagined. And, boy, can she throw a punch. The plan was Safa would win confidently in arm wrestling and boxing. But I realize quickly Safa not only is skilled enough to beat me silly, she's much stronger. She wore me down and pounded me senseless, with killer punches to my face and midsection, laughing and taunting me throughout. I lost count how many times she knocked me down for a 10-count — though more than once she cheated by keeping down with a foot on my back or chest. In a real boxing match, I'm positive Safa would beat me without breaking a sweat — and with a smile on her face. Because she pretty much already has. Highy recommended.


I recently had a double session with Safa and Constance and I would highly recommend either of them to anyone considering booking a session. It was my first ever session of any kind and, as such, I was very nervous. However, Safa and Constance were extremely friendly and easy to talk to and made me feel much more at ease. The scissors were incredible. I was blown away with how strong both Safa and Constance were. I was tapping out when they said they had barely reached 10%. Don’t forget to tap out or you will pass out :)


After seeing a few of Safa’s clips, I knew I had to meet her! When I contacted her for a session, she replied to me right away and we went over all my interests and scheduled a session. Fast forward...She answered the door wearing yoga shorts and a sports bra. Her pics do not do her justice! She has an athletic body but not overly muscular and very sexy. After I changed, we went over my session in detail and I watched her smile get bigger. I like an intense session with a dominant, slightly sadistic twist with a scissor KO or two. I asked her to ignore my taps and push my limits. We moved over to the mat she had set up and started on our knees and within 30 seconds I was on my back in a schoolgirl pin with her choking me. She gravitated from hold to hold, easily controlling me. Her scissors are amazing! At one point, when she had me in her reverse scissor I remember tapping and she loosened her grip but didn’t let go. She tightened up again and knocked me out. As I came around, she made sure I was okay, she went back to work with her reverse- knocking me out 2 more times. In the end, Safa showed me her softer side by sitting back and letting me end the session with worshipping her gorgeous feet. All in all it was an amazing session and I can’t wait to see Safa again!!


Safa is a great session. I am probably getting too old to do this any more but I am glad I kept at it long enough to meet this little woman. I am a big guy and I had absolutely no chance. She is beautiful, strong and just the right amount of evil. Best of all she really seems to enjoy what she does which is a big plus for me. She submitted me multiple times with arm bars, a knee bar and scissors, one time knocking me out. If you like to see somebody that knows what their doing then go see her. You'll have a great time!


Meeting safa was a dream come true. She's well known in this business and it's easy to tell why,

Her scissors are strong really
strong and had me tapping and begging like never before,
She ko'd me twice with ease and both times I actually had a dream.

She's really technical too and knows a bunch of holds and how too apply them perfectly.
Her reverse headscissors is amazing.
She can be soft too as she was with me halfway through when I couldn't take anymore hard scissors.
She's also beautiful, friendly and very down to earth.

If your a scissor fan you owe it too yourself to visit safa seriously, don't miss out the session was 10/10
Thank you safa I hope to see you again someday :)
From Ireland


What can I say about safa, she's a legend in this business and proved to me why with her insane scissors.
Safa ko'd me twice both times were amazing and I actually had a dream lol.
She's really good technically and put me in a bunch of different holds.
Aside from kicking my ass
She's really friendly, talkative, beautiful and down to earth.

If you're a scissor fan you owe it too yourself to visit safa for a session.
Thank you safa hope to meet you again someday :)


J'ai eu une session semi compétitive avec Safa et tout s'est très bien passé, elle a fait attention à mes préférences et mes limites, et elle s'est montrée amicale et souriante, et comme moi elle aime discuter (en anglais). Elle est douée techniquement et assez forte.


Safa est une élégante et mince jeune femme mais elle se transforme en furie quand elle se jette sur vous. Elle est très rapide, maitrise parfaitement toutes les prises du jjb qu'elle exécute avec une force incroyable. Headlock, scissors, arm bar, étranglement n'ont pas de secret pour elle.Et si on lui demande quelques rounds de boxe, les coups pleuvent à la face et au corps. Elle frappe avec ses poings, ses jambes (elle a un super high kick) et ses genoux. C'est une super combattante, toujours souriante avec qui ceux qui aiment boxe et lutte compétitive passeront de formidables moments. On est complètement épuisé après une heure de session, mais on n'a qu'une idée: revenir le lendemain.


Safa is the absolute best of all the women I hired in the past for sessions with my gf. She is professional, she is for real, no fakes no acting and listened carefully to what I meant by domination wrestling and delivered beyond any expectation. If you are in town and looking to have a real pro fulfilling whatever your fantasy is, she will make it become reality.


Had a session with Safa Yesterday which i consider 1 of my best ever, and I've had a lot of great ones. She's very personable and bubbly, great energy, easy to talk to, funny as hell and not a clock-watcher and very skilled. I can see why she is so popular. If you get a chance and she's in a city near you...don't hesitate...she's worth every penny. She responds fast to emails and is very reasonable. Will definitely be working with here again sometime soon. She's as awesome as awesome gets!!!


I just had a session with Safa in her new studio and she is exceptionally well versed on the mat! I was surprised at the combination of competitiveness and sensuality she brought to the session making it a very enjoyable experience. We both agreed to wear wrestling singlets for our match and by having her own 10x10 mat it made it feel like a real competition. We both tapped each other out several times throughout the time we grappled but she always made sure I was comfortable throughout the session. I highly recommend booking her as she will exceed your expectations!


I have had the pleasure of hosting Safa in Australia for the last 2 weeks. A nicer, more genuine, vibrant and hard working woman you will not meet anywhere in the world. The filming we have done in Australia has created some of the best footage I have ever seen. Safa has a wicked creative imagination and is amazing at improvisation. Although Safa is quite petite she is amazingly strong and fast and will mix it with the very best easily. I would highly recommend Safa as both an outstanding athlete and excellent attitude correction therapist.


I had the great pleasure of meeting Safa for a session while she traveled through New England. This was my first session ever and didn't quite know what to expect. She can be a little short in text/emails but don't take it personally. It's just how some people communicate. She ran behind coming out of New York so we got started a little later than anticipated (We got hit with surprisingly unseasonable weather for this time of year so accidents were plentiful all over I-95.)

She was very personable and friendly. We chatted for a bit first while stretching and suiting up, breaking the ice and getting to know each other. We then agreed to just kind of step into it and see where it goes. We started off striking. For someone who professes to only have done a few months of kickboxing she was quite technical and nimble. We had a decent back and forth and ended up putting each other against the wall a few times.

We then transitioned to MMA after discussing different take downs and techniques. We rolled for some time and she was VERY skilled. Giving me advice and guiding some of my moves while we rolled to help maximize what I was going for, also giving me a few tips to slip out of what she was doing to me. We had quite a few laughs and were very complimentary of each others skill. The final "bout" of the session was considerably more serious and she took me to task with a series of submission holds strung together, tapping me out repeatedly. I managed to get the upper-hand a couple of times but she bounced right back.

We actually went for an extra forty minutes as we were having so much fun (No extra fee). I helped her clean up the space and we chatted and laughed for at least another 30-40 minutes. The entire session was a real pleasure. I had her undivided attention and really felt not only well complimented but appreciated as a customer.


She is immense - beautiful, sexy and feminine but also very skilled and more importantly, she can be cruel if you ask - she gets the job done so be very careful what you wish for. Armbars, triangles, RNCs, she has the lot and will also be very happy to kick the crap out of you with her lovely long legs. She has an excellent space and is fun to hang out with - can't recommend enough!


My session with Safa was awesome. She really surprised me with how fast, flexible, and STRONG she was. Mostly I was impressed with her tenacity and energy throughout as well as her technical ability to wrestle. I searched session girls looking for a truly competitive match and boy did I get one. At first glance I didn't think our session would be that competitive seeing as I'm 21, tall, 195 pounds, and can dunk a basketball but I thought she was very attractive so I booked a session anyways. I was pleasantly surprised that 20 seconds into the match I found myself forced on my back being pinned/smothered unable to get free despite my almost 80 pound weight advantage. From there it was on and we had an intense session that went back and forth. It ended up being the SUPER competitive session I was looking for and I had a lot of fun. The best cardio workout I've had in weeks. Safa was really cool and made me feel comfortable during the session with her playful trash talk. She even helped me improve my scissor technique... for the rematch I'm sure. I will definitely session with her again and I suggest you do the same if you want to session with a sexy woman who loves competition and can legitimately make you squeal in all of the best ways.


My session with Safa can only be described as magical, mystical, marvelous and exhilarating. It started semi-competitve. She has this uncanny ability to not only listen to what my interests are (scissors, chokes, submissions, being controlled by her even though I'm trying not to resist. It's as if she has a unique skill - reading my soul - observing all the nuances of my body to push me farther than anyone ever has. I found that the more she pushed me the more I pushed back and realized that as the session got more competitive that I really didn't stand a chance. She is extremely fast - but never flails around, every move is deliberate. Her scissors are amazing (I tapped so many times - to all kinds), and her chokes seem countless and insanely effective - but it's her overall attitude that makes the session both fun and intense all at the same time. If you have the opportunity - you have GOT to session with her.


I just finished a session with Safa and I don't even know where to start. Not only was the wrestling amazing, but so was Safa. She was one of the nicest, most genuine people I've met in the industry and truly has a passion for what she does. Her energy level never lets up and she's the perfect contradictory combination of sweet, sexy, friendly, badass, aggressive, and dominant.

I had initially requested that our match be a fantasy wrestling match, with "a bit of a semi-competitive" edge. This quickly turned into mostly a semi-comp match, because Safa definitely knows how to step it up a level and has so much fun doing it. She dominated the match with a variety of techniques including (but not limited to) scissors, headlocks, arm bars, facesitting/smothering, grapevines, some foot worship and more. She "let" me get the upper hand a couple of times, but based on her adorably evil laugh, I knew it wasn't going to last long, since she was simply toying with me.

I'm a 260 pound guy and I consider myself to be fairly strong. Safa made me feel otherwise! Once she locked down each hold, I fought as hard as I could, but always ended up tapping - and even after I tapped, sometimes she wouldn't let up until I tapped 3 or 4 times.

I can't say enough good things about Safa. Not only is she a great person, a skilled wrestler, and a blast to be around, but she's also definitely not a clock watcher. The only reason our session ended on time was because I realized my cab was about to arrive - she was ready to go back at it! She was welcoming, accommodating, easy to communicate with, and I can't wait for my next opportunity to session with her again. Safa is the real deal - so if you're reading this and you're on the fence - get off your ass and book a session with her because you won't regret it!


I just finished a session with Safa and I don't even know where to start. Not only was the wrestling amazing, but so was Safa. She was one of the nicest, most genuine people I've met in the industry and truly has a passion for what she does. Her energy level never lets up and she's the perfect contradictory combination of sweet, sexy, friendly, badass, aggressive, and dominant.

I had initially requested that our match be a fantasy wrestling match, with "a bit of a semi-competitive" edge. This quickly turned into mostly a semi-comp match, because Safa definitely knows how to step it up a level and has so much fun doing it. She dominated the match with a variety of techniques including (but not limited to) scissors, headlocks, arm bars, facesitting/smothering, grapevines, some foot worship and more. She "let" me get the upper hand a couple of times, but based on her adorably evil laugh, I knew it wasn't going to last long, since she was simply toying with me.

I'm a 260 pound guy and I consider myself to be fairly strong. Safa made me feel otherwise! Once she locked down each hold, I fought as hard as I could, but always ended up tapping - and even after I tapped, sometimes she wouldn't let up until I tapped 3 or 4 times.

I can't say enough good things about Safa. Not only is she a great person, a skilled wrestler, and a blast to be around, but she's also definitely not a clock watcher. The only reason our session ended on time was because I realized my cab was about to arrive - she was ready to go back at it! She was welcoming, accommodating, easy to communicate with, and I can't wait for my next opportunity to session with her again. Safa is the real deal - so if you're reading this and you're on the fence - get off your ass and book a session with her because you won't regret it!


Safa was my first session girl that I have been with, and let tell you she is AWESOME!!!!!! :woohoo: She was very easy to talk to and was very friendly. We did a boxing session and she was everything that I had thought it would be. She also asked if I wanted to do a beat down RAW for her website and I said sure. I will only say guys, if you THINK that you can handle 10 minutes with her, think again! She can HIT HARD! I am still feeling the effects of her punches. She will be someone who I will session with again and maybe wrestle with her.


If you do a competitive session with Safa, BE READY TO TAP! She is very quick and will submit you with her arms and legs. I tapped 11 times often to holds that were locked on before I knew they were coming.

Safa is extremely high energy and she provides a great session! She is perfect at adjusting to your level as well. Don't hesitate to meet her. You WON'T be disappointed.


this was my first 2 hour semi-competitive/foot worship session with safa and all I can say is wow! the best session wrestler so far. for someone as small as she is, please don't underestimate her. she is very skilled and can take probably most guys down. I don't have any training in mma or any other kind of fighting experience so she knew to wrestle at my level which she still is overpowering.

her legs are devastating. your not getting out of a scissors hold. anywhere I tried to get her, she countered with a choke, scissors, grapevine, or some other submission move. she even let me put her in a submission move, but I was unsuccessful as she got out of it and submitted me. she even submitted me with her feet which I don't even know how she did

as far as personality, shes freaking awesome. shes high spirited and just a cool person to be around. she understood my demands for a session and didn't disappoint. when we took breaks, she was easy to talk to.

as far as foot worshipping, her feet are beautiful. sucking on her toes is a freaking experience. I was in a trance when she had them on my face.

overall, just freaking awesome experience and I highly recommend doing a session with her. she enjoyed every bit of it which made the experience even more better. I will love to wrestle her again soon


I just had my first session with Safa Warda. I had asked for a playful, semi-competitive match with no purposefully painful actions on either of our parts. I am not an experienced wrestler and do not have any martial arts training. I’m 5’ 10 and 185 lbs.

Safa made me feel very comfortable right away. She’s super easy to talk to and very open. She wore a little black bikini and looked gorgeous in it. She had arranged the room so there was plenty of room for wrestling without having to worry about banging into furniture or walls.

As far as the wrestling goes, Safa is very strong and very fast. She got me in holds very quickly which I couldn’t escape from. After she realized she was dominating me so easily, she started to let me get her in a hold first and then she would wrestle out of my control. I think I only was able to really control her one or two times, and even then not to where she had to submit. Regardless, I loved grappling with her and we both had worked up quite a sweat which she didn’t mind at all.

After our one hour session was over, she spent about a half hour just talking with me about her experiences which was really a nice bonus. She did not take any phone calls and devoted all her attention to me. I will definitely session with Safa again.


I had my first ever session with Safa yesterday, and she blew me away. She's fiesty, fun, game for basically any (athletic) activity, beautiful, sweet and professional. I've written a more detailed review of her here:


but suffice it to say that she's probably not the kind of sessionist you'd expect a fetish model to be.


I had my first session ever with Safa. We started off with some one-sided boxing and she packs a punch- she hits harder than some men. She enjoyed every punch, had me seeing stars after one round, and knocked me on my ass in less than 10 minutes. After that she showed me her scissors and almost snapped my neck off- with her iron strong legs. We ended the session with some facesitting and smothering. I had a great time and would recommend Safa to any first-timers. Also, she looks even better in person than she does in her pics!


Had a great session with Safa, she is a very beautiful girl, with a nice body too. She was very nice and personable, and very accomodating in booking a late session time for me. I'm a fit/big guy who works out everyday, but she had no problem making me tapout a few times. Her scissors and triangle holds were great and had me seeing black dots a few times! Plus she crushed me pretty good towards the end, with a bodyscissors that had my ribs really sore the next day. The session went over an hour, but she didn't seem to mind at all even though it was getting late. She is open and extremely nice and friendly in conversation and was a lot of fun to spend time with. All around great girl!

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