saharra huxly

saharra huxly


Location: Washington DC, District of Columbia
Phone: 2029998069
Skype: https://Saharra_huxly
Travel Phone: 2029998069
Whats app: SaharraHuxly

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Height: 6' - 183 cm
Weight: 200 lbs - 90.7 kg
Physique: Athletic

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... Please view my store at and TAP videos and enjoy my deviant behavior as a dominant Amazon Goddess. Foot worship domination size 11 mens Facesitting Beatdowns Smothering Roleplay Tickle Torture are some of my favorites SKYPE wth ME 15 min contact me on WhatsApp Saharra Huxly NOW

Saharrah Huxly is the total package. Domineering, skilled, strong. Big! She was very engaging, always smiling and really toolk the time to ask exactly what I wanted out of the session AND I liked that she expressed what SHE wanted. She made the session feel like two friends getting together and wrestling for the fun of it. Once we started.....all that smile $#!+ became nonexistent!!! She fully embraced her character and had the skills to submit ne at any moment, which she did with a seductive smile and python's grip. She kicked with accuracy and for her size, moved fluidly from hold to hold. Her feet are big, her soles are soft and the toes were tasty. She is also very attractive. Her eyes are hypnotizing. I got a good close up while in a grapevine. Saharrah Huxly, in a classall by herself


Oh man! Just got finished tonight with an AMAZING session with Saharra and Kristie Etzold. Man they are both very strong. No escape from her scissors she is both powerful and quick. You will have a great session with Saharra as she truly embraces dominating you with her arsenal of wrestling moves. I loved it had a lot of fun wrestling her. I highly recommend having a session with her you will NOT be disappointed. Her scissors are so strong they will KO for sure if you do not tap out.


Guys beware!! if you tease someone like Sarah Huxley then you are in danger!!
look at the first pic of the photos!!
her strong thigs cut that Guy's head,,, and he just fell asleep like he is no more

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