Location: Los Angeles, Southern California

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Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Curvy
Age: 36

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About Me

I started off on the road of wrestling when, I worked with scissor Vixens in 2006. Next, thing I know I am doing session wrestling matches. Word got out among the wrestling producers and I was soon shooting with sites like, Grappling Girls, Bout Time Studios, Sleeper Kids World, Academy Wrestling, and Pro Style Fanties.

I am obsessed with health and fitness. I have been into health in fitness as long as, I can remember. I started weight lifting at age 13. I asked for a weight bench for Christmas. I even started taking whey protein at this time. I had calf muscle so large, that my jeans were hard to pull over them. I am actually, working on building my body further then I had as a teen. I am into developing my muscles and love my biceps and calf muscles.

I have worked with sites that are sexual in nature like Academy Wrestling. However, I do not do sexual acts in my sessions. I wear a bikini for session, to keep it sexy. However, no sexual acts occur. 

I am available for sessions seven days a week, including weekends. I am available for double sessions with, other female session wrestlers. I actually, hold most of my sessions in my private, discreet, and safe wrestling ring in Los Angeles. This space is shared with several female wrestling, who are friends of mine. However, all sessions are private.

If you cannot session with me in person, there is also an option for us to do a webcam session. I do muscle worship, yoga and Pilates poses, as well as, letting you watch my weight lifting work outs. I also offer custom videos too!

Dont be afraid. Send me an email and lets have a match today!

I am completely obsessed with crossfit. I train on a schedule of three days of work out and then one day rest. So, I am working out about five days a week. Im getting more muscular everyday. I actually post my work out schedule, amount of weights lifted and my results on facebook and twitter. So, if you follow me, you get to receive this sexy information many times during the week.

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Chicago May 30th- June 3rd

Milwaukee June 3rd-5th

Tampa 15th-19th

Montreal August 28th- September 3rd

Gold Coast Australia October 31st - November 13th


I just sessioned with Samantha Grace and it was awesome. She is very prompt and courteous setting up the match and is a delight to be around. Bubbly personality with an impish streak that causes her to enjoy beating up the boys. Underestimate her at your own peril. She is a good grappler who loves to apply headlocks and chokes from any position. That said, her scissors have knockout power. She loves the front head scissors so she can see your defeated face between her power-packed thighs.

If you are looking for a fun rumble on the mats, I whole-heartedly recommend Samantha. Because she is a high-energy grappler, I would recommend that you meet her in a ring if at all possible -- it will take your experience to the next level and one that you will enjoy thoroughly.

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