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Location: Ireland, United Kingdom
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Weight: 155 lbs - 70.3 kg
Physique: Athletic

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As the ultimate combination of beauty and power, I am everything you could ever dream off! With a perfectly sculpted and hot toned muscular physique and experience in grappling. I will control you both mentally and physically! Specializing in sessions for muscle worshipers, wrestling fans and those that love being made weak at the knees by strong women! I am the ultimate goddess and once under my control I will make you weaker than ever…Embracing every curve a woman should have, you will devour me as the epitome of a powerful Amazonian. If this sound like something you are interested in, get in touch! Be sure to have 100% fun when sessioning with me! Check out my website for further information!


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Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Pro Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
Fantasy Boxing
Tickle Wrestling
Feats of Strength
Lift and Carry
Belly Punching
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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
05-21-2019 05-24-2019 Zurich Switzerland
05-24-2019 05-25-2019 Geneva Switzerland
05-28-2019 05-30-2019 Dublin Ireland
06-13-2019 06-15-2019 London United Kingdom
06-18-2019 06-20-2019 Frankfurt Germany
06-20-2019 06-22-2019 Cologne Germany
06-25-2019 06-27-2019 Lyon France
06-27-2019 06-28-2019 Paris France
Please give as much detail as possible when inquiring about a session so you can get the most out of our time together - A deposit is required to secure a session date. I look forward to hearing from you! I plan on visiting the USA mid west and west coast later this year in fall. I also plan to visit Montreal and Toronto hopefully in the late summer also. If interested please let me know which cities you are in and I can try incorporate them

In the city of brotherly love,Philadelphia,and posing with the greatest underdog of film,the statue of Rocky Balboa,I went in with brining confidence in my session with the goddess Sara Lipps. Setting everything up was so professional and personal. Nothing is left in doubt so as to have the best session for all. My thoughts of an upset were crushed as soon as I walked through the door. Sara is beautiful. So sweet and so easy to talk to. Her eyes are dazzling. But I knew the end was near as my eyes went right to her legs. Words cannot even do them justice. To get comfortable,we sat and chatted for awhile. I had a very long drive. But could tell she wanted to smash me as she asked if ready to get changed. We started off with some arm and leg wrestling. I had zero chance against her legs. But it was in arm wrestling that I was already defeated. She smashed down my right arm in seconds. I have never lost left armed. She held me straight up for an eternity. She wanted me to gas myself out. I resorted to trickery and got her wrist back a little,and got her down. I was spent,and we went to wrestling. She got my head and got my back and just overpowered me. Her scissors and rear naked chokes had me tapping in panic. I have lost a lot. No one has ever broke me so quickly ,and with such ease. But it was one of the most fulfilling sessions have ever had. Everything was perfect. I cannot wait to meet the amazing goddess Sara again.


I did a pro fantasy natch with her in Charlotte. Very professional in setting things up and easy to contact. Her skills are submission grappling but she worked with me on the pro aspect. It was a great match and she is a fun and intelligent lady. I enjoyed my time with her. Note that she is not pro trained and does not claim to be. I am happy I sesioned with her but if you are a pro purist the match might be different than you are used to. Incredible power under control. She is a WOW. Can't miss with her


Sara Lips. Wow.

Before I get into the meat of things, let me start by saying that Sara is one of the easiest people to work with, a real professional. While she won’t suffer a timewaster, she’s very communicative, willing to work with you, approachable and honest. She responded to me in a timely manner, far faster than just about anyone I’ve ever worked with. I don’t begrudge other session wrestlers for taking their time, I understand that they lead busy lives, but I appreciate that she has such a personal touch. This continued to when we met in person. She was welcoming and quiet, with a lovely smile and a glowing face. Very pleasant.

Then the session started, and she changed from this sweet, happy person into the meanest person on Earth. Like a switch.

I really can’t stress enough just how oppressive Sara is. In the short time I’ve been doing session wrestling, I’ve probably wrestled women who had a technical advantage over Sara, who’ve been practicing martial arts for years, but in terms of sheer, raw power? Second to none. She looks strong in her pictures, yes, but that’s nothing compared to actually feeling her body bearing down on you, to having this mass of muscle crushing you from above. I’m a fairly strong guy, about six feet tall, in good shape, and she steamrolled me. When she gets on top, there’s just no stopping her from having her way. You can fight, you can struggle, you can squirm, you can beg, you can plead, but she WILL have her way with you. She’s a juggernaut, she just keeps coming.

Her legs are her most dangerous asset, and they’re every bit as powerful as you’d guess from her videos. I’m sure some women have guys fake things a bit in there shoots, act like the scissors hurt more than they really are, but I can confidently state that this isn’t the case with her - her legs HURT. Everything below her waist is like iron, unyielding, whether it’s her legs crushing your skull like a walnut or she’s sitting on your face, pressing down on you with her full weight.

It’s terrifying power, but it wouldn’t mean much if the women wielding it didn’t have the right attitude. Sara does. It’s honestly eerie, how she can go from this nice, soft spoken women to this dangerous, horror of a dominatrix, but she pulls it off perfectly. She has this look of utter disdain, like you’re just an ant to crush under her heel, like she could snuff you out at a moment’s notice and not even have a second thought. She talk trash, makes you feel low, grinds away at you. It’s a humbling experience but if you’re looking for true domination, there are few who can match her.

I know it sounds like I’m gushing and exaggerating, but I’m just being honest: Sara is 100%. It was a treat for her to visit my city, and I could definitely see myself traveling a fair distance for the pleasure again. If she’s ever in your area, or even close, check her out. She’s a rare woman.

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