Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 110 lbs - 49.9 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 33

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 Hey Guys 

Sarah Brooke Im a Special Kind Of Women, Im a Total Badass Strong As Hell Fearless Force and Ready for all Challenges

Accepting CUSTOMS requests. Email When email about a session please send me two references with the girls emails attached.


Im based in south Florida with my own mat space come to Florida get some sun, vacation , and most importantly a shot at me!!


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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
10-13-2019 10-15-2019 Tampa Florida United States
10-16-2019 10-20-2019 Seattle Washington United States
10-18-2019 10-19-2019 Portland Oregon United States
11-11-2019 11-14-2019 Los Angeles California United States
11-14-2019 11-15-2019 Phoenix Arizona United States
11-18-2019 11-22-2019 Minneapolis Minnesota United States
01-20-2020 01-26-2020 Charlotte North Carolina United States
Name Type of Session Location When Weight Experience REFERENCES OR FIRST TIMER Wardrobe request

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of seeing Sarah for an in-call session that saw her driving over an hour to see me. And even after that commute, she put on a dynamite fight: dressed for combat she was high energy and all smiles even when scrambling, with chokes that meant business and all the raw primal sexy that she puts into her productions. Even more, that meet-up represented the fulfilment of a promise to make our time happen when things went awry last year. Basically, I trusted her to make it right, and she never broke faith. If you work with her, she'll work with you - and you'll be glad she did.


Unfortunately I have to leave a negative review on what seems to be on a great sessionest.
I was emailing Sara yesterday and we agreed on a time for today. She asked for a deposit which I sent. I have since never heard back and it’s passed the time we agreed.
Not sure if I will get my money back, but I was really excited to see her. Of course I have proof and screenshots of me sending the money if anyone needs to see.
Be careful booking with her, especially if she asks for a large deposit.


I had a great session with Sarah Brooke today. She is a triple threat, strong, skilled and fierce. To give you an idea, i had over 50 pounds on her and we wrestled with me starting on top of her pinning her arms in a schoolyard pin. Well she escaped and had me pinned in 30 seconds despite my full effort. The boxing was unbelievable. She is just a natural born fighter. She came at me so hard and fast I hardly was able to throw any punches back, and whenever I tried, she nailed me with a viscous head punch. She used all different combinations and the result was a always the same, I got pounded. She did not let up for even a fraction of a second. After about 20 solid punches, most to my head, I could not see straight, the punches kept coming. She saw I was about to fall, so see switched tactics. She pushed my neck against the wall and pounded my stomach. She knocked the wind out of me with a brutal uppercut to my solar plexus. My head fell on to her shoulder as I gasped for breathe. She pushed me back against the wall by the neck again and started hitting my head. I started begging her to stop. She hit me with a monster round house punch to the head and I fell to my knees. She started yelling to get up and pulled me back up. And I started begging and pleading with her to stop. Finally, she saw I was about to start crying, and she let me fall to the floor. I laid there with my head spinning. It took me almost 5 minutes to be able to see clearly again and sit up.

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