Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 110 lbs - 49.9 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 33

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 Hey Guys 

Sarah Brooke Im a Special Kind Of Women, Im a Total Badass Strong As Hell Fearless Force and Ready for all Challenges

Accepting CUSTOMS requests. Email When email about a session please send me two references with the girls emails attached.


Im based in south Florida with my own mat space come to Florida get some sun, vacation , and most importantly a shot at me!!


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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
08-12-2019 08-31-2019 Fort Lauderdale Florida United States
08-12-2019 08-31-2019 Miami Florida United States
08-21-2019 08-24-2019 Chicago Illinois United States
09-04-2019 09-08-2019 Los Angeles California United States
09-06-2019 09-07-2019 Phoenix Arizona United States
09-18-2019 09-22-2019 Denver Colorado United States
10-02-2019 10-06-2019 Minneapolis Minnesota United States
10-03-2019 10-06-2019 Dallas Texas United States
Name Type of Session Location When Weight Experience REFERENCES OR FIRST TIMER Wardrobe request

I also had a really bad experience dealing with Sarah. We had agreed to a time for a Skype session and she repeatedly did not show. I had paid her in full for the session prior to arranging the date and time three separate times. Not sure what her deal was, I expected something more professional.


Unfortunately I have to leave a negative review on what seems to be on a great sessionest.
I was emailing Sara yesterday and we agreed on a time for today. She asked for a deposit which I sent. I have since never heard back and it’s passed the time we agreed.
Not sure if I will get my money back, but I was really excited to see her. Of course I have proof and screenshots of me sending the money if anyone needs to see.
Be careful booking with her, especially if she asks for a large deposit.


I had a great session with Sarah Brooke today. She is a triple threat, strong, skilled and fierce. To give you an idea, i had over 50 pounds on her and we wrestled with me starting on top of her pinning her arms in a schoolyard pin. Well she escaped and had me pinned in 30 seconds despite my full effort. The boxing was unbelievable. She is just a natural born fighter. She came at me so hard and fast I hardly was able to throw any punches back, and whenever I tried, she nailed me with a viscous head punch. She used all different combinations and the result was a always the same, I got pounded. She did not let up for even a fraction of a second. After about 20 solid punches, most to my head, I could not see straight, the punches kept coming. She saw I was about to fall, so see switched tactics. She pushed my neck against the wall and pounded my stomach. She knocked the wind out of me with a brutal uppercut to my solar plexus. My head fell on to her shoulder as I gasped for breathe. She pushed me back against the wall by the neck again and started hitting my head. I started begging her to stop. She hit me with a monster round house punch to the head and I fell to my knees. She started yelling to get up and pulled me back up. And I started begging and pleading with her to stop. Finally, she saw I was about to start crying, and she let me fall to the floor. I laid there with my head spinning. It took me almost 5 minutes to be able to see clearly again and sit up.

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