sasha steel

sasha steel


Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Phone: 405679-0456
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Height: 5'10” - 178 cm
Weight: 195 lbs - 88.5 kg
Physique: Curvy

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About Me

I am an athlete, an Amazonian Lioness in the ring,   that lives to workout and push my body.  I enjoy showing feasts of strength fully clothed only.

 Feel free to Contact me on my rates and availability.  My rules are in place for a reason and if you have an issue with them please contact another athlete. 

When contacting me be specific as to the type of session youre interested in,  time, and date. 

See you in the ring. 

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Readers beware. I made my deposit of $87.50 to her in order to wrestler her. It seems she has made off with my money. I am suppose to wrestle her tonight but I have not heard back from her.

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sasha steel

One of my return sessions, Thank you for the kind words.
"I had my second session with Sasha Steel a few days ago. Sasha has been training and investing in better outfits. She looked even better than our first session. I knew from before, Sasha was curvy. The top Sasha wore this time better revealed her incredible cleavage, which she put to use during the session. I have been training and working on my cardio/strength. My preparations were to no avail; Sasha is just too strong and too quick for me. Sasha’s upper body is a little Stronger than mine, her core and leg strength is easily double mine. I have a large upper body and skinny legs. Sasha has a slightly larger upper body and much larger legs and hips. Sasha weighs about 40 solid pounds more than I and most of that is in her lower body. Just like our first session, it was a one-sided display of power and quickness, which kept me completely defensive. Sasha wore me down very quickly; her grapevines are strong and painful; her longer/thicker legs give her a tremendous advantage in leverage and strength. My knees and hips were stretched further than I have ever experienced. I could hardly move afterward. It took several minutes before I could get off the mat for the rest of the session, which was about a half hour of bone crushing scissor holds. Sasha was able to choke me out with her legs when I didn’t tap fast enough. Her triangles and rear chokes are inescapable. Her reverse head scissor is overpowering. Sasha squeezed my chest so hard, in a leg triangle, it made my back and ribs pop. I am sore all over. I had an amazing time. This definitely won’t be my last session with Sasha Steel."


Today was my first session with Sasha. Guys if you want to wrestle a big strong girl Sasha
is the one. She outweighed me by 35 lbs and had a 2" height advantage so I gave her everything I had and was probably 15 minutes into session before she made me tap.
I had challenged her to pin my shoulders to the mat for a count of 3 and toward the end of the session she pinned me at will grapevining my legs and pressing my shoulders into the mat and counting until she got bored as I couldn't move an inch. She has a great personality and not a clock watcher. You will not regret signing up to wrestle Sasha as she has amazing leg strength and when she gets a choke hold locked in either with those legs or powerful arms get ready to tap quickly cause you're going nowhere. I look forward to a rematch when my sore muscles
recover from today's beating!

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