Location: Traveling,
E-mail: phatbootyproductions@gmail.com
Height: 5'5โ€ - 165 cm
Weight: 150 lbs - 68 kg
Physique: Athletic
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Just sessioned with Savannah, WOW. This girl really goes above and beyond to act out any roleplay. And one of the few that will actually perform facefarting and promise it. She surpassed all my expectations and will definitely session again. Hopefully she visits FL more often.


Anyone interested in helping with the cost, i.e. flight, hotel, of getting the beautiful Savannah to the Cleveland area, that is if she is willing.

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Hi doll, I'm trying to plan to trip to Ohio beginning of March ๐Ÿ˜Š


Looking forward to March!


Excellent session but the only thing was it was too short and I'm sure it was by accident.

The NJ session was in an AirBnB with a lot of space and Savannah went over what my likes (fantasy wrestling, lift carry, facesitting, foot and muscle worship) and dislikes were. The session went great but I think when she set the timer it was for half hour instead of a full hour and I think the confusion came when she was reviewing my emails and she might've mixed up me mentioning doing either a half hour or full hour, based on availability, in our earlier emails. Either way I certainly enjoyed it a while lot. She's super fun to talk to and you almost don't get that level of intimidation of being in the same room with one of the best adult performers of recent history. Her ass and legs were super soft and she was able to control me 100% of the entire 30 minutes and it doesn't even look like she's as strong as she is! She's capable of reversing just about anything you throw at her when she gives you a chance to move around. Having her ass all over my face was one of the better parts of this year haha I always dreamed of being smothered by that legendary juicy booty while she talked sexy shit in my ear. By the end of the session Savannah lifted me in the air one of the best ways I've ever been lifted in my entire life. She lifted me underneath my arms with all arm strength literally using just her fingers. She was able to do it 2 times and showed not an ounce of struggle in doing so. Literally effortless. NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN ABLE TO DO THAT BEFORE AND SHE DID IT WITHOUT ME EVEN ASKING. So I really loved how she was so confident in dominating me. If the session was the full hour I swear it would be one of the best sessions ever and even though it wasn't the full hour it still was one to remember and I definitely would love to see Savannah when she comes back to NJ!!!


I met Savannah at an AirBnB for a mixed-wrestling session. I've sessioned with many of the biggest names in the business, and I can say for sure that I enjoyed this session more than any other.

Her arms are incredibly strong, but so are her legs. Her legs, in fact, seem perfectly designed for scissoring; when she flexes, whatever space was between your head/neck and her thighs is filled in by her muscles. She is very flexible, and put me in one hold after the other as she toyed with me. She seemed to know exactly what I wanted without me telling her.

Best of all is her ass, which I don't think any other session wrestler can compete with. She put me in a standing reverse head scissor as my head was draped off the edge of the bed, and as she squeezed, her ass cheeks draped over my face. Yes, her ass is large, but it's shapely, and not cellulite; it's firm, with a layer of softness on top of the muscle. Her ass is heaven!

I also must compliment her shit-talking, along with her ability to intimidate. She would raise her hand to emphasize what she was saying, and I would flinch, and then of course she would tease me and start calling me names for cowering.


Just finished a session with Savannah. She is unbelievably strong. No one else until Savannah has been able to beat me in arm wrestle in 3 seconds flat. The second time, I cheated and pushed her arm down before the count of three, I got it down to within two inches of winning, and despite have the upper hand an using every ounce of my strength, I could not push her down. Then she said ready? And when I answered yes, she slammed my arm down in seconds like it was nothing. She says she can do two arm curl of 180 pounds and I believe it. Even her hands were strong, when we locked fingers, she bent my hands back with ease and had me down on my knees begging her to stop. She pinned me with ease in wrestling and then we gloved up. She may not have training in boxing, but she is a street fighter and was able to deliver lightening fast combo punches to head and body. They were unblockable. She kept punching me even after I went down, I was almost ready to cry. She knew how to take me just beyond my limit. Definitely recommend Savannah, just be careful what you ask for.


Had an incredible facesitting, smothering and body worship session with Savannah and it was incredible. Beautiful, super sexy body and an ass to die for. She was very easy going and easy to talk to. Friendly and wanted to know what my interest were. Gave me some good verbal humiliation but that booty can smother from ear to ear. Literally left me breathless. I hope to session with her in the future. I highly recommend sessioning with Savannah fox.


Savannah Fox knows how to deliver to her clients their service of choice. She made me feel relaxed and at ease, lightening the mood with jokes, all the while delivering an excellent wrestling session. Beautiful, strong, and charming; how can you lose? Highly recommended.


Just had a session with Savannah she is insanely strong and will put you in your place. Her scissors are killer. Especially her reverse head scissors. She's also very personable and professional. If she's in town you'd definitely want too do a session with her.


I also had a great session with Savannah. She is very communicative, friendly, and a strong wrestler. Setting up a session was easy, and she responded timely and was very accommodating. It was apparent she wants to provide the best possible session for each person. She made the experience feel relaxed and personal, and I would highly recommend a session with her.


Just recently had a semi-comp session with the lovely Savannah. Don't let her "pornstar/Ultimate Surrender" background fool you; she is a very capable wrestler and her scissors will make you tap. She is also very charming and fun to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a good, fun workout.


Just had a session with savannah fox and holy s*** can she squeeze!!! Very good wrestler, a lot stronger than you think, and whoah, she will squeeze the absolute life out of you! Great session, from the headscissors to the facesitting, etc. However, be careful what you wish for, sheโ€™s lethal!!

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