Location: Houston, Texas
Skype: https://Jennifer.Scarpetta
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Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 170 lbs - 77.1 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder

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I love to meet new people, see new places, and have fun! Come play with me x

I am an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder and Domme with over 10 years of traveling full-time session experience. I am wickedly creative in a twisted and kinky way, imaginative and passionate, insatiable and incorrigible, yet under control. With one look I will pierce your soul. With one touch I shall penetrate your thoughts, and before long, I shall break you and intoxicate your mind and captivate your attention forever. When we meet, you will find yourself utterly lost in my every detail: my scent, my gaze, and my caress will make you lose yourself and find a new place where you truly belong. At my feet.

Make no mistake, you will know that you have been beaten, for when I leave, you will be begging for more! I am a mind enveloping fantasy, an all consuming reality. Come unlock your fantasies…

I need not be intimidating for the novice. I enjoy getting to know my play partner: what makes you tick and why.  I can be demanding, cruel, and sadistic, yet in the same breath I can be playful, sensual, and compassionate. Ill make you cry, but later I will kiss away the tears. My duality is an intoxicating blend: are you ready to taste?

Please make sure you have answered all of the questions in red below so that I may save time for you.

Please do not ask The Goddess for any information that has already been provided below which would cause you to waste The Goddess’ valuable time.

XOXO Goddess

For current pictures:
Please make sure you have answered all of the questions in red so that I may save time for you:
Requested Time Frame of 2-3 hours:
Donation Level: (Bikini, topless, nude):
Any special requests or outfit requests:
References (please see reference section below): please copy and paste the ladies hyperlink to her web listing so that I can check your reference quickly and save time for you ! If you are a first timer, please see the first timer section under the reference heading.
Notice: Covid vaccinated.
5’6” (5’11” in fetish footwear), 170 lbs., 38C-28-40
Shoes: Size 10, Boots Size 9.5
Age: Wise Clever & Charming ;)
Location: Northeast Houston
Muscle/Body Worship, Role Play, Belly Punching, Scissoring, Modeling/Posing, Massage, Private Webcam/Skype/Video or Phone Chat
Domination/BDSM & Fetishes:
Breath Play & Face Sitting/Smothering, Bondage, Belly Punching, CBT, CFNM, Chastity Training, Corporal Punishment: Whipping/Caning/Kicking/Paddling/Spanking/Slapping/Flogging, Edging, Edge Play, Leg/Stocking/Foot/Heel/Boot Worship, Human Furniture, Humiliation, Latex Body Worship, Little Training, Mommy Play, Mummification, Nipple Torture, Puppy Training, Sensory Play, Sissification, Sub/Slave Training, Tickling, Toy Play, and Trampling. If you do not see something listed here, please feel comfortable to ask.
Also offered:
Dinner Date, Overnight, Full Day, Half-Day, Travel Companion
Not offered at this time: 
Hard or semi-competitive wrestling, lift and carry, arm wrestling, or grapevines due to previous injuries. KO scissors cannot be promised as I still have to be careful, however, most men cannot handle even 75% of My strength and it is easy for Me to knock them out !!!
Contact Me:
My preferred method of contact is email because I then have a reference of what was discussed. If you believe that a phone call is necessary, please understand that there will be a fee of $5 per minute for My time. 
If I have not seen you before: Please also include 2 references that can vouch for you that you are safe and sane and showed up at the agreed time and paid the agreed donation. No other sensitive details will be discussed, and I would prefer the same respect to keep our session details between us! Please be sure to contact the ladies first if it has been a while to jog their memory; after all, when using someone as a reference in business situations, it is best practice to contact them first and ask them to be a reference. Please either take a screenshot of the ladies web listing that includes her email address or you can copy the hyperlink in the top search bar. With many of the sites these ladies are listed on, I would have to create an account, and I cannot do that with hundreds of people.
First session/Alternative verification: (to make sure you are who you say you are)
1. Send Me a selfie with you holding your state issued drivers license or ID and a business card or work ID (you can cover up your home address with the business card but I must be able to read your name on both the state ID and business card/work ID)....AND...
2. In that selfie give Me the middle finger...AND...
3. Direct cell number.
Already sessioned with me?:
No need to give Me references … but it would be helpful to email from an existing email thread.  
Donations per hour:
Due upon arrival …. Please put the donation on the table in an unmarked envelope as we meet. If you wish to pay by Venmo or Square Credit Card System, please do so before your arrival so that we do not spend any of our quality time on this. Session donations are for the specified time and duration and do not include any sexual acts. Please be on time so that we may fully enjoy our experience. No checks or foreign currency.
- bikini or other non-nude outfit
- EITHER topless with regular bottom OR regular top with thong bottom, not both
- topless AND thong
- nude (not FS- no filming of topless or nude and must be able to verify with references that you are a gentleman to get this rate)
- Existing VIPs
- New VIPs: Before discussing this rate, you must be able to verify that you are a gentleman through one of the ways listed above in the references section.
Multiple hours:  $50 discount on each additional hour; however, I do require a deposit of $100 to reserve multiple hours.
Half hours: Please wait until I send out the LAST CALL email (usually sent 1-2 days prior) to ask for a 30 minute session
Full day: for 8 hours. Six hours of time spent together with two hours of session up to the nude level.
Half day: 4 hours.
Outside Houston: This would depend on the outfit level as specified above (no dinner/drinks donation level available).
Houston: If you are only wanting 1 hour of session and 3 hours of dinner drinks, please see the specified donation for the one hour for which outfit level you are wanting in addition to the $ per hour of time spent on dinner/drinks.
Dinner/drinks, etc.: per hour. Usually I am unable to do this while I am traveling to a city unless you are flying Me to your city. I am usually only available for this while I am in Houston.
I am usually only available for overnights if you fly Me to your city OR if you are in My hometown of Houston. Additionally, you would be required to pay for a round trip flight from George Bush international Airport (IAH) and a minimum three star hotel. This would include 6 hours of dinner/drinks/date and 2 hours of session up to the nude donation level as described above. The rest of the evening would be reserved for sleeping.
I will be giving priority booking to those who make a deposit regardless of the length of the session and regardless if I have met you before. I only require deposits for multiple hours (no exceptions) or if I have never met you before. If you are unable to make a deposit, then someone else who does pay a deposit would be able to reserve your time and I would let you know immediately of My other available times.
Deposits Refundable in Full: 
Prior to 48 hours of My arrival to your city.
Deposits Non-refundable:
Cancellation between 48 hours to 24 hours prior to Me arriving in your city would warrant a 50% return of the deposit.
Cancellation under 24 hours of My arrival to your city would forfeit 100% of the deposit regardless of the reason or if there is a need to stop the session short because you changed your mind or perhaps you are not a gentleman and you insist on requests not previously agreed on.
Deposit for New Sessioner: required for booking...
$100 deposit per hour
$100 deposit per half hour
$200 deposit per hour for VIP sessions.
Returning Sessioner deposit: optional...
Please make a deposit of $100 per hour for your priority booking.
Venmo: Username/Biller is @JAEnterprises... When asked what the payment is for, please put “training.” Please also specify your email address so I do not have to guess.
Cash app: $SexyBBLady20...When asked what the payment is for, please put “training”. Please also specify your email address so I do not have to guess.
Major credit cards with Square Credit Card Payment System
Username/biller is Trainer” and associated email is (Needs to be done 24 hours prior to arrival, and I would need your credit card info... Credit card number, expiration date, three-digit code on the back, and ZIP Code. They also charge a 3.5% fee which will be added to your donation total. Please note that I am a very trustworthy person, and you can search the review boards, and there is no mention of dishonesty.) Please ask for more details.
Deposits prior to beginning my travels:
Walmart to Walmart: Jennifer Abshire in Humble, TX
Mail: Jennifer Abshire 951 Clay Loop, San Antonio, TX (friends address)
Not Accepted: PayPal, Zelle, Bitcoin, Amazon Gift Cards.
Wish List:
For those interested in bringing the Goddess a gift in addition to donations for her time: All gifts are very much appreciated and usually the Goddess will thank you with a picture wearing/using your gift!
Skype/Webcam/Phone Calls/SnapChat/WhatsApp:
$6 per minute with a 10-minute minimum payable to any of the above. Please note: I live in CDT, but I may be traveling to other time zones; thus, you must give Me your time zone along with the preferred time slot when trying to schedule. These must be set up by email to because I do not regularly check Skype/WhatsApp/SnapChat messages. If you messaged Me outside of our scheduled time, do not expect Me to respond… Ever. XO Goddess
Skype: Jennifer Abshire screen name with associated email
SnapChat: when we have an appointment set, I will give you the info.
Phone Calls/WhatsApp: you will provide your phone number when we decide on a meeting time and you have made the deposit in full. At our scheduled time, The Goddess will call you!
Personal training/Nutrition/Supplement Consulting:
Available in person or by camera. NOT to be combined with session requests. If interested, please email Me to discuss..

Please do not be offended if I don’t answer you right away… I must prioritize cities that I am traveling to at the beginning of my trip over emails for cities towards the end of my trip, but my responses will get quicker as our date arrives!

xoxoxoxo Goddess Scar

SnapChat Memberships for 3some RoGiTaSLS:
Donations are for time and companionship only. 

Services Offered

Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
Phone Chat
Other Webcam Shows
Fantasy Boxing
Foxy Boxing
Tickle Wrestling
Belly Punching
In-Gym Training


Date Begins Date Ends City Area
11-03-2021 11-04-2021 Boston Massachusetts
11-04-2021 11-05-2021 Hartford Connecticut
11-05-2021 11-06-2021 New York New York
11-06-2021 11-07-2021 Secaucus New Jersey
11-07-2021 11-08-2021 Long Island New Jersey
11-08-2021 11-09-2021 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
11-09-2021 11-09-2021 Baltimore Maryland
11-10-2021 11-10-2021 Detroit Michigan
11-11-2021 11-11-2021 Chicago Illinois
11-12-2021 11-12-2021 Phoenix Arizona
11-13-2021 11-13-2021 Las Vegas Nevada
11-14-2021 11-14-2021 Seattle Washington
11-15-2021 11-15-2021 Portland Oregon
11-16-2021 11-16-2021 San Francisco California
11-17-2021 11-17-2021 Los Angeles California
11-18-2021 11-18-2021 San Diego California
Due to a recent injury I will not be offering semi-comp or competitive wrestling or lift and carry. Also I cannot promise KO scissors at this time although most men cannot even handle 75 of my strength! All other activities are still a go!

I just had a amazing double session with Scar and Kandylegs wow what was I thinking that I can handle both of these ladies. First both of these ladies have the best legs so I decided to have them taking turns scissoring me BIG mistake they knocked me out I don’t even remeber who knocked me out. Now it’s 2am and I can’t sleep because I’m super super sore. Both of these ladies are strong and I had no chance. Scar put me in a headscissor and I saw darkness. It was the first time I felt her strength I do not think any man can handle her scissors or Kandylegs scissors. If both ladies are in your town definitely see them but first see them individually to see if you can handle them. I’ve been lucky to see Scar but this was our first scissor domination session and I was really impressed on how dominant she was and how strong her legs were if she’s in your town she is a MUST SEE.


Wow, just freaking wow…this woman it’s just incredible and perfect, loved every single thing about her, you must meet this amazing woman, so damn sexy and sensual, can’t never get enough!!! 100% real…see you soon Goddess for more and more!!!


Just saw Scar in Cleveland. 3rd time I have seen her. She just keeps getting better. So pretty, sexy, strong..sweet. Had so much fun. She was very careful not to injure me.Cant wait for her to come back again.

Yoga fan

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