Location: Lafayette, Louisiana
Skype: https://Jennifer.Scarpetta

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Weight: 175 lbs - 79.4 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder

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I love to meet new people, see new places, and have fun! Come play with me!

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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
06-19-2018 06-19-2018 San Antonio Texas United States
06-20-2018 06-20-2018 Austin Texas United States
06-21-2018 06-21-2018 Dallas Texas United States
06-22-2018 06-22-2018 St Louis Missouri United States
06-25-2018 06-25-2018 Minneapolis Minnesota United States
06-26-2018 06-26-2018 MilwaukeeMauston Wisconsin United States
06-27-2018 06-28-2018 Chicago Illinois United States
06-29-2018 06-29-2018 Indianapolis Indiana United States
06-30-2018 06-30-2018 Cincinnati Ohio United States
07-01-2018 07-01-2018 Cleveland Ohio United States
07-02-2018 07-02-2018 Detroit Michigan United States
07-03-2018 07-04-2018 Toronto Canada
07-05-2018 07-05-2018 Montreal Canada
07-06-2018 07-06-2018 Buffalo New York United States
07-07-2018 07-07-2018 Albany New York United States
07-08-2018 07-08-2018 Boston Massachusetts United States
07-09-2018 07-10-2018 NYC Chelsea New York United States
07-11-2018 07-11-2018 Newark New Jersey United States
07-12-2018 07-12-2018 Baltimore Maryland United States
07-13-2018 07-13-2018 DC Alexandria District of Columbia United States
07-14-2018 07-14-2018 Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
07-15-2018 07-15-2018 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States
07-16-2018 07-16-2018 Richmond Virginia United States
07-17-2018 07-18-2018 Atlanta Georgia United States
07-19-2018 07-19-2018 Miami Florida United States
07-20-2018 07-20-2018 New Orleans Louisiana United States
07-21-2018 07-21-2018 Baton Rouge Louisiana United States
Please send me your city travel requests so that I can plan a trip near you! The more requests the more likely I will plan a trip to that city! Come play with me! Jennifer Jun 18 Houston Jun 19 San Antonio Jun 20 Austin Jun 21 Dallas Jun 22 St. Louis Jun 25 Minnesota Jun 26 MilwaukeeMauston Jun 27-28 Chicago Jun 29 Indianapolis Jun 30 Cincinnati Jul 1 Columbus Jul 2 Detroit Jul 3-4 Toronto Jul 5 Montreal Jul 6 Buffalo Jul 7 Albany Jul 8 Boston Jul 9-10 NYCChelsea area Jul 11 Newark Jul 12 Baltimore Jul 13 DCAlexandria Jul 14 Philly Jul 15 Pittsburgh Jul 16 Richmond Jul 17-18 ATL Jul 19 Pensacola or NOLA wherever I get a good flight to Miami or higher of sessions Jul 20-21 Miami Jul 22 Baton Rouge Jul 26-27 Calgary Jul 28 Vancouver Jul 29-30 Seattle Jul 31 San Francisco Aug 1 San Diego Aug 2 LA Aug 3-5 Sidney Aug 6-8 Melbourne Aug 9 LA Aug 10 Phoenix Aug 11 Denver Sep 1-3 Berlin Sep 4 Frankfurt Sep 5 Zurich Sep 6 Roma Sep 7 Dusseldorf Sep 8 Amsterdam Sep 9 Brussels Sep 10-11 Paris Sep 12 London Sept 13-14 NYCChelsea Sep 15 Newark Sep 16 Philly Sep 17 Baltimore Sep 18 DCAlexandria


I had a wrestling/tug of war session with Jennifer on 12/16. She very professional in setting up the session , went off without a hitch.

We meet. at her hotel room and i brought a tug of war rope. To say this lady is put together is a understatement. 99 % of men i know could only dream of having the muscles she has. As for the session i did manage to win the tug of war ( 5 of them) but just by the skin of my teeth. I am 5'9" 200 lbs and have done bodybuilding and powerlifting and still workout regularly so i was very impressed. As for the wrestling.... She twisted me up like a pretzel . we wrestled 5 matches and had me tapping quickly. I only got two good moves on her ( which she countred ) . needless to say i got my rear end handed to me... 5 stars :-)


I had another scissor session with Scar last week. She was great again.

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