Location: Houston, Texas
E-mail: wonderwoman1177@gmail.com
Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 170 lbs - 77.1 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
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I saw Scar last night and she was my first ever session. She was amazing. I could barely speak or answer her questions for the first half of our time because i was just so struck by her beauty. Literally every inch of her from her toes on up is perfect to me. Despite my nervousness she was very easy to talk to. Very down to earth for how unbelievably beautiful she is.

I spent most of the time just kissing and rubbing her amazing body and sexy feet but she did put me in some scissors. She's very strong despite recovering from an injury and the view from her reverse scissor is heavenly. I would say her glutes are her best feature. I could paint a picture of them now just off the image of them that has been forever etched into my mind....if i could actually paint lol. A picture may tell a thousand words but to see this woman in person and actually be able to touch her...believe me, you will not regret it. There is no substitute.

I didn't know what to expect going in but i would highly reccomend her to anyone looking for a session. She stole my heart and i will be day dreaming about her until she comes back to Philly and i can see her again. She's a very sweet girl who can propbably relate to most because it seems like she's experienced a variety of lives some how all in just her own life. I just hope my brain isn't scrambled so i can actually communicate with her next time.


I saw Scar last night and I am still in awe 10 hours later. She is sweet (when she wants too be), accommodating, gorgeous, sexy and strong. She has a very sensual and powerful yet calming demeanor about her. Her body is a a work of art. Her legs are other worldly, and her upper body is top notch.

She is very easy to communicate with, setting up the session was a breeze. She is awesome.


does she have long hair now?


Scar is very sweet and very polite but she is very very muscular and thick... biceps calves quads are massive.....She just let me speechless 😶 😶😶 later on she just asked me to give her a massage and actually she liked the way I did it...!!! Both of us enjoy our session as it was simply muscle worship posing and flexing session...!!! She was really awesome hope to see her again...!!! A. NYC..


Scar...or as I address her....Sensei Abshire was the BEST Session I ever had. Mind you, I have participated in sessions since 1997'. 3 emails was all it took to securre my spot. As I arrived at her room, she playfully hid behind the door. Once she revealed herself, I didnt know where to look first. She has Super Model looks, a Colgate smile, and a toned, muscular physique. We immediately began talking as if we knew each other. We both spoke about our apprehension when meeting someone for the first time, but we quickly but that to rest. She is very down to Earth. She gave me some of her session background, I returned the favor. She did some muscle flexing and posing. Fellas, her muscles are as hard as marble, yet soft and sweet smelling. Once the session began, she quickly embraced her role. She asked how much pain I could take as she delivered a knee to my "sensitive" area. She giggled as I winced in pain. She is strong. She pushed me on the bed and quickly straddled me. Her legs were like steel coils, wrapping around my head. I nearly lost consciousness a few times. She was to play dominant MMA instructor and she did just that. When not squeezing me, she had me pinned down always looking up at her sexxy smile and cute breasts. I also asked her for foot worship and it was everything I hoped it would be. Her toes were beautiful, a nice length and soooo soft. She knew just how to use them to apply the right amount of pain and provide immense pleasure. Towards the end of the session, she allowed me to take some pics and make a quick video for my phone. Overall, you have to experience Scar....Master Abshire for ypurself-Adrian Brown aka DARKNISS aka DKNIGHT131.

The Sthenolagniac

I recently had the opportunity to meet Scar during her visit to Minneapolis. She was/is recovering from an injury so we settled for some fantasy wrestling. First of all, her pictures do not do her justice. Secondly, she had me seeing stars even though she was only giving me 60% on her head scissors.
If you are a fan of dense and vascular female muscle encasing exquisite feminine beauty and topped off with a vivacious,sexy,charming, and intelligent personality-Jennifer is the gal for you.I think I was born to serve this Goddess!


I recently saw Scar on her tour through Phoenix. She is the sweetest woman I have met in my life. I’ve done my fair share of sessions and I would put Scar as my all time favorite, by far. I highly recommend if she comes to your city!!


I am still in amazement by the otherworldly wonder that is Scar. The moment I opened the door was the unveiling of a masterpiece: a well-proportioned mass of four mighty limbs cut from the smoothest, most unblemished marble; abs painted on a narrow, tapered hourglass; a cherubic, girly face atop Herculean shoulders. I can still feel pulsing through her strong and veiny biceps the impending danger of getting crushed. Yet somehow, the touch of this Greek goddess remained light, smooth and delicate from beginning to end. Everything she did was so perfect. Her smooth skin, her sweet smell.... I plan to see her as the first order of business as soon I come back down to Earth.


If you want perfection, well here she is! I think she has the best legs and glutes I’ve ever seen up close. Toned and chizzled with a great personality to go with it. She would also be a very great person to do your first session with. She led me right where I wanted to go!!! Can’t wait for the next one


I had the opportunity to meet with Jennifer on 6/28. Simply amazing!!! Jennifer is the complete package; beautiful, muscular, sexy, sweet and absolutely one of the coolest people you will meet! Do not miss the opportunity to meet her.


She's very gorgeous, very sexy, very cool, very muscular. Highly recommend. Had a great time with her in arizona now please come back!!!


I had a wrestling/tug of war session with Jennifer on 12/16. She very professional in setting up the session , went off without a hitch.

We meet. at her hotel room and i brought a tug of war rope. To say this lady is put together is a understatement. 99 % of men i know could only dream of having the muscles she has. As for the session i did manage to win the tug of war ( 5 of them) but just by the skin of my teeth. I am 5'9" 200 lbs and have done bodybuilding and powerlifting and still workout regularly so i was very impressed. As for the wrestling.... She twisted me up like a pretzel . we wrestled 5 matches and had me tapping quickly. I only got two good moves on her ( which she countred ) . needless to say i got my rear end handed to me... 5 stars :-)


I had another scissor session with Scar last week. She was great again.


I had another great session with Scar on Wednesday 11/15/17.My second this year. I had a few trips to dream land this time. Her reverse headscissor was my ticket to dream land. I don't beleve in tapping . Great power in those massive qauds. Her butt drops knock me to heaven and back. I can't wait until next time.


I just finished my second session this year with the beautilful and talented Scar. She responds to emails timely and is quick to set up sessions. This session was better than my first. I must admit I spent a great deal of it in dream land from reverse and figure 4 headscissors. I don't believe in tapping out. I also got Butt drop straight to heaven. Those thunder thighs are to dream for. I can wait to hook up again in 2018.


Well I haven't seen Scar in a few yrs, but it's true what they say. She's like a fine glass of wine, she just got better with time. She's still just as beautiful, but looks much thicker (muscle wise) and is WAY Stronger then our first encounter. I can honestly say I was scared out of my mind once she started locking her legs around my head/neck. But she just kept smiling, laughing and taunting as I begged her to stop. A few times she said she hadn't even started to squeeze, that she was just stretching her legs and I was tapping out in seconds. A few times my body was tingling when she locked me in certain holds. (My skull and jaw are still sore.) All I can say is it was crazy, as she is what she says. So be careful of what you ask for. My sessions are always one sided events. I have no intentions on hurting anyone of these ladies. Other then trying to prevent myself from being submitted or escaping I'm just looking to have fun and enjoy the company of a beautiful lady! Scar is the perfect example of feminine curves, sex appeal and blend of muscularity. She's a must see for anyone that loves muscular ladies.


I had session with the beautiful Scar yesterday. It was fantastics. Her reverse headscissors were to past too. She was very cordial . It can't wait to do session with her again.


I just finished a fantastic session with Scar. She is much prettier than her pictures. Her head scissors were to pass out for😃. She is extremely cordial. Hope to see her in the future.


Jennifer Abshire is someone who knows how to give a good session. She
communicates well, says upfront what is expected of the session, has
sexy defined muscles, and is very beautiful in person. Every second
with her was amazing and she is definitely worth a repeat. One of the
best sessions I had. I hope to see her again.


Amazing wrestler you are, ever need someone to practice your moves on that's not a freak, hit me up.


:) :) :)


On February 6, I had the pleasure of meeting two very beautiful and most amazing ladies in the business, Jennifer Abshire (she use to be Scarpetta for those not sure who I'm talking about.) and Megan Abshire.

When I was walking in to the hotel I ran into Jennifer who warmly greeted me in the lobby. I was taken back a few steps because I never expected her to be more beautiful than her photos. Photos do not do her justice. And hidden under her clothing was a MASSIVE perfectly shaped physique. As she and walked to the elevator and up to her room I met Megan. WoW :woohoo: ..another dark beauty! And her upper body was HUGE! We chatted for a few before Megan left Jennifer and I for my first hour of my encounter. I was going to see both of them at the same time, but honestly I wasn't sure I could take both of them on, and it might be a bit to much for me. So i thought it was safer to deal with them one at a time and maybe next time I could be up for the challenge.

Anyway...Jennifer walked in the rest room to change real quick and came back out in the perfect outfit. She did a little pose for me showing off that amazing physique of hers and HUGE, HUGE legs! And all I can say is HOLY!! Her legs looked even more massive then when I saw her in her sweat suit she said they were around 25" But I swear they had to be 26 or 27". We started off on our feet more for a one sided Domination wrestling match rules I could try and take them down, try to break out of holds, but could not get them in holds. But all holds that either Jennifer or Megan got me in had to be real. NO MERCY and if they choose to they could knock me out! I will say this much for Jennifer she knows what she is doing! Because when I shot in on her legs she instantly locked my head up in a front guillotine (it's a head lock/choke). She knew exactly what to do and wasn't going to let go till I tapped or passed out. Seriously not many men or ladies, would know to do this or think to do this. So I knew from the get go this lady was going to put a hurt to me if i wasn't careful. I picked her up and we ended up on the bed where she got in one of the most painful head locks that I have ever felt. Honestly she knew what to do with that too and was really applying some pressure on me because my jaw felt like it was about to break. I was about to tap out, when she let me go and we ended up getting up again. I was thinking I just had to be a little faster this time, so I shot in for her legs once again but I got caught in another guillotine, but this time she only had my head long enough to maneuver me, to where she could get me to the ground. As soon as I dropped to my knees and as Jennifer shoved my head down, pulled me forward and my head into her killer quads. Once she locked those big pillars of steel around my head, instant panic set in along with excitement. Wondering if she was really as strong as she was telling me via her emails. I felt her lean over my back and really flex those quads around my head. The pain was intense, but I knew this wasn't even anything, but maybe 20% of what she could give me. I luckily got out because we had already work up a sweat and my head popped out. We both turned around, but before I could get up, Jennifer jumped on me like a cat, and again grabbed me in a guillotine. DAMN She loves this hold!! She's a lot quicker then I expected, this time she wasn't letting go she sat down on it and kept me on the ground. She drove me backwards on to the ground, onmce there I was just about to tap, but she let go. She sat up on my chest, Looking down at me with her beautiful smile and did a double bicep pose. Like to say she can beat me anytime she wanted too. She jumped back up and waited for me to get up. I tried to dive in for her legs, to trip her, but this lady is amazing, she sprawled out and held me just long enough to lock her legs around my head. She stood back up and started to squeeze the crap out of me. I could feel her laughing about it, but have no clue what she was saying or if she was saying anything. Those legs were covering my ears so all I could hear is muffled sounds. I was moaning in pain, but I again slipped out because of sweat. DAMN I got lucky again, but this time, Jennifer charged as I got up to my feet and slammed her fist into my abs hard!. I smiled like it didn't hurt, but, I have to say I felt those knuckles bare into my belly and I knew I was in for a world of hurt. She hit me a few more times while I was trying to back away. I decided to try another take down, but this time she side stepped me some how she got my back some how. It all happen so fast. This is where she locked me into a sleeper. She never gave me room to breathe. Once she slid behind me and got her arms locked around my neck, then locked those legs around my waist it was pretty much over. I made her work for it, but once she started to squeeze with those legs it was hard to deal with both holds at the same time. I tried desperately to pry myself free, but it was no use and too late. I was out cold before I knew it and woke up to her smacking me in the butt giggling and standing over me with the most beautiful smile in the world. At first I thought this entire thing was a dream. I looked up at her and she just laughed..I asked if I had passed out. She said yep and you were snoring with a smile on her face. This for me was what I had been looking for awhile now. I was very happy to see this because for me that is a sign she was enjoying our time and was not into it for the money. She jumped back down on me and just kept going. In my opinion, Jennifer is the absolute BEST. I see no need to session with anybody else! To be honest with you, I've never felt so comfortable with anyone in my life. I felt like I had known her, forever and genuine. That's rare in this business...I realized our time was over when there was a knock at the door and it was Megan... The last thing I can say about Jennifer is I would call her the total package of beauty, muscularity very friendly and a lot of fun to be around. Our time went by fast, :( Jennifer had me tapping out many more times especially from her scissors. She's strong, fast and skilled, but watch out for those legs they are lethal!!

When Megan came in, and I was with Jennifer I wasn't sure how I would feel about both of them in the room at the same time, but after getting to know Jennifer I felt it would be ok and lost my butterflies I had when I got there. When Jennifer was about to leave I asked her to stay...I LOVED her staying because she was like a cheerleader for Megan, it was funny and seem to make Megan more aggressive. Megan came out in the perfect outfit too and said she wanted to throw some punches. I said I was up for that...I didn't expect her to be able to hit like a mule though! This dark hair beauty was tough and vicious, I was amazed at how hard she was hitting me! And that was with freaking gloves on. She didn't give up on those punches either. Granted she was using boxing gloves, but she viscous when she was punching me over and over again. Finally Megan took off the gloves and we started to wrestle, she was pretty much tossing me around like a dogs chew toy. Then I hear Jennifer say "Gettem Megan!" and she came charging in at me. We went to the ground Megan and I struggled a little more because she was trying to get me in that freaking sleeper, but then she changed it up and said "Get over here bitch!" rolling over on to her back and pulling my head down deep in between her legs. As she laid on her back looking up and Jennifer was cheering her on, I was trying to slide back out of it, but ended up between her knees! This was killing my neck, and when I complained about it she said "Get back down here then bitch!". So I had to slide back down to the meaty part of her legs and take the punishment. Megan was more or less toying with me. I know she wasn't really giving me her all. Well she let me go for a few, but instantly wrapped those monster arms of hers around my neck and put in head locks, slowly she started to work it so she was taking my back and getting me into a sleeper holds she wasn't holding back at all. Me being sweaty was a real problem because it was hard for her to hold on to me at times. So we had to take a few breaks so I could drive off. At that point Megan was done messing around because next thing I knew I heard Jennifer Cheering her on again, "Gettem Megan!! That's it!"...Megan jumped my back and took me down, before I knew it she was had sunk in a deep sleeper. "Don't let go!" Jennifer is saying in the back ground Megan's freaking massive arms were killing me and she was in beast mode!! She didn't even have to use her legs she just rolled me over and used her body weight to keep me pinned and just kept the hold on and it got tighter and tighter. I loved that Jennifer was cheering her on, but at the same time was trying to concentrate on getting away. But before I knew it, it was pretty much pointless as I was out again! When I woke up I was looking at both of them and both Jennifer, and Megan smiling and laughing about me laying on the floor face first. I could hear Megan trash talking (which I loved) "Get up bitch!"... I asked how long I was out for and they said oh about 10 seconds. We wrestled some more, but before I knew it the time was over :( ...I highly recommend these two fabulous ladies to everyone as a must see. I will definitely see them again when they come back to my neck of the woods!

Thank you Jennifer and Megan for one of the best times I have ever had! It will always stay with me as a great memory of both of you! :)

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