Location: London,
E-mail: scorpion@missscorpion.com
Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 155 lbs - 70.3 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 40
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Waiting you in egypt


I had a session with Scorpion and she is great. She came to my city. I love her English accent. She is professional and a tough lady. I am not skilled at all in grappling and martial arts. I also had an injured right shoulder that she was very respectful to me. She is great at rear naked chokes and head scissors. She applied slow and drawn out body scissors on me to wear me down slowly. I am a skinny guy so I was no match for her. She likes to put her feet in your face and you can't do nothing about it. If she wanted to she could have knocked me out unconscious in a sleeper hold. She is well versed and knowledgeable about submission holds and role playing a d domination and humiliation. Very beautiful and intelligent. I hope to do another session with her.

spandex boi

had a session with Scorpion recently, it was more than i could ask for! she was a total knock out,she wore a shiny body suit that hugged her sexy curves,and she was really genuinely fun to be with. as for the match it was totally one-sided, i was no match for her strength and skill.and it seemed effortless for her. i had a great time and look forward to seeing her again.


Scorpion is the toughest wrestler I have faced so far, and she was also the best at keeping the match safe and enjoyable. Friendly, intelligent, good communication, and highly knowledgeable in a wide variety of holds, both pro and mma. Great rear naked chokes and camel clutch. Also very good at adjusting the session to my preferences. I am 6’2” and 200 pounds, and Scorpion had no difficulty demolishing me. Scorpion is the only person I have wrestled who has prevented me from winning even a single fall.


I had a session recently with Miss Scorpion and it was great! She has always been on my short list of women I wanted to session with and she did not disappoint. My hip was giving me some trouble but it wouldn't have made any difference if I had been 100%. She controlled me start to finish with her superior strength, moves, and speed. I had hoped to feel the wrath of those legs and I got my fill!! She was easy to work with and made sure I was happy with the session. If I ever get another chance, I will definitely see her again! I highly recommend her if you want a session with a beautiful woman who is talented beyond belief!!

Anthony in DC

I saw Scorpion in July of 2019 for a semi-competitive wrestling match and got exactly what I asked for. Also, scheduling the session was a breeze, with prompt responses. Despite being fairly athletic with some grappling knowledge, I had no chance against her. Between falls we chatted about life, her travels, and this crazy wrestling subculture we both partake in. I found both wrestling and chatting with her to be great fun. She has a great sense of humor, is well traveled, and is always improving her wrestling knowledge. I hope to see her again!


I had an in incredible time with Scorpion and setting up our session was very easy. Common emailing with preferences etc. She is friends with a few of the girls who are on this site and didn’t need any references. I wanted a competitive match since I wrestled on varsity in high school and recently got into bjj. I’m a strong guy who can bench press 385 lbs. and have other feats of strength etc. None of that really mattered with Scorpion because she is super-technical. I booked an hour and a half with her bc I wanted to roll using gi-s for the first part. It was a lot of fun and she got me to tap twice in 45 mins. I didn’t get any submissions the whole time! The best part of the session was when we rolled “no-gi”. She is so fast and will get you into bad positions and have no choice but to tap. You can tell that she loves to punish guys that deserve it and I definitely did. She will push you to your limits and make you wish that you trained harder. We spoke about how she “broke” me mentally and physically, if I were not as strong emotionally. I’m pretty sure that I would have cried but that wasn’t going to happen. It’s been 3 weeks since we met and my ribs still hurt a little. It’s a good pain, the pleasure of experiencing the best body-triangle in the business. I was in a lot of trouble when she squeezed my waist and I’m very sure that she wasn’t squeezing her hardest. This girl owns me and I can’t wait for our rematch. Definitely have to book her again and again! I loved her rubbing her perfect feet in my face, so soft and strong at the same time. Beautiful pedicure to go along as well. I also liked her kiss on the cheek, while she was dominating me. It was confusing to me, why would she humiliate me but also make me feel special. 10 out of a 10, she’s amazing but find out for yourself!


Before I get into the actual session, I want to take a moment to speak on how easy it was to set up with Scorpion. I initially wanted to meet her when she came to Georgia a year or so ago, but for health reasons I had to cancel our appointment. I lucked up, however, when she came by Charlotte, and scheduled a session with her straightaway. Throughout this entire process, she was nothing less than upfront and patient with me, answering whatever questions I had, listening to suggestions, and being so understanding when it came to the cancelation. I was extremely surprised when, during our session, she actually mentioned what my specific health issue was - I had completely forgotten I told her that, and that she was either mindful enough to remember it or thorough enough to go back and check speaks volumes.

In terms of sheer professionalism, Scorpion sets a standard in session wrestling, and while I won’t say she’s the only wrestler I’ve met at that level, it’s hard to imagine anyone exceeding it.

That’s outside of the session, however. When it came to the session itself, I feel there’s only one real word to describe Scorpion: Evil. And I mean that in the best possible way.

I haven’t been doing sessions as long as many on this site, but I believe I’ve gained enough experience to tell when someone is just wrestling for a living, and when they genuinely enjoy what they do. You can have good sessions with both sorts, true, but I’ve come to enjoy the latter more, and Scorpion is the epitome of that. She was always smiling, always laughing, always having fun with the session, and that infectious energy pulled me into the match as well.

Not that it mattered when it came to my ability to take her on, because I was simply outclassed from start to finish. We wound up wrestling on the bed, since the hotel room didn’t really have adequate room for mats, and I was initially worried doing so would impede the intensity of the session. These fears were wholly unfounded. Not only was she able to give me a good thrashing on the bed, but she was able to use it to enhance the session, trapping me in a crushing standing headscissors while I hung off the edge. I was able to put up a token resistance, but in the end, it was all I could do to survive against her, much less score anything resembling a point.

If I had an opening, she seized it. If I made a mistake, I was punished for it. She wrestles men like a Chess player on the board, manipulating you, tricking you, letting you think you might have a momentary advantage only to turn that against you in heartbeat. I’m glad that I recorded the session, because there were several instances where I couldn’t begin to tell you how I wound up trapped, not if all I had to go on was memory. One moment I’m on my knees, the next I’m on my back.

And I spent quite a lot of time on my back, too. Scorpion excels at using weight and leverage to her advantage, putting you in a spot where you can’t escape. She had me on my back for a good ten minutes, at least, and there was simply no getting out from underneath her. Every effort was turned against me and every struggle wound up going nowhere. It was hopeless, and all I could do was look up and see her smiling above me. When she wasn’t sitting on my face, anyway.

From there, we moved in bondage, and she shined here, as well. She hogtied me with expert skill, wrapped me up well, and made us of the toys I brought along, whipping me with the strap and lighting my back up with the wax. She kept up her pleasant, playful attitude while she tortured me, delighting in my agony, and finding ways to keep it tense and exciting.

From start to finish, she stayed in tune with me, and I could tell safety was a top priority. I asked her to avoid the teeth, since mine are sensitive, and she honored that throughout. That might sound like a small thing, but I’ve wrestled a few women who often forget that request in the heat of the moment - I don’t take it personally, but I can’t tell you how much I respect Scorpion for making it a focus. She probably could have hurt me a lot worse than she did if she were so inclined, she definitely has the skills and strength to break bones, but that’s not what she’s about.

If you’re on the fence about Scorpion, don’t be. Take the plunge. She’s not just one of the best session wrestlers out there, but one of the best people I’ve met, and there’s no overstating just how good she is.


So, had another session with the scorpion, and yes, it was another “brink of death” session! She knows how to suffocate and punish her opponent. I was gasping, in the reverse facesit, in the reverse headscissor, etc, and if you don’t listen to her, more punishment! Overall, great technical wrestler, and a great session, get in contact with her !

Steve Doran

I was very lucky to spend time with the beautiful Scorpion recently! She is incredibly smart, very strong and she has skills, amazing grappling skills!!! The session was very easily set up, prompt response to emails etc. Scorpion's studio is an excellent set up,immaculately clean & very well organized. A great place to session. Scorpion is definitely not a clock watcher, we sat and talked before our match, she is very funny and puts you completely at ease.
Now the session, I called it a match well it wasn't!!! Scorpion took control from the start & never lost it!!! She put me in various scissors, grapevines, armbands etc!!! She's able to get you to the point of submission but not go to far and really hurt you, unless you want that,I've no doubts she could!!! In summary, Scorpion is a wonderful person, very intelligent , extremely funny, great company and most importantly for session guys, an incredibly good wrestler!!! I loved my time with her. Will be booking again soon.

mark peter fabrizio

from mark fabrizio had a great session with Scorpion in the Boston area! she is a true professional she can really wrestle and best of all her personality glows ! she is very easy to talk to and looks great legs in nylons!!! i hope to have another session soon!! please guys; she is a great woman and wrestler, i was ver happy!!!!

phil emp

in the month of March 2019
Aah! The powerful Scorpion, the session is set up quickly. The wrestling launched, I found myself stuck under it. I was fighting to avoid it, to submit it to me too quickly and I was trying to free myself from its pressure.

I suffered a thousand and one torments: His fist sinking into my sides, his chin pointed at my back, his hand twisting my wrist, my bicep crushed by his knee and the worst torment was his knee posed with weight on my a belly that forced me to release some of my oxygen, etc. (At each new torment, I asked myself the same question, but what is it still doing to me?)

Of course not forgetting the 22 submissions and the most frustrating was a kind of triangle scissors or with each pressure my neck lengthened a few millimeters. I got my 5 minutes of punishment for losing.

A session with Scorpion and worth 1 hour of intense rock and roll a good way to empty the more energy. I am planning very soon to redo the Scorpion experience. But this time in great shape!


After 3 hours of sessions in last year, I had another 2 hrs with her. I've been posting cheeky comments on her twitter last year and I had to payback for what I did. I thought I got stronger and had more experience in wrestling by having abt 8 wrestling sessoins last year with other session girls, but I was helpless and humiliated under her. Only competition I could give her was in Arm Wrestling, but there also my muscles gave up before hers. When her strength is added to her techniques and wrestling experience, she becomes a lethal force and It was a one sided match.
She is very easy to work with, setting up the session, doing financial transactions, do not worry about paying deposits, she is very honest and clean with money.
Finally, I don't know how a bigger better athlete than me do against her, but if you are a middle size regular man like me who wants a woman to dominate you for real, while you are giving your 100%, She is the Woman to that job.


So, on her tour through the USA, decided to have another session with the scorpion, and i swear, she’s gotten stronger from last year!! Everything from headscissors to facesitting, to me being on the brink of death! Her facesits are suffocating! Her headscissors are devastating! Gasping for air was a common occurrence throughout the match, and your taps, they do no good, you must find it in you to break free, or else, lack of air = brink of death! However, would totally recommend for competitive/semi/comp/ fantasy, i chose semi-comp with fantasy! Lethal she is!


So I just had a great session with Scorpion and I got schooled – literally. Lots of women list “competitive” under their services offered but it’s definitely a relative term. Some have size, some have strength and some have both. Scorpion has good size and great strength, she’s amazingly fit and her wrestling skills are off the chart. I have no doubt that she can dial the intensity up or down however you like but if you tell her you want competitive, she is going to teach you what competitive means.

You read all the reviews and wonder if maybe some of them are “embellished” as a courtesy to the session girl. I honestly don’t think any of them give Scorpion enough credit. She and I were roughly the same size and I’m no slouch but I couldn’t come close to scoring a single submission. There may have been a couple beads of sweat – I can’t be sure since I was being bent and twisted into positions that made it difficult to get a good look. I’m not happy to admit how one-sided this affair was but at the same time, she was exactly what I had hoped for (and she knew it). She is a true professional and can read and anticipate exactly what the client wants and she delivers it flawlessly.

For me it’s all about the competition, and to see the look of intensity on her face (along with the slight sadistic smile) as we started each round only made me more determined. My only regret is that I couldn’t make it more competitive for her – I think she would have genuinely welcomed the challenge (while still continuing to dominate me). In closing – she may not appreciate this but as a favor to my fellow session clients I offer up a little advice. During our “battle” she asked if I wanted to allow strikes and I foolishly agreed. Before I even got out the entire “yes” I received a lightning quick jab to the ribs. My scrapes and bruises are healing nicely but that rib shot continues to remind me of the beatdown I received - and the fantastic session I got to experience. I can’t recommend her highly enough and I truly hope I get the chance to session with her again - although I may choose semi-competitive next time :)


Had a great session with Miss Scorpion on 5/2018. Before the session she is a very nice person, but once the action begins she takes no prisoners. Scorpion is very strong in her lower body but also in the upper body. She dominated the session completely despite a size disadvantage, pinned me and submitted me to various holds: chokes, very strong scissors, armbars , facesitting and more. Her nature is very dominant, no way to retaliate against her. Great looking and very toned body. Loved the session and she gets my top recommendation.


WOW THE best session thus far with this
amazing session artist. Yes she has it down to an art.
really gets into what you prefer in a session.
remarkably strong , fit and skilled at BJJ. Strong leg
strength and body techniques that basically made me immobile
and could not get out of her holds. I was put to Shame
by a hot AF. She released smothers and gags with
code word and or tapping but not right away — made me
panic which was very erotic. Did did a lot of
wrestling , I couldn’t even score once.
Helpless breathless merciless gagged. Scared me into submission —great control all around.
Will totally repeat as much as possible.
Exhausted me by squeezing and gagging the heck out of me.
Very cool and intelligent person as well.
Must see!! Let me repeat MUST SEE!


I am a judoka who booked a 3 hr. hardcore competitive/submission gi/no-gi grappling session with Miss Scorpion. Miss Scorpion was all action and tenacity. She took everything I threw at her and gave it right back - and then some. Tough as nails with smarts, technique, strength, and endurance to match, she overcame my size advantage and trapped and tied my body in knots with hers. To no avail, I spent most of my time in her mount, struggling to escape or avoid submissions. Once Miss Scorpion gained control of me, she kept control. Not once could I reverse her.

All in all, Miss Scorpion opened my eyes (and dropped my jaw) to what the upper echelon of session girls are made of. Humbling as it was, I liked what I saw - one badass woman! Wow! Let’s do it again!


Lot of session girls say in their profile they will come to the clients city if they are sponsored. But many of them are not brave enough to do it.
Scorpion actually did it. She was the first session wrestler ever as per my knowledge, who came to Sri Lanka.
She was very positive and easy to work with during the initial planing stage. Replied to mails and made the bookings promptly. She was very honest when doing transactions, she refunded me some money when she got the air ticket to a cheaper price, which she could easily kept as I didn't aware of it.

She is one of few session wrestlers who are confident and skilled enough to offer competitive sessions. She kept the door open without putting the client on the coridoor uncomfortably. She is a very nice person.

She was in her one piece speedo suit as I requested and her height and weight just looked right as in her profiles. She is nearly equal to my height and 4-5 kgs heavier than me. Her 25" legs definitely outsized mine by about 4" and even biceps are about 1" bigger than mine. I'm not a professional athlete but competitive person in sports in general.

We started with arm wrestling, b'cos I knew generally women's legs and lower body are strong but arms and upper body is the weaker part, so I wanted to start the session with a winning note. We haven't measured our biceps in that time, but I noticed she considerably has big biceps as a woman. But I was very confident I can beat this woman in arm wrestling, But I was very wrong. I couldn't move her arms and neither she could. We were even. I was surprised at that time but now knowing her biceps are bigger than mine it's obvious. I asked her about ending it as a draw, but she didn't want. That's how competitive she is. As time goes my bicep muscles were getting tired and sore but her power stayed stable. So my arms went down little by little and my man muscles gave up to her feminine muscles.

Now I was knowing I'm dealing with a strong woman, I wanted to give 100% from the first round. My game plan was to stay away from her strong legs and score some early points to take the control of the match. WE engaged in arm locks in knee position and I was givving my full power to push her backward but she wasn't moving back. Then suddenly she used my push to pull me down towards her and before even I realized what happenned, She was top of me. She did those techniques to beat me through out the session. As we are even in strength It was impossible to get out of her control when she is on top as she get the advantage of gravity.

Her scissors were super strong. Her legs are smooth and soft from the top but has strong muscles inside.
I could feel her inner thigh muscles wrap around my neck and maximum time I could stay without submitting was 8 seconds and that was only one time. Most of the time it was below 3 seconds and some were only one second. Believe me if I could stay another second without tapping I would because I was already embarrassed of my performance, But for some of scissors specially reverse head scissors, I couldn't bear the pain more than a second. I was ended up losing 23-0 to her in 50mins of wrestling averaging about 1 submission for every 2 mins.

In addition to those I must say she is very professional, always took care of the safety, asked constantly if I'm ok to makesure her goddess strong body does not break my poor man body. She even asked am I ok after our session several time and even after she went back to london. She is that kind and caring person.

She is the easiest bussiness woman to work with and strongest and most skilled woman I've ever met in my Life, and I would definitely book a session if she comes again to my country. Money I spent for her air ticket, accomadation and session was definitely worth the experience she gave to me and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a wrestling session.


I had my first session with "The Scorpion" last week. I was soooo glad to see that she was traveling to the US. She is simply a charming, beautiful English woman. She made me feel completely comfortable as she was so easy to talk to. I guess that is what's called English charm:) I had requested a smother session where she would use her jiu-jitsu skills to smother me with feet, butt, hands, armpit,,,etc. Her fitness and training became very apparent as she easily transitioned from one smother hold to another, even tapping me out by smothering me in the crook of her knee. Bottom line - I had a fantastic time. The Scorpion is by far worth every penny... or should I say farthing. She is 5 out 5 Stars!


Straight outta the UK comes a dynamo of wrestling fury..Scorpion. We had a pro-style session and she nailed it. Everything from the one-piece suit to the knowledge of holds to the trash talking to the back and forth action, it was exactly what I was looking for. We even got silly with some true pro-style shenanigans. She is a lovely lady and we had a great time chatting between falls. Definitely very accommodative and not a clock watcher. Highly recommended when she visits the states!


My session with Scorpion was fantastic. She is a delight to be with and talk to. But equally important, she is an experienced and super grappler. She is also far stronger than it would seem from her photos. I would rate her among the best grapplers out there. Scorpion is the total package. If you're looking for someone for a semi-comp/comp match, I highly recommend.


I recently met Scorpion for a semi-competitive session. Organising the session was straightforward thanks to her speedy and thorough email correspondence.
As for the session itself, firstly, what a stunning lady, and fantastic physic. She is incredibly strong, and her ability to control the bout is second to none, slowly and carefully working her way into the submission position she wants. Simply the best and most complete session wrestler I have wrestled. No clock watching either, happy to chat, before, during and after the session. Definitely a top recommendation


Scorpion is a fantastic fighter, she tires you out and waits to you're vulnerable then that's when the fun starts. Well worth the money true professional.


Scorpion is the real deal. Being a little heavier, a little younger and a former athlete, I thought I would have to hold back. I went all out and she wiped the floor with me 7-2 in a fully competitive pins and submissions match.

Scorpion is technical and patient in looking for ways to choke you out. That is until you're both sweaty and you begin to tire. Then you realize her muscles are not for show. She trains all the time so she is functionally strong, and just waiting for the moment to overpower and dominate you.

When she is not being a beast on the mat, she is a true professional and great conversationalist. She is more beautiful in person and even sexier than she knows. She loves to wrestle and wants to beat you at your best. If you're looking for something competitive with a gorgeous woman, stop looking and book Scorpion now.


Scorpion is a blast. The photos of her legs don’t give you an idea of the strength, and her BJJ training is evident in the skill and accuracy of her moves. She does an amazing job of combining fantasy wrestling (scissors, smothers) with true BJJ submission fighting. I knew for the first bit of the session, she was ‘going easy’ on me, and as we got to know each others’ capabilities, I encouraged her to play a little harder. OMG - she was unreal. I was tapping like crazy without any ability to stop the onslaught of this amazing fighter. She had a dizzying array of outfits and looks simply stunning in either a catsuit (her favorite) or a latex bikini (my favorite). She is really professional about arranging the session. In a word - amazing.

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