Location: Montreal,
E-mail: deadliestdamealive@gmail.com
Height: 5'1” - 154 cm
Weight: 110 lbs - 49.9 kg
Physique: Athletic
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I recently had a session with She, and wow, what a great time it was. I am a big guy, so I was expecting the very small She to not be able to get me to tap, or pin me in such a way that I'm unable to get away. I'm 6'4", and 240 pounds, not in the greatest shape, but not the worst. I've got little experience wrestling, however I've done some fantasy sessions where I don't resist and just get holds applied to me. I figured She wouldn't be able to overcome the size difference. This session was the first for me where I was looking forward to wrestling a bit back, or at least trying to resist some holds. I figured with how small She is, and how big I am, that she might only get a tap or two if I let her, and if I wanted to get out, I'd be able to.

I couldn't have been more wrong! Every single hold She put me in, I was totally unable to get out of. I'd ask her if she thought I could get out, and she would tell me to try. I'd try with literally all my might, and somehow that 110 pounds of muscle was keeping me 100% immobilized. That feeling is unmatched if this is what you're into. It's such a euphoric, amazing feeling being totally overpowered like that by such a tiny woman. Struggling to get free, and being completely unable to get anywhere was so amazing with her. Scissors, camel clutch, RNC, arm bars, triangles, face sitting, are just some of the holds she was able to get me in that I was totally unable to do anything to get out of. She asked all of the right questions to determine exactly what I was looking for in a session, and provided what I wanted to a T. She asked if I wanted any sort of dominant talk, and I told her I was indifferent, to just be herself. That worked out perfectly. She laughed and had fun, and was able to get a bit of humour of the fact that I couldn't get out, which was so hot. Her personality is perfect for this! At one point she told me if I could hold out a RNC for 10 seconds after I wanted to tap, that she would put me in a nicer hold for the next one as a reward. It was ridiculously hot having her give me this painful predicament, and her keeping me right on the edge of tapping on the RNC, (I really wanted to tap, but I wanted what She had offered next so bad) all the while trying to comfort me through the pain while counting down from 10. She is incredibly beautiful in real life, her photos as great as they are, do not do her justice. She has the perfect, tiny, but very muscular body, with a pretty face. She is a good conversationist, and we carried on great conversation for the entire time, including while she was totally beating me. Don't let her lack of wrestling photos deter you from meeting her. Check out her videos or previews on Absolute Mixed Wrestling if you want to see her in action before you meet up with her! She was easy to setup an appointment with, and very pleasant to deal with. You will have absolutely not regrets about sessioning with She! I only wish I could get beaten by her every week!


Thank you so much Peter, it was my pleasure!


My second session with SHE and wowwww
Her headscissors went from not being able to get a tap to tap me out with 60% force !
Side scissors getting much stronger too !!!
More importantly is her dominant attitude she had me in RNC and squeezing my Adam’s apple and made me literally beg and beg and she would release the pressure then adjusted perfectly to a pre-ko level. She would have ko ed me easily if I had agreed to it pre session !!!
Nice foot domination at the end
Clearly much better and Improved version you should try her out !


I hope to see you before I return to Germany :)


I sessioned with She while she was on the road and was quite impressed with her presence, poise, and that quiet grin that bellied a host of slick moves that will have you tapping if you let her get the position. Just as important, she's a consistently patient, clear, and efficient communicator who was a treat to work with from the first email to the last tap. You can definitely trust her to work hard and find a good space for a great time. Definitely book her.


I had the chance to meet "She" about a week ago. The meeting took place in a dungeon, next to a metro station in Montreal. Before the meeting, we exchanged e-mails for a week: she wanted to make sure I was serious in my approach and she wanted to clarify my requests. I arrived a little late because she gave me another metro station name when she told me the name of the metro station near the dungeon ... But she was very accommodating and she was waiting for me at the door when I arrived.

What is striking when you see her is her beauty that is reflected in her eyes. Her eyes are laughing and lit up. Her hair is jet black and wavy. She is small, thin, but all is muscle.
We took about 15 minutes to discuss the role play I had proposed.

"She" is a woman of great intelligence, very aware of her approach as an athlete: she performs on stage where her physical shape is essential. We can have a high-level conversation with her, and she is very attentive when we explain our approach. She is extremely interesting and has a great culture: we want, at the end of the "meeting", to be her friend.

Battle mats had been installed, and there was plenty of space to wrestle. Personally, I am bigger and heavier than her: because of her physical characteristics many times I have been able to dominate her in the fight. Nevertheless, she has had the upper hand on many occasions because her skills in the art of combat are impressive. I believe that for men smaller than me, she would win every fight.

On a number of occasions, during our battles, we face each other a bit like a cat and a mouse, touching each other's hands, arms, just to taunt, to find the fault in the defense of the other. Very curiously, during the fight, despite her skills, there is a lot of sweetness in her gestures . She wants to master her opponent, but she does not want to hurt. The fight becomes a complicit language: she understands exactly why a man wants to have a fight with a woman. This woman has a great soul, is a radiant natural beauty and if you think about it a little, she is undoubtedly the archetype of the woman of the 21st century: modern, intelligent, not afraid to expose her gardens secrets.

After the session, once our paths separate, we have the impression that beyond the fight, a rather unique human being has just crossed our life. The impression that remains in our memory is that of a woman who shares and understands some secret motives of men.

"She" is undoubtedly a really exceptional woman...


Had a semi-competitive foot domination session with her in Montreal in a dungeon equipped with mats :
Great flexibility
Amazing attitude
Good trash talking
Nice high arched feet.
Wrestling : she is much more skilled with bjj holds than scissors. Don’t get me wrong she has very powerful legs but her technical bjj skills are just extremely impressive. great experience :will definitely repeat.

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