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Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 165 lbs - 74.8 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Age: 28

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If you guys are looking to get your wimpy ass kicked by the toughest girl you ever met, then you are on the right place. All it takes is an email to book a session me. And then the mayhem will begin. 

I’m an expert at it. I was always teaching the boys lessons about who’s the weaker sex in school.

And what now ? Ha-ha well nothing changes, I just grew up stronger, buffer and tougher. With 20 years of intensive judo training I am stronger than I have never been in my life. And a hell of a lot stronger than any woman you’ve ever met, fanboy schmo! I am one uniquely skilled, powerful lady. If you ask me nicely I can take care of your body like an ass kicking machine. Since you are polite, I am probably going to break only one of your arms. But you can choose which one :) .

So here are my rules: FIRST OF ALL, I am not an hooker so don’t ask me for sex, happy endings, etc... otherwise I going to kick the ever-loving shit out of you! 

Respect me and I am going to give you the hottest, hardest, best dream come true session of your life. I always include new elements and surprises for you guys. You are never going to get bored, believe me. Those comments in the reviews section aren’t kidding. I really am that good. 

We are a good match. You guys like to get your ass kicked and I love to do that. Isn’t it a beautiful world? Now quit wasting my time and send me that email!


...... Are you still here? Quit wasting my time and send me that e-main for an appointment, loser!...



sheena interview
sheena interview

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just had video session 5 with sheena she knows how to make one smile i can't wait to fight her soon and work with her she is amazing and TOP Quality Always Should Be a guys first Choice


i have had 4 Amazing Video sessions With Sheena and she always makes my Day better And chyeers me Up at this point she is More than just a wrestler for me she is also a good Friend and i can't Wait To See Her Face to Face she should be on your must fight List


I also met sheena for a session a few days ago, and it was like from another world.
I had the last meeting with her almost a year ago. Back then I could keep up with her and we had a sweaty and fairly balanced session. I have had many sessions with the best session girls in the past, and I have always been good at countering them.
It was different this time with sheena. In my opinion, she tripled her physical strength and improved enormously in ground combat. Every attack by me was immediately repelled and I was unable to move within a few seconds. I am 5.11 and 185 pounds. But it must have looked like a child at 8 years old was fighting an adult man.
Sheena's body feels like it's bulletproof. I can only say if you have the opportunity to meet them take this chance. It is the perfect mix of fun and absolute humiliation.
Sheena is the best there is there was and will ever been.

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