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Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 27

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About Me

20 years experiences-

I played, Olympic wrestling, bjj, judo- black belt 

If you searching for a professional skilled girl, that’s me! The fact that I meet you with kindness and a friendly smile does not take away my professionalism or athleticism. 

What I do is light - enjoyable - or competitive wrestling. As for competitive wrestling it includes full power control which includes scissor session, and technical training as well which includes teaching my clients of some techniques that they can use them later. If you are interested I can show and practice on you the KO chokes for few times taking into consideration your safety. I will explain in details to you what to expect from the KO choke and teach you how to do it yourself. 

I can also lift and carry you (80 kilos max) and also throw you. Being a trained expert I do this with zero risk to you from injury; all you need to do is enjoy the experience of “flying-over“! 

 I am also available for domination training (where I dominate you with my strength and  wrestling techniques only !). I also do armwrestling for fun! 

Best results in the gym:

Squad:120 kg

Bench press: 85kg

Deadlift: 145kg

this is strictly professional and DOES’NT INCLUDE ANY SEXUAL ACTIVITIES! 

I dress up the following way : sport outfit, sport bra , short ,leggings, gi. Not topless !

Bikinis are worn on the beach so don’t even ask for it ☺️

I represent the sporty side ! 

Please respect 🙏

Looking forward to kick your ass 💪☺️

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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
03-23-2019 03-24-2019 Milano Italy
04-07-2019 04-08-2019 Hamburg Germany
04-09-2019 04-10-2019 Cologne Germany
04-11-2019 04-12-2019 Frankfurt Germany
04-17-2019 04-28-2019 Phuket Thailand
05-09-2019 05-13-2019 Tel Aviv Israel
05-14-2019 05-17-2019 Cairo Egypt
05-25-2019 05-26-2019 Amsterdam Netherlands

Sheena is a life-changing astonishment. She is as adorable as a little kitten, blessed with one in a million good looks, stunningly smart (speaking excellent English, although she says it’s not good enough) and a stunningly powerful, highly skilled technical wrestler.
If you tied her down to a chair and brought a baseball bat to the fight she would still kick your ass across seven state lines.
She is 27 now, has been a judoka for 20 years. It was very, very serious training.
Her approach is nonstop grappling with a sense of fun. She can outwrescle men twice her size, so she thinks it’s rather a joke when you give your all to beating her. I am a bit of a gym rat, and she complimented me by calling me strong, but she handled me like a toddler
I had booked an extensively long session but simply couldn’t go on after it was a third over. Having been consistently underwhelmed by other nice women who lack experienced wrestling skill, I asked her to go all in.
Well, she gave me 50% and wiped the flow with me. (She said it was 50%, but she was probably fibbing to be kind to me.) If she had hit me full strength I would be posting this review from the emergency room.
Even though I was through wrestling long before I expected, with hours remaining, I don’t feel that a second of down time was wasted.
She is a delightfully sweet soul who likes to know the people she meets and treat them like friends. I asked her if she would mind us moving onto the bed so I could stretch out my aching spine. She took my torso across her lap, gave me a gentle stretching embrace for many minutes at a time to help ease the “ouchie” (as they call it in Hungary), and rubbed a healing sports gel on it repeatedly.
What an angel.
Yes, when it was over I was more than a little in love.
Sheena gets that kind of attention quite a lot. She is one of the rare good hearts who doesn’t take her mountains of admirers so seriously that she becomes egocentric. She responds to new people with a deep rapport, generous warmth and respect. You will certainly feel after visiting her that you have found a remarkable new friend. Who happins to be an international black belt judo champion.
Sheena has a big bag of secret tricks that I won’t spoil by revealing, but I will say that she brought me to extraordinary avenues of combat and domination that I would never have imagined myself. She made each of them unexpected (and enjoyable) treats, and how could I have stopped her anyway?
She is industriously studying new ways to improve her work. Currently she Is honing the skill of trash talking domination. I predict she will soon be one of the outstanding masters of that psychological role-playing aspect of sessions. As it is, she is serious but lighthearted, and entirely irresistible.
For those who value action above words, she is like Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee packed into Scarlett Johansson. I can’t think of anyone other than the astounding Arekah Lox who is her equal in power combined with allure. Sheena is more compact - 142 pounds, about 5’8” - but gifted with equal superhuman strength and Olympic-level athleticism. If these two beauties ever face off for a serious tussle, it would be epic!
Sheena belongs atop on any serious list of experiences session wrestling fans should have before they die.


I met sheena on her USA tour. She is alot of fun an dominant. She is strong skilled an quick. She is the nicest wrestler I ever met. 20 years of wrestling an she is very close to the top.


Let’s start from the bottom line- as of today, Sheena is probably the best session wrestler there is.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet Sheena in the beginning of her session career, and I met her a few times since. Each time, I was amazed of how much she evolved and changed to become the legend that she is today.

Let’s count her virtues- looks: super sexy, beautiful, muscular in a most feminine way.
Strength: Her strength is something I never thought possible for a girl, especially for her relatively compact size. I weigh more than twice of Sheena and she throws me each time in the air like a potato sack.

Skills: I guess everybody knows that Sheena is a judo prodigy with a black belt. But when one experiences it , it’s absolutely overwhelming .

Personality: one of the nicest, outgoing, chatty ladies you’ll ever meet.

So what did I mean about her evolvement and change? It is what I call her “session persona”. In our first session in April , it was all about showing her skills and power, it was evident that she was uncomfortable with what I like - hard domination, torture, beating. She was such a sweetheart. Well these days are over.

The new Sheena, who I met a few days ago, is the dream coming to reality. More beautiful, more muscular, more powerful and skilled, but this time - so confident, she brutalized me (along with her amazing friend the warrior Amazon) , tortured me, laughed at me, trash talked (she speaks great English) and gave one of the most fun two hours I’ve ever had. I welcomed evil Sheena with all of my heart.

Anyway it is clear that her last experience in our underground niche has made her a confident, multi dimensional session lady. I had many sessions in 2018 including in New York City , Los Angeles and Europe. I can’t think of anyone who I like spending those two hours more than Sheena.

She travels a lot these days and if she’s in your area - don’t hesitate and book her. I have a feeling that a wrestler like her surfaces once in many years.

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