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Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 165 lbs - 74.8 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Age: 30

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If you guys are looking to get your wimpy ass kicked by the toughest girl you ever met, then you are on the right place. All it takes is an email to book a session me. And then the mayhem will begin. 

I’m an expert at it. I was always teaching the boys lessons about who’s the weaker sex in school.

And what now ? Ha-ha well nothing changes, I just grew up stronger, buffer and tougher. With 20 years of intensive judo training I am stronger than I have never been in my life. And a hell of a lot stronger than any woman you’ve ever met, fanboy schmo! I am one uniquely skilled, powerful lady. If you ask me nicely I can take care of your body like an ass kicking machine. Since you are polite, I am probably going to break only one of your arms. But you can choose which one :) .

So here are my rules: FIRST OF ALL, I am not an hooker so don’t ask me for sex, happy endings, etc... otherwise I going to kick the ever-loving shit out of you! 

Respect me and I am going to give you the hottest, hardest, best dream come true session of your life. I always include new elements and surprises for you guys. You are never going to get bored, believe me. Those comments in the reviews section aren’t kidding. I really am that good. 

We are a good match. You guys like to get your ass kicked and I love to do that. Isn’t it a beautiful world? Now quit wasting my time and send me that email!


...... Are you still here? Quit wasting my time and send me that e-main for an appointment, loser!...



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sheena interview
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10-25-2021 11-17-2021 Las Vegas Nevada
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Wow!!! There are no words to describe how incredible sheena is!!! She's what guys dream about when they dream if the ultimate domination session!! Behond beautiful and skilled. She's exceptional!!in every way!!!! Truley the best session wrestler and in general most skilled lady fighter anywhere!!! What a hot totally erotic blissful exp wrestling her!!! Magnificat athlete that can easily handle and dominate any man I'm 6ft 23o and I didn't have a chance!!! Sheena is behind incredible!!!!!!!! I've wrestler several world class women pro wrestlers and judo experts they cannot come close to sheena. You totally must book with her if your a true mixed wrestling aficionado like I am. Trust me you'll thank me!!!! The best!!!


So, I was finally able to schedule my first wrestling session ever and feel compelled to say something about it. I have watched many a video and like so many before me I suppose, I always assumed that if "push comes to shove" so to speak, I would be able to hold my own. When watching videos, I always suspected there was a lot of faking going on and that those scissors would not really have me screaming and submitting.

And like so many, I have been thoroughly and utterly schooled with regard to my chances by Sheena. It is hilarious to me to recollect the session and how thoroughly, completely hopeless it was in terms of thinking I had the slightest chance. Once we started wrestling, it all happened so fast, that only later am I able to call up these mental images of how completely I was beat. I suddenly remember dangling upside down, happened in a second, and I'm upside down then thrown. A quick image of thighs completely engulfing my head, a twitch of her thighs, and I'm like no, no, panic, no. The hotel was being sort of weird, so we had to be quiet, so when I very naturally, not exaggerated, start carrying on, "please, stop" etc., I get a hand clamp over the face. That had never been my thing, but when I reflect on the panic, it is just hilarious. She could have totally controlled my breath had she wanted to. Showing some kind of primal, suicidal sort of male determination I kept coming for more. Grabbing her leg for a take down, was like being lost in some kind of illusion that I could pull a tree from the ground in the forest...ridiculous!

That is the most fascinating thing to me about the whole experience. There is not a doubt in the world that, when "push comes to shove" Sheena would destroy me. It sort of pushes the whole "fantasy" to another level, because in "reality" I have truly had my ass kicked by a woman and there is no escape from that fact. The question is, "why does this excite me so?"

And Sheena is the absolute best, beautiful, fun and sensitive! A great teacher, born to provide this lesson to wayward males. A cautionary note though, Sheena can be scary, "Beware all ye who enter here..."


I did a session with Sheena 3 days ago in Dallas. This was my first session of any kind. I went in for a semi-competitive match and wasn’t really sure what to expect but in the back of my mind I figured that if I gave 100% effort that I would be able to get out of any hold, maybe get some pins and figured that if I wanted to be dominated I would have to let her. 😂

Really embarrassing to type that out after my experience lol. I found out within the first 5 minutes that not only could she completely dominate me, but that it was clearly very easy for her. The harder I tried it felt like the more quickly she would submit me, throwing me around the mat with ease and putting me in whatever hold she wanted. If I could get out of holds (probably because she let me) before I could get turned around to re-engage I was already in her grasp, being slammed back down to the mat and quickly put into another position that I had no chance of escaping from.

She is very clever and funny…she sized me up and knew that I originally thought I would be able to beat her. After it was clear that I had submitted to her dominance and control, she held my face to the mat using only her ankles, periodically calling me her bitch, and made me admit that I thought I could beat her just so she could laugh and then instantly make me tap. “You thought you could beat me and now you’re my bitch”

Her holds were incredible, she would pulsate the pressure making me aware that; 1 she was barely using any of her strength and 2 she could make me pass out at any second if she wanted. Many times I would be squirming to get out of a hold, doing everything I could, feeling completely helpless and defeated only to look up and see her playing on her phone (as a joke) or flexing in the mirror, just to show me how easy it was for her to control me.

Sharing the mat with Sheena was truly an amazing experience and a privilege, she is more beautiful in person and very friendly (outside of kicking your ass). Do not pass up the chance to do a session with her if she is in your city, I cannot wait to do another one!


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