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Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 165 lbs - 74.8 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Age: 29

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If you guys are looking to get your wimpy ass kicked by the toughest girl you ever met, then you are on the right place. All it takes is an email to book a session me. And then the mayhem will begin. 

I’m an expert at it. I was always teaching the boys lessons about who’s the weaker sex in school.

And what now ? Ha-ha well nothing changes, I just grew up stronger, buffer and tougher. With 20 years of intensive judo training I am stronger than I have never been in my life. And a hell of a lot stronger than any woman you’ve ever met, fanboy schmo! I am one uniquely skilled, powerful lady. If you ask me nicely I can take care of your body like an ass kicking machine. Since you are polite, I am probably going to break only one of your arms. But you can choose which one :) .

So here are my rules: FIRST OF ALL, I am not an hooker so don’t ask me for sex, happy endings, etc... otherwise I going to kick the ever-loving shit out of you! 

Respect me and I am going to give you the hottest, hardest, best dream come true session of your life. I always include new elements and surprises for you guys. You are never going to get bored, believe me. Those comments in the reviews section aren’t kidding. I really am that good. 

We are a good match. You guys like to get your ass kicked and I love to do that. Isn’t it a beautiful world? Now quit wasting my time and send me that email!


...... Are you still here? Quit wasting my time and send me that e-main for an appointment, loser!...



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sheena interview
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Just Had video session 9 with sheena i Love her to death because she is sweet, Caring and Passionate and just enjoy spending time with fans ❤️


I’ve had the great pleasure to meet Sheena for a 2hr session during her last tour in Paris in August 2020.
I was looking for a classic fantasy wrestling session with some roleplay and domination, and boy I’ve had all that and much more.
First, if some time ago Sheena was providing only pure wrestling sessions, this is no longer the case and she will be more than happy to torture and dominate you as long as you take time to read and understand what she wrote in her description. Even if I was her last session of the week she delivered 100% and wasn’t a time-watcher. She take very much care of her body and she was in top-notch condition. Plus, it was a heatwave day, so it was pretty harsh to sustain numerous sessions in a row, but she didn’t fail. I can’t complain, Sheena wore for the session a lioness two-piece sport underwear. Sweating with and worshipping a supermodel like her couldn’t be hotter.
I can’t recommend her enough if you have the opportunity to session with Sheena.


I had the pleasure to meet Sheena in Paris for an unforgetable lift and carry session. I am 5.9, 190lbs.
Sheena is first of all a very kind woman, sweet, nice, confident, with a great and strong personality. If you are respectful with her, she will be the same with you.
Then her physique: incredible, beyond my expectations. Her skin is very soft, only her strength can equal her beauty. Her muscles are very beautiful, she has great proportions between upper and lower boddy, her face and her smile are gorgeous.

The session: what surprised me the most is that she lifted me for about 40 or 45mn during the session, that is a lot considering my weight. She told me that I was a good weight for her training! She cradled me, even from a sitting position, she held me on her shoulders, fireman, calf raises, piggyback during 5 to 8mn without dropping me, she danced with me on her back, and she even did some pushups with me standing on her back! Sheena is very strong, and I have to admit it was more difficult for me to stay on her back than for her to carry me! being carried by such a beautiful and nice woman is a dream come true.

We talked about 5-10mn and I also wanted to try a little bit of wrestling with her: it is not everyday that you can fight for fun with a blackbelt judo champion! she litteraly destroyed me, and I don't think she used her strength so much, because of her incredible technique. Also she has much more strength than me, so I could do nothing. I believe that she can play with any man under 300lbs if the man is not trained.

I hope to see her again. Thank you Sheena for this amazing session, and I wish you the best for your competition to come!

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