Location: New York, New York
E-mail: sierranyc@safeoffice.com
Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 110 lbs - 49.9 kg
Physique: Slim
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I had another session with Sierra recently and it just gets better and better! Despite having a clear size advantage over her those eyes, those hips, that presence! I have never been so floored, SO pinned and helpless. Just SO owned and completely at her mercy!

If you have not sessioned with her yet do not miss your chance. Girls like this are so rare to meet in just in regular life and to be absolutely taken and dominated as her play thing is an experience I’ll both never forget and keep trying to do again and again. She’s breath taking!


I met Sierra in NYC and I was blown away by both her beauty and her session style!

We did a light wrestling session with lots of facesitting, smothering and elements of Domination.

She is very open minded, kinky and fun. I can't even begin to describe how hot she is ... that hair, those legs, that toned stomach....and that gorgeous face. She is incredibly intelligent, which
is a huge turn on for me. Good lord! Her Roleplay skills are off the chart!

I asked her to come up with the Role-play idea,
and she did and acted it to perfection, adding lots of sensuality and subtle Domination.

I cannot wait to see her again!! If she travels to your city, don't hesitate to book with her!


After a recent session with Sierra Star, I would have to say that I highly recommend her. Setting up the session was a breeze as she is very personable and professional in her communication and prompt with her replies.

Skipping ahead to the day of the session, and all I can say is wow. Sierra is absolutely stunning. She looks even better in person than in her photos, which I didn't think would be possible. The session itself was excellent. We discussed my interests for a short time before actually starting, and it was clear she paid attention as she delivered a session that was second-to-none. If you are looking for a girl that's going to overpower you physically, Sierra is not the girl for you. I kind of had to act out that part of the experience a little bit, but that was fine with me. Based on earlier reviews, I figured as much going in. But if you are looking for a light/fantasy wrestling session with a beautiful, sensual, and intelligent woman, Sierra is a must see. I can't wait until she is back in my part of the country.


I’ve had a number of amazing sessions over the years but none come close to how incredible my time with Sierra was. We had a light wrestling/ domination style session and Sierra played her role to perfection.

She truly gets wrestling and domination role play in a way I’ve rarely experienced before. Sierra took me down, locked me in chokes, strong headscissors and smothered me into submission. She was respectful to my limits and when I initiated breaks was able to switch from a mean domina to a charming and engaging conversationalist.

To echo the other reviews not only is Sierra beyond stunning, but blisteringly intelligent, accommodating to fetishes and easily the best role player I’ve ever come across. If you want to be helplessly pinned down while being teased, tormented and humiliated do yourself a favor and book with Sierra. I already can’t wait to see her again!


Meeting Sierra was a dream come true!

I couldn’t believe a girl could be as beautiful as she looked in her pics, but I never imagined that she would be even more gorgeous in person!

We did a Roleplay and wrestling combination session and Sierra exceeded my expectations in every way. She really got into the Roleplay and her facesitting was incredible!

I have done a handful of sessions and none have come close to my experience with the lovely Sierra. If you’re lucky enough to have this beauty come to your city, don’t miss your chance to meet her.

Absolutely top level experience in every way!


Had my first session with Sierra today and the only word that does it justice is WOW! First, I was almost an hour late due to horrendous traffic. In reality, we should've only had 30 mins left to session but we went over an hour! Sierra was so kind and considerate about it. That won me over before I even walked through her door. Then, she opened the door! Well, I hope my mouth was not agape too badly. She may be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!! Her pictures, as stunning as they are, maybe capture a quarter of her beauty. It is otherworldly!!! She is pretty adorable too!!

Most important, of course, she was very accommodating and attentive to my requests. I like straight hand chokes, foot/ankle chokes, foot smothers, breast smothers, and the like. She applied them all expertly. Furthermore, the way she was looking at me while having her hands around my throat was truly intoxicating. It is giving me chills right now to think about!!

Long story short: session with Sierra if you want a mind-blowing fantasy session with loads of sensuality in it. You will NOT be disappointed!!


If Helen of Troy was the face that launched a thousand ships, Sierra can easily launch ten thousand spaceships to Mars. Sierra is a woman of beauty and poise that cannot be described with a single word from the Merriam-Webster dictionary. She is very much so the person you see in these pictures, and she is actually even better looking in person (yes, it's possible). Very likely the prettiest person I've ever met in any instance of my life. Aside from her alluring charm, she is also intelligent, friendly, adorable/cute, professional, accommodating, sensual, energetic, and respectable. Just in general as a person, she is the full package and golden standard of a sophisticrafted woman. Good conversationalist; she has insight and input for any topic you chat-up with her: like the ever-increasing prices of NYC property values. Do not miss the opportunity to meet Sierra and see for yourself what it feels like to find your muse. 11/10 would meet again!


Went for the threepeat with the lovely Sierra. So yes, I’ve now had 3 sessions with her. And this latest one was somehow even better than the 1st two.

As I’ve said in past reviews, when it comes to fantasy to light competitive wrestling, she is just flat out the hottest, sexiest, most beautiful and sensual session girl on the planet! Just look at her pics and that’s obvious, although I personally don’t like the pics of her in black as much as the ones with her in lighter and brighter colors; especially the different bra and panty pics. But here’s a suggestion; I’d love to see some pics of her in a sexy dress or skirt, even a school girl outfit would be awesome!

As for our latest session, we turned up the role play a couple notches and she was absolutely perfect! She was the flirty college co-ed who always sat in the front wearing sexy dresses and skirts; crossing and uncrossing her legs, smiling at me when she’d catch me staring and now she had come to my house to “convince” me to raise a couple of her grades. Let’s just say she was successful by smothering me to the point of either passing out or giving in to her demands. Her role playing was OH SO HOT.

Sierra is also just a total sweetheart. So nice and friendly and intelligent, so we always have great conversations also. Her communication was prompt and setting up this session was smooth and easy.

I bought her a dress for our session and I told her I won’t do anymore sessions unless she adds a pic of her in it to her profile pics, so let’s see if she adds it. 🤞🤞🤞

Also, pleeeeeze come closer to me next time, like Detroit or better yet, Toledo!!

To anyone thinking of having a session with this gorgeous sexpot; 2 words: DO IT.


Had my 2nd session with Miss S Star a few days ago and it was even better than the 1st and the 1st was amazing. She is just incredibly hot, sexy, sensual and beautiful.

She’s also extremely sweet, easy to get along with and wanting to make sure a session with her exceeds my wishes, which it definitely did.

While not an experienced wrestler who will give you any type of serious competition, she’s the ultimate fantasy to light competitive wrestler, which is what I’m most interested in anyways. She’s very accommodating and listens and gives you what you want. All you have to do is communicate.

Speaking of communication, the only knock that I have to mention is I was fairly frustrated a few times with the difficulty in hearing back from her in trying to schedule something. At 1 point I almost gave up and said screw it. But then I remembered our 1st session and realized she is worth the minor frustrations of her communication (or lack thereof).

And don’t get me wrong; she did communicate, but it took more than 1 text or email a couple times to get her to respond.

Since I know how hard she tries to be the perfect session girl, I’m sure she’ll do what it takes to improve the communication and then she will truly be the perfect fantasy session girl, as every single other aspect of her and a session with her is flawless.

Already looking forward to our 3rd session when she comes to Cleveland (but I thought it was gonna be TOLEDO!! 😩🤔) in February.

I’ve had lots of sessions with close to a dozen different girls and Sierra Star hands down provides the greatest fantasy session period.

DO NOT miss your chance to experience her, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Had a session today with the drop dead gorgeous Sierra. She's probably the most friendly, accommodating session girl you'll meet. She is a smaller girl but MUCH stronger than she looks. If you're into light, fantasy wrestling, she's literally perfect...but she can also turn up her competitiveness when she wants to. There's also not a better looking session girl out there. Already counting down the days till her next time in my city!!!


Ok here’s the review I’m guessing many of you have been waiting for. THE question: Is she the girl in the pictures? YESSSSSS!!! Just literally got done with my session with the overwhelmingly smoking hot, flawlessly gorgeous Sierra Star. It was amazing. She exceeded my request in every way; type of session, attire and even the sexy teasing role play.

So no, I don’t think you’ll get a semi-competitive or more match with this smolderingly sensuous vixen. I’m more into fantasy to light competitive so I never asked if she did semi competitive, but I’m guessing not.

Personality wise, Sierra is very friendly, outgoing and flirty. Lotsa hugs, I’d almost pay $$ just to hug her, she’s that drop dead gorgeous.

Since I’ll be vacationing in Florida in a couple weeks, I’ll be looking to hook up again.

As with all girls; don’t waste her time with endless emails; get everything you’re looking for and all your questions out in one email. Be patient with her, she will respond but might take her a day or 2.

If you are more into sensual/fantasy wrestling from the innocent girl next door type of girl; I’m certain there is not a hotter girl on the planet who happens to wanna give you exactly what you’re looking for. She’s a once in a lifetime experience.

High-Five Man

Had a Great Phone Session with the lovely Sierra. She is super sweet, has a pretty voice and has a great sense of humor. I can't wait to meet the lovely Sierra in person. Gentleman if you are in the NYC be sure to pay a visit to the wonderful Sierra.
See you soon Sierra:)


Had a phone session with Sierra. She has a voice of an angel and she sure looks like one too! Can't wait for an in-person session!


Sierra is a dream come true! When she met me at the door, my jaw literally dropped. She is flawless from head to toe, and as someone who enjoys foot worship, her feet are incredible.
We did a facesitting and foot worship session with some light wrestling. Her personality is like a girl next door with a kinky secret! Breathtakingly beautiful, sweet, smart and sensual - easily the best session I have ever had!!

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