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Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 195 lbs - 88.5 kg
Physique: Athletic

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Hello Im Sierra Thanks for stopping by, I enjoy fantasy wrestling, fetishes, modeling, muscle posing, this Ebony Goddess loves overpowering weak and strong men, also trained for 15yrs+ track, former competitor of figure/womens physique, powerlifting, When contacting to book a session, please include your name, location, and session preferences. Im willing to travel, provided that the client covers the expenses. Thank you!

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Deposits are required in advance! If any questions please inquire ahead of time!! Also!!! If less than 3 trip will be cancelled.

I've wrestled Sierra several times over the last couple of years. The most recent match was in February.She's definitely the real deal. She's bulked up a little now, a solid mass of curvy, feminine, and muscle. Incredibly strong in both her upper and especially lower half. I'm 6 ft and 225, and in pretty good shape.

Our matches are always very strenuous - by the end we're both fairly sweaty. The ground rules are always the same - no holds barred other than face punches, and she can ignore tap outs and submissions unless I use the safe word. She is free to punch me anywhere else. Pretty much anything goes after that - kicks, stomps, ballbusting -you name it. She also lets me wrestle naked. It's not sexual at all - the opposite if anything. But there's something very primal about getting your ass handed to you while completely naked.

Her scissors are head crushing due to her massive and strong thighs. I made the mistake in our previous match of getting trapped in a reverse headscissors pretty early on, and I spent most of the next hour in a variety of painful scissors and smothers. I was determined not to make that mistake again.

We started on our knees (hotel bed unfortunately). We locked up and struggled for the first few minutes. I was immediately struck by how much stronger she was from our last match several months earlier. I couldn't move her, so I made sure not to let her get me in any type of scissors. She tried a couple of times, and almost got me once, but I was able to slip away before she could get it fully applied. I was pretty winded and glanced at the clock. about 5 minutes had passed and she wasn't even breathing hard after an intense struggle.

We locked up again, but she had pretty much worn me down after another five minutes of intense struggle. I was on my back, doing everything I could to avoid ending up in any type of scissors. While I was able to stay out of the scissors, I was unable to avoid two quick buttdrops to my chest and stomach which knocked what little air I had in me out. Now finally fully in control, Sierra went into attack mode.

I was still on my back. She was on her feet, leaning over me. WIthin seconds, she grabbed me by my cock and balls and tried to yank me towards her. It felt like she was literally trying to pick me up by them. She had a vise grip on me. At first I tried to pull her hand off of me. I felt her solid forearms, flexed biceps, and defined shoulders and realized that was not in the cards. I tapped furiously and screamed for mercy. I got neither. I arched my back and tried to life myself off the bed a bit to make sure she didn't rip them from my body because it felt like that was her objective. As I came up, I was greeted with a solid punch to the stomach. She released the grip on my privates as I fell back on the bed. No sooner as I was down, she grabbed me again and tried to yank me towards her. I lifted myself up a bit and "BOOM!!!" - another straight shot to the gut. Down I went. She grabbed me again. I begged her to stop and somehow managed to deflect the third punch. She quickly repositioned herself and resumed the drill. After the sixth or seventh cycle of pulls and gut punches, she finally got me to use the safe word. We took a break and I tried to recover.

When we resumed, I was quickly put into a scissors that eventually became a facesit.One of my arms was trapped between her calf and thigh and outstretched over my head. My left arm was free but unable to either protect myself or get her off of me, leaving my chest and stomach wide open. She proceeded to pound on my stomach with both fists like it was a drum. I wasn't using the safe word again. I was unable to tap and it was useless anyway since she was completely ignoring them now. It was understood it was safe word or take this beatdown like a man. I tightened my core flailed helplessly while she pounded my chest and stomach until she grew bored. Not quite satisfied with her job, she finished me off by tossing me to the floor, held my legs in each hand, and gave me a full force stomp to the nuts and went to drink some water while I tried to recover.

She had taken all the fight out of me. I was physically drained, and I was mentally drained from receiving such a intense beatdown in the nude. We still had another at least another 10-15 minutes left and I could offer up very little, if any, resistance. She put me in a headlock and it felt like she was trying to squeeze my head until it exploded in her arms. First time I was ever forced to tap from a headlock. She moved straight from that to a variety of scissors. Front, side, reverse, figure fours. She was letting me tap out at least - she would hold it for a few extra seconds and then immediately move to another. For her grand finale, she put me in some type of creative scissors while mercilessly squeezing my cock and balls again. The pain was incredibly intense finally forcing my final submission. I was thoroughly defeated in every sense of the word.

She's also a sweetheart and not a clock watcher at all. If you're serious about a competitive match that can quickly turn into a serious beatdown, see Sierra!!

If you


I am way overdue to post this review about Sierra. She is very kind and down to earth, and in great shape. I live in NY and Sierra occassionally makes trips to NJ, and the last time she was in NJ she made a point to go out of her way to make our session happen, despite the fact that nj was scheduled to get a snowstorm that afternoon, we met early enough to get a couple hours of session time. It did start snowing pretty hard outside halfway through our session, but she made sure I was content and delivered on what we prediscussed. With my particular fetish interest, open communication prior to meeting up in person is important so both parties are on the same page. She made me feel very comfortable by discussing everything briefly in advance after I gave a deposit to assure my sincerity. damn, for those into smothering, dont challenge her in that department, shes strong As hell and will use all her strength to pin and smother you until you submit. Im 6'2 270 and into bodybuilding, and she had the amount of strength I was looking for. I highly recommend sessioning with Sierra if she is ever in your area. Hope she comes back to the Jersey area again soon, id love to session with her again. Hope your well Sierra. Lets touch base sometime soon. -D

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I have worked with Goddess Sierra for a while and nothing makes me happier than to see you beautiful face with a beautiful strong body that her strength and power is so sexy, you wouldn't want her to let go. She is very kind and sweet and very easy to work with. You won't regard it.

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