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Height: 5'11” - 180 cm
Weight: 225 lbs - 102.1 kg
Physique: Curvy

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Hey guys. 

If you are looking for a woman who quite clearly outmaches you in strength and can use that to make you feel completely submitted look no further.

Whether it be demonstrating feats of strength by throwing you over my shoulders and squatting you, lift and carry, or any and every different wrestling hold imaginable I will do it all with a smile on my face. I love to feel strong and powerful. I love to make you feel the opposite.

I am extremely physically strong with a plus 400 squat and plus 500 deadlift. My legs are GINORMOUS and will have you begging. 


Please do not waste my time. I am predominately in the southern Ontario area and can make appointments in most cities that this encompasses. Take heed of my travel dates when selecting a day and time. 50 percent deposit is required via etransfer. No exceptions please do not message if you wish to argue about this. 

I do not engage in any sexual services - please do not even ask or you will be blocked.

 My sessions start at:

350 1 hour

600 2 hours 

If you would like to book a session please send me an email which includes the following:

1) your name and age

2) your location in southwestern Ontario or other if its somewhere im travelling

3) the type of session you wish to have

4) a date and time

5) what your dream session will include


If I am available at the date and time you have requested the next step will be making your deposit to secure it. 


Cant wait to meet you 



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PLEASE NOTE if you have previously contacted me for an in person session and not received a response please email me again following the instructions on my profile.

Have seen her a few times and it was always very enjoyable. Problem is she books sessions and no showed several times also. Its like a real hit or miss scenario. I travelled from out of town for nothing more then once.


Tonight I had the honor of meeting Sophia.
All my adult life I wanted to find a girl that could beat me at arm wrestlimg.
But alas none of the girls on this site could even come close!! And I always went againts the bigger ones!
They all stood no chances, I'm 230 lbs and I bench my own bodyweight for reps, I dumbell curls those 50lbs weight for 8 reps with proper form. I beat guys that are bigger than me, yes the huge guys that have huge hands and fingers, i beat them.

However tonight everything changed, Sophia wrecked me, and I mean absolutely wrecked me.

It wasnt even hard for her to do it, in the video that she let me record of us armwrestling, she's times and times again just slamming my arm with ease while her other hand is just in the air like nothing.

I asked her how strong she was .... she says she stricts barbells curls 135lbs with ease.

I asked her if she s ever lost at arm wrestlimg : ... the answer is only once ... to a 300lbs strong man compititor...
Thats it, thats the one time in her life she lost ... in school she said she beat all the guys no problem!
Guys book this, she is the real deal, the naturally strong woman you are looking for.

Never lost to guys in school wtf and she tried them all, she could not find one that could beat her, she said she used to flirt by armwrestling guys as she got holder, yet remained undefeated, that was all prior to her lifting weights, .... she is just ab absolute beast of a woman im telling you book her!!!

On top of that ... when going to one of her strong woman competion, afterwards a huge black strongman around 300lbs from that same competition challenged her at arm wrestling ... and she said she beat him, but she did have to struggle she said !!!!!!

She out-arm-wrestled a 300something lbs black mofo strongman competitor that far outweighs her!!!! And she said she has no technique just pure raw power!

And I tried to wear her down by going again and again .... but nothing came outta that... her arn did not get tired!!!!!!


I want to say more just to convey how truly strong she is, so my review part 2 : she even let arm wrestle her starting with her arm 3/4 all the way down at my advantage .... and she just bicep curled me back up like i was nothing, she did that multiple times in a row.

Also the guys that beat me in the outside world at armwrestling ... i have a back and forth with them they often need jerk my arm more than once... with sophia its just straightforward steady down!!! Ridiculous raw power.

On her instagram page she recently posted of video of deadlifting 500lbs for 8 reps... wtf and those were conventional deadlifts, not those wimpy half range of motion sumo deadlift, no real deal deadlift.

She said when she began lifting weights she started with power lifting and in only 12 weeks of trainning she went to a meet and deadlifted 407 lbs!!
From 0 to 407 lbs in 12 weeks!!! An absolute beast!!!

When I asked how much she barbells curls .... she casually said : I dont usualy train curls for strong woman shows but when I do it for fun it's the bar plus a set of 45 plates, 135lbs ..... and think she doesnt usually train that movement!!!

To top it all of course i asked if she did roids .... she said did then in the past .... but very little and during a short period not to get the side effects. She said she is steroids free for over a year now!!!!! So yeah the power she has its natural and she keeps gainnig more strenght!!!

Her confidence is through the roof she knew she was gonna beat me no problems!

Book this she is the dream, natural strong that used to go out to bars, ask the guys she found hot to an arm wrestle in order to flirt with them, ... and she never lost !!! All that prior to lifting!!!!

And like I said in my previous post, she deafeated in arm wrestling a 300+ black mofo male strongman compititor dude.. book her power is mind boggling!

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