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Weight: 115 lbs - 52.2 kg
Physique: Slim
Age: 29

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Irish, dominant, punctual. I provide fetish exploration and of course good old fashioned wrestling sessions to those who deserve my time. Do not mistake me for any of the other wrestlers in the USA. I am down to kick your ass 365 days a year.


*****I offer a one hour session FREE if my flight to you is covered. A two hour session is FREE is you cover BOTH my flight and hotel stay. I have yet to find another woman who provides similar offers. Do the math, if you book early enough it is definitely worth it. Otherwise, anything that has already been paid for is posted on my travel list. If you have an interest in meeting me outside of my paid travel, know that I do not travel anywhere without my expenses covered. This promotion also guarantees you first pick on session time. If you wait, chances are my availibility is tight as I book throughout the year with production companies, other clients, and promotional work.*****


Qualifying males and submissives for private sessions have these attributes:


-Clean, fit, healthy, sober males of all ages 

-Straightforward and excellent communication skills 

-Safe and able to provide at least 2 solid references (A reference is a model/wrestler with whom you have sessioned with before)

-Respectful, devoted, and positive (Do not contact me for nasty services that you can get from your local strip club)


For the most current updates, follow me on Twitter! @Sunshine_Tampa

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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
07-20-2018 07-22-2018 Detroit Michigan United States
08-12-2018 08-14-2018 Portland Oregon United States
09-25-2018 09-30-2018 Manhattan New York United States
09-25-2018 09-30-2018 Newark New Jersey United States
I allow MOST fetishes in my private sessions. Provide a simple introduction of yourself details of your interests and 2 references from previous sessions in order to receive a reply. I DO NOT respond to anything else. Sessions are a one hour minimum require a nonrefundable deposit and cannot guarantee ability to reschedule if you arrive more than 15 minutes past agreed session time. I have arranged to host the session so I will NOT take a TaxiUberLiftBus to meet you anywhere. Zero exceptions. If you cannot arrange a session during my travel dates you may arrange your own flight and hotel to session with me in Tampa Florida.


Met with Sunshine in Newark for a scissors session. She is as attractive in person as her photo’s seen here. What was surprising is she was a lot stronger than her photos might lead you to believe. Her headscissors were incredible and made me tap more than once to prevent me from passing out. She was very friendly and it was obvious that she really enjoys what she does. I found Sunshine to be a true professional who knows how to communicate well and enthusiastic about her sessions. I never had the feeling that she was just going through the motions, she was high energy and considerate in making sure I
had all the scissors I could take before I left. I definitely can recommend Sunshine without hesitation, great looks ..great attitude and killer legs.


I don't know where to begin here. From the communication to setting everything up, Sunshine was certainly on point. Not knowing how she would adapt to doing our shoots, I was somewhat skeptical. Once she arrived her sheer energy was amazing. She picked up quickly as we did some training. For the remainder of our shoots, she took direction well, and kicked some serious ass. This girl is a legitimate trooper. She is powerful, and her looks are very deceitful, she can roll for sure. Sunshine to date, has been one of the best girls that we have hosted here. We all here very much look forward to bringing her back again soon, and utilizing her every potential. Sunshine managed to plow through all of our planned shoots, even taking a few well deserved victories over our house girl. She has such a positive attitude and great work ethic. If you are looking to hire her for sessions or for shoots, you have come to the right place, don't hesitate one bit. She is a jack of all trades in this business. If there was a star rating 12 out of 10. Looking forward to working with you again.

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