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Weight: 120 lbs - 54.4 kg
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Irish, dominant, punctual. I provide fetish exploration and of course good old fashioned wrestling sessions to those who deserve my time. Do not mistake me for any of the other wrestlers in the USA. I am down to kick your ass 365 days a year.





Due to the overwhelming amount of timewasters, I now have a 3 email maximum. Should you decide to respond to me without the information I ask for, you will find yourself looking elsewhere. I do not tolerate back and forth nonsense. If you want a quick response, you will send me the following:


-Your name, your experience, your interests. If you dont include all of your interests, you wont get them in your session.

-Your session location. I live in Tampa Florida, if you are located elsewhere, you will session on the dates I have already planned to travel. I do not host in Tampa, so if you travel to Tampa you must reserve a hotel within my availability. 

-References. A reference is defined as another female you have sessioned with that will guarantee my safety. These individuals may contact me via email to validate your session history. 

*Strippers, Webcam models, Escorts, P411, Sugars, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Backpage, Craigslist, Cellphone numbers, friends, college roomates, and neighbors are NOT accepted as a reference*


 If you would like me to travel to your city of preference, and all of the above has been sent, Im happy to session with you once my Hotel and Airfare have been paid. Once both have been covered on my preffered dates, your session time with me is free. If you cannot cover all of my travel expenses, you can session with me when someone else pays, at my regular tribute. 


What do you offer?

Im open to most fetishes, BDSM, Wrestling, etc. Again, include what it is exactly you are looking for. Remember, you have a 3 email maximum. If you decide to send me one sentence, chances are I wont have any interest in responding. I do NOT offer the following:


-XXX activity (If you dont know what this means you probably shouldnt be emailing me). 

-Fluid exchange. I do not give any jobs. 

-GFE, sugarbaby, Skype sessions, texting, dinner dates, movie dates, sexting, free photos, meet-ups, frat parties, swinger parties, erotic photography, videos for your personal collection, etc. 


I have excellent reviews, a plethora of exeperience, and no time for games. You can waste other peoples time, but you wont be wasting mine. 



Services Offered

Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
2 on 1 Wrestling
Tickle Wrestling
Belly Punching


Read my ABOUT ME section.

Everything with Sunshine was absolutely Amazing from start to finish. In fact, so great that I ended up booking a second session 2 days after the first! She was super responsive to emails and we had the time/date/session details all worked out on the same day that I sent my original email. She is also absolutely gorgeous with an amazing body.

As for the session, I am into Ballbusting and Mixed Wrestling to it was a essentially a Semi-Competitive Wrestling Session with my balls being fair game. I’m a pretty big guy and definitely don’t tap out easily, but between how strong her legs were and how well-aimed her attacks were to my balls were ... I never really stood a chance and ended up tapping out over and over. Any move I tried while standing failed pretty quickly because it would just end with me on the ground from a knee, slap, punch, or kick to my balls. And once Sunshine has you on the ground, you’ll really see how skilled she is at wrestling and how strong her legs are. Once she’s got you locked in pretty much any type of scissor, chances are you’re not going anywhere. Her go-to method of Ballbusting once I was down was squeezing ... and she didn’t hold back! Once I was locked into a scissor hold, I knew what was coming next. Sunshine would reach down and squeeze and twist my nuts SO hard until I couldn’t take it any more and had to tap out.

100% will be seeing her EVERY time I’m in Florida and recommend her to everyone ... you’ll love it!


I had an awesome tickle wrestling session with Sunshine in Philly. She is such a nice person, easy to get along with, and so fun! She is more attractive than her beautiful pics. She is a bit ticklish though.


Just had my 2nd session with Sunshine and she was just as amazing as the 1st time. She has the innocent, smoking hot girl next door look, is flirty, the ultimate tease and has a sexy, tan body that she spent the entire 2 hours wrapping around every part of me in extremely creative ways. And I spent the entire 2 hours unable to free myself and at her complete mercy. No matter how she started with with wrapping her body around me, as I squirmed unsuccessfully, she slowly worked herself to getting her outrageously fit, tan, sexy, toned and crushingly strong legs around my neck and continuously squeezed me to the brink of consciousness, ignoring most of my taps. She would then let up just a little and then slowly squeeze again until I was once again on the brink. When I was clearly unable to take anymore, she held me and controlled me with her legs and worked her way up to smothering me with her perfect ass. She got me in every head scissors imaginable and would pretzel her legs to pull my head deep into her thighs, which gave her maximum ko power and she squeezed me mercilessly. She also spent a ton of time smothering me with every facesitting position possible. For someone so amazingly good looking and sweet to control me with such ease, through lighting quick speed, outstanding technical knowledge, unmatched skill and superior strength, all while teasing and taunting me in the sexiest way and looking down at me with that gorgeous, innocent’s why Sunshine is always worth every penny. She’s simply the best in every regard; from communication to exceeding your request to giving you the perfect session experience.

I’ve had quite a few sessions and, while most of the girls I’ve sessioned with have always been outstanding, none compare to Sunshine.

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