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Location: naperville chicago, Illinois
E-mail: switch.emma@gmail.com
Skype: https://noorderloos2
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Member for about 8 years
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Height: 5'3” - 160 cm
Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 8
Deadlift: 220 lbs

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I always travel with mats mats, i m training brazilian jiu jitsu intensively (purple belt), and weight training for 14 years , just drop me a message for more information i travel a lot , you can always email me if you have a destination in mind (put the city in the title) 

when i m not travelling you can book me naperville (book in the wknd of the week before if possible)



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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
07-26-2021 07-31-2021 Chicago Illinois
07-30-2021 07-31-2021 naperville Illinois
08-04-2021 08-06-2021 dallas Texas
08-06-2021 08-08-2021 austin Texas
09-09-2021 09-11-2021 Washington DC District of Columbia
09-11-2021 09-12-2021 baltimore Maryland
10-07-2021 10-10-2021 New York New York
10-10-2021 10-12-2021 hartford Connecticut
travelling i require a deposit bookings should be made well in advance because if i don t receive bookings 2 weeks after posting i ll choose another city. i always travel with mats if you want to see me somewhere and your city is not listed just send me an email with the nearest possible big city in title and a date request i see if i can get there try not to wait till last minute before contacting me when you see a travel announced because without early bookings i might cancel or choose another city when I m not touring you could see me in Naperville Illinois. i m there 1day a week book in a week in advance if you want to choose what date every friday i ll decide what day i ll be in naperville the week after so book by friday

Recently sessioned with this gal July/2021.
Emma is careful not to injury you but with her strength and skill she more than capable of doing so. Take as much as you can handle and tap because you won't get out of any of her holds and she will hardly even be trying. She is fit and can wrestle you for days! The set of abs she has are incredible! And she is every bit as strong as she looks and then some. I will session with her again next time she is near! Easy to setup sessions with, not a clock watcher and very accommodating.


I had a session with Emma Switch and what can I say? Well she is beautiful inside and out.
Beautiful personality.
She has an absolutely stunning muscular physique, seriously her body looks powerful. And powerful it is indeed, especially when she gets a hold of you.
I have grappling skills myself on the ground but she absolutely destroyed me. Catching me in all sorts of holds.
She's amazing at transitioning from headscissors to members and back to headscissors at any angle with ease.
Her headscissors are so strong and painful that I was internally begging to pass out because of the pressure she applied to my neck was brutal haha.
And that's exactly what happened, she knocked me out three times and there was nothing I could do about it because she's that skilled and powerful.
Also Emma is so fast that she doesn't give you any time to think or really react.
I highly recommend booking a session with Emma as she is worth it and one of the best out there, especially if you seek competitive. 
Emma is the only one who just flat out dominated and made me feel helpless and I loved every second of it and hope to do it again in the future.
Do yourself a favour.


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 Re: Emma Switch

Hi, i had a couple weeks ago my first session with Emma.
It was very great. We meet in a nice hotel. She was very professionel.
She looks little in height, but she has iron muscles. I was trying very fanantic to make a win. But before you now, she flipped me, and takes me in a hard scissorhold. Between the fun in, there was time to relax, drink some water, and go again. I sufferd between her legs, she grappled me, and before i knew, i was in a un escapebale sleeperhold.
I have enjoyed every minute of it. She is really great. Nice person. Tiny 
But a hell of techniqs to throw you around the room. Even het arms are around your neck... You feel the muscles strenght.... I was a red face in no time. I have tapped many times. It was a great time, and i am sure that we gonna have a lot more sessions. Emma is one of the greatest in her job!!!! Try it guys. Worth it. Every minute!!!! Big 10 out of 10

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