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Location: Atlanta, Georgia
E-mail: booking@tamaramakar.me
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Physique: Bodybuilder

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About Me

First of all let me answer 2 VERY IMPORTANT questions: my height is 165 cm and my weight is 75 kg.

If you want to know my other measurements please kindly check out my videos. 

Now down to more serious things:

Im an IFBB Pro bodybuilder currently staying in The greater Atlanta area, GA. Ive been competing since 2011, Im an amateur  British and World Champion. I have martial arts background, I used to do Kyokushin karate before I started bodybuilding. I am available for private sessions in Atlanta GA, and travel to other states/cities on the dates that I advertise on here. If you’d like me to visit your state/city please drop me a line. If I get enough interest from a city I’m happy to visit.

Please note:

NO (semi) competitive wrestling

NO lift and carry - no matter how light you are



Please check out my twitter for more information or contact me on booking@tamaramakar.me if you would like to know more. 

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
09-27-2021 09-27-2021 Minneapolis Minnesota
09-28-2021 09-28-2021 Sioux Falls South Dakota
09-29-2021 09-29-2021 Omaha Nebraska
10-07-2021 10-10-2021 Orlando Florida
10-15-2021 10-15-2021 Charlotte North Carolina
10-16-2021 10-16-2021 Richmond Virginia
10-17-2021 10-17-2021 Washington DC District of Columbia
10-18-2021 10-19-2021 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
10-20-2021 10-21-2021 Newark New Jersey
10-22-2021 10-22-2021 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
10-23-2021 10-23-2021 Cleveland Ohio
10-24-2021 10-24-2021 Detroit Michigan
10-25-2021 10-25-2021 Columbus Ohio
10-26-2021 10-26-2021 Lexington Kentucky
AVAILABLE ON WEBCAM Skype For bookings please contact booking@tamaramakar.me DEPOSIT REQUIRED FOR ALL BOOKINGS! Polite note When you contact me please put the country and city in the subject field and in the email put down what you would like to do in the session and when you are available. Florida tour in August in COMPETITION SHAPE - VIP meetings - book in advance to avoid disappointment!

I got introduced to this fantastic lady about 6 years ago. She posted an announcement that she was in my city. It was the first time for me to know that she was in my city and... When I saw her pictures I was like; where have you been before??

I contacted her right away. She was very responsive and decent. She didn't ask about too much details and for me I like organic sessions that goes the way it goes. I was aiming mainly for wrestling and strength comparison but I kept my options open. I am not a big guy at all. I am 5'10" and my maximum weight was 125lbs, back then I was around 110, 112lbs.

We agreed that we will meet infront of this famous place that is walking distance from the apartment she rented. I arrived on time and gave her a nudge, she replied right away. Few minutes later I can see her approaching me with her golden blonde hair.

She was wearing a black printed gym tight shirt and small jeans shorts. She looked incredible! I don't know if pictures were a bit misleading or because she later told me that she was at her heaviest off-season shape and that she weighs 187lbs packed on 5'5" height. Her shoulders were super wide, her arms were cartoonishly big and shaped, her legs were out of this world

I smiled so that she notices it's me, she smiled back and we shock hands. Her hands were pretty firm. She asked me to follow her to the apartment and I did. I felt like a mouse following this goddess.

We reached her building. She took the stairs. It was narrow and long. I was following her going up so my eye sight was on the same level of her massive quads. I can see them making shapes with every stair.

I went into the apartment, there was a huge thick carpet that looked like a perfect wrestling area, and there was a huge mirror on the wall infront of it. I asked her for the bathroom so I can change my clothes.

I came out wearing a T-shirt and boxers. She was waiting for me in a very nice bikini. Revealing her size and definition. Although she was off-season, she looked incredibly defined! Her abs were solidly popping out like powerlifters.

We started with comparisons. We stood next to each other infront of the mirror and... I looked like a pencil next to her enormous body girth. It was extremely ridiculous in a good way. And although I am about 5 feet taller than her; her hand was the same size as mine in terms of length, but it was much much wider and thicker than my lanky ones for sure.

When I asked her for wrestling she was laughing, that comparison moment made her sure that I have no chance. She didn't move and she let me do whatever I can. I tried to wipe her ankle with mine but it was like moving a tree from it's roots. I tried several times and she was barley moving. And at some point she just moved her leg back against mine, so instead of me tacking her, she tackled me and I fell on my back like a toy. She bent down as if she miss used her strength apologizing.

At a certain moment; I don't know what happened but she folded me and flipped me and I fell with my cheat over her back while she was bending. She stayed like that for a while and my arms and legs were dangling, she was laughing, she. Started doing stretches while I was on her back.

It was a no competitive wrestling whatsoever. She even held me from my waist while I was trying another pathetic tackling move and moved me around like a ragdoll. She was laughing with enjoyment. She never took me seriously on the carpet until she grabbed me once and give me a bear hug, squeezing me into her rock solid wide body with her massive arms, I felt like a stick and my feet went off the ground. She was always laughing.

Apart from that lift and carry is not her speciality; Tamara is incredibly strong. She cradled me effortlessly. She even lift me from under my armpits with ease. Although she had a shoulder injury.

Tamara is a very beautiful woman with a killer sense of humour. Her dark jokes with her hot British accent making fun of me or anything else always cracked me up. She is an amazing lady that I would honestly love to hangout with even without a session. Not a clock watcher. I stayed with her for extra 30 minutes talking and laughing.

Highly, highly recommend guys.


The amount of muscle she's packing is crazy, she came to TN to visit and was very accommodating. Good chat and an absolutely killer physique, her arms are just to die for, as are her legs.


I met Tamara for a muscle worship session in Tampa just a few days after she competed in the Chicago Pro show (in Atlanta). First of all, she’s really beautiful, and she’s also very nice and sweet. She made me feel at ease right away, and I always get a bit nervous during sessions. I also love her charming British accent, and I found her very interesting to speak with regarding her world travels.

But the best part on Tamara is… she really is in amazing shape, and is just very hard and well-built all over! I was especially impressed by her pecs, hamstrings, biceps and triceps. Tamara is very sexy and sweet – a dangerous combination! And great feet too!

I highly recommend meeting Tamara for a session, and make sure you reach out if she travels to your area for sessions. I give her an A+, and I’d love to meet her again sometime soon.

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