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Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 150 lbs - 68 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 38

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Scissor Foxes


 Absolute Mixed Wrestling 1

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HTM boxing

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Fun, strong and ready!!! Lets play ;)


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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
02-18-2020 02-19-2020 Chicago Illinois United States
02-19-2020 02-20-2020 Denver Colorado United States
02-20-2020 02-21-2020 Las Vegas Nevada United States
02-21-2020 02-22-2020 San Diego California United States
02-22-2020 02-24-2020 Los Angeles California United States
02-24-2020 02-25-2020 San Francisco California United States
02-25-2020 02-26-2020 Seattle Washington United States
02-26-2020 02-27-2020 Phoenix Arizona United States
03-01-2020 03-03-2020 New york New York United States
03-03-2020 03-04-2020 Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
03-04-2020 03-05-2020 Boston Massachusetts United States
03-05-2020 03-06-2020 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States
03-06-2020 03-08-2020 Columbus Ohio United States
03-08-2020 03-09-2020 Minneapolis Minnesota United States
03-09-2020 03-10-2020 Milwaukee Wisconsin United States
03-10-2020 03-10-2020 Kansas City Missouri United States
03-11-2020 03-12-2020 Austin Texas United States
03-24-2020 03-25-2020 Lisbon Portugal
03-25-2020 03-26-2020 Frankfurt Germany
03-26-2020 03-28-2020 London United Kingdom
03-29-2020 03-30-2020 New York New York United States
03-30-2020 03-31-2020 Newark New Jersey United States
04-06-2020 04-07-2020 Minneapolis Minnesota United States
04-07-2020 04-08-2020 Chicago Illinois United States
04-08-2020 04-09-2020 Indianapolis Indiana United States
04-09-2020 04-11-2020 Toronto Canada
04-20-2020 04-21-2020 Atlanta Georgia United States
04-21-2020 04-22-2020 Charlotte North Carolina United States
04-22-2020 04-23-2020 Baltimore Maryland United States
04-23-2020 04-26-2020 New York New York United States
04-26-2020 04-27-2020 Jersey City New Jersey United States
04-27-2020 04-28-2020 St louis Missouri United States
04-28-2020 04-29-2020 Kansas City Missouri United States
04-29-2020 04-30-2020 Houston Texas United States

I just had my second session with TP January 21 of last month In Albany,NY. It was out of this world I had a sleeper holds only wrestling session It was the best session I ever had. TP Is my favorite session wrestler I ever wrestled. TP's sleeper holds are the best sleeper holds I ever been In. TP Is a beautiful and gorgeous person. Setting up a session with TP Is very easy she answers e-mails quickly. I can't wait till our next encounter. Thanks TP for another amazing session can't wait to see you again
Thanks Rich


I Just had my first session with Kelly. Let me just say It was out of this world. I had a sleeper hold & scissor hold session with TP and It was amazing. Kelly's sleeper holds are to die for and her scissor holds are also to die for TP had me drooling In her sleepers & scissors. Kelly Is the most friendlyest,beautiful, kind and the most compassionate woman I ever met. Setting up a session with Kelly Is easy & simple she answers her e-mails quickly. For those guy's that are Into sleeper holds TP will not disappoint her sleepers are amazing. I can't wait to see TP again Thanks for a great session can't wait to rumble with you again. Thanks Rich


I did an hr l&c session with tapered physique back in October. Im 5'7 190lb and she lifted me with one arm to start it off. Then she squeezed the fuck out of my head grabbed me by the shirt and threw me over her shoulder then walked and started trash talking. I will highly recommend her. She is easy going and carries a great conversation. Thanks tapered physique. Coffee guy

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