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Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 150 lbs - 68 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 37

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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
04-22-2019 04-23-2019 San Diego California United States
04-23-2019 04-24-2019 San Francisco California United States
04-24-2019 04-25-2019 Seattle Washington United States
04-29-2019 04-29-2019 Fort Lauderdale Florida United States
05-02-2019 05-02-2019 Miami Florida United States
05-07-2019 05-08-2019 Hartford Connecticut United States
05-08-2019 05-09-2019 Newark New Jersey United States
05-09-2019 05-10-2019 New York New York United States
05-16-2019 05-16-2019 West palm beach Florida United States
05-19-2019 05-20-2019 Baltimore Maryland United States
05-20-2019 05-21-2019 Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
05-21-2019 05-22-2019 Dallas Texas United States
05-22-2019 05-26-2019 Shreveport Louisiana United States
05-28-2019 05-29-2019 New York New York United States
05-30-2019 06-02-2019 Toronto Canada
06-03-2019 06-04-2019 Buffalo New York United States
06-04-2019 06-05-2019 Albany New York United States
06-05-2019 06-06-2019 Portland Maine United States
April 2019 Currently in prep for summer IFBB pro debut

Just saw TP last night in LA, this would be my third time. I actually gained a few pounds (I’m about 230) and when she lifts me she asks if I got lighter! We are over 80 pounds apart! That’s how strong this women is in such a small frame but damn, rock solid. Perfect combo of beauty and beast, strong and sweet. This woman never stops amazing me each session. Never a dull moment, super unique. I can go on and on for days about her I think. She never even struggled during every lift and they were quite a few! Love this woman!


I have always been reluctant to book a match with a female bodybuilder, falsely assuming they were going to be limited in speed and flexibility due to their muscularity. Something about Kelly's profile changed my mind. Her sassy hairstyle and sultry smile made me think, "this girl looks like a real ass-kicker!" I was right!

Before I get into the "painful" details, I first want to point out that Kelly could run the customer service department of most major corporations. I requested two separate changes to our initial meeting arrangements that would be more convenient for me. She complied both times. Super cordial. Super professional.

On the mats, Tapered Physique quickly dispelled all the misconceptions I had about wrestling a female bodybuilder. She was lightning quick, strong but very athletic. Her hot, toned curves twisted, squeezed, and stretched me into a true believer of muscular femininity. You can tell Kelly is a real lady wrestler, using an array of headscissors, armbars, rnc's, and crabs to punish me. One of the highlights was when she sprawled on my back, forcing me down on my face. Foolishly, I then tried to impress her with my farm boy strength by sitting out with her still perched on my shoulders, thinking I would flip her with a firemans carry. Suddenly, she had me clamped tight in a scissored crucifix. As she squeezed, she ground my shoulder blades together, giggling as I twitched and moaned in agony, giving me the safe but rough match I asked for. And the trash talk, hairpulling, and gut punching were as good as any given by Judy Martin or Ann Casey in the ring. Can't wait for the rematch this summer!


Just had a fantastic and fun session with Ms. “Tapered Physique” (TP). I had requested a competitive match and she was only too happy to deliver (like, REALLY happy :) Turns out she is an amazing mix of hard-core, focused, intensity (during the battle) and friendly, outgoing, unreserved personality between falls. Thirty seconds after meeting her and it was like we were old friends – no pressure, no pretense, (and no filters :)

I have no doubt that TP can dial the intensity up or down however you like but for me it’s all about the competition. She figured out pretty quickly that I didn’t want her to hold back and she certainly obliged (she actually growled at me a few times during the match – VERY intense :) At the same time, she could not have been more concerned with my safety during the battle. She was careful to avoid causing any serious pain (a little pain is okay :) and checked me out thoroughly to make sure I was okay after an unfortunate run-in with gravity (ouchie).

For anyone who is wondering – yeah – those muscles are REAL. I shared a picture of TP with another Session Girl as I was preparing for this match. She gave her the nickname “Ms. Perfect Muscles” (just a HINT of sarcastic envy?) and then said she would pray for me to survive. I DID survive (and I’m sure the prayer helped :) but my pride got nicked when I challenged TP to arm wrestle (what the HECK was I thinking?). Went down in flames with the right hand - first loss :( but did manage to slightly redeem myself left-handed. I mention that in the hope she’ll want to hurry back for some revenge :)

Always good to mention the basics. Setting up the session and making the arrangements (time, date, location, deposit, type of session, etc.) was incredibly easy and TP is super-responsive to emails in spite of her busy schedule. There was a small glitch with her flight into town but she kept me well informed and we worked through it with absolutely no problem. I don’t believe there’s any way you won’t have a thoroughly enjoyable session with Ms. Tapered Physique and I truly can’t wait for a chance at a re-match.

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