Location: Oakland, Northern California
E-mail: theblytheshow@protonmail.com
Phone: 1 213 866 0162 - text only
Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 30
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Had the opportunity to see Blythe a few weeks ago and I had an fantastic visit. Her pics are accurate. She is very pretty, but the pics don’t fully capture her beautiful spirit. We did a fantasy wrestling session. I have been doing this a while and she surprised me with a few moves that I wasn’t expecting that made me wince (and smile). Although relatively new to the scene, she is great. I shudder to think what she will be capable of as she gets more experience. She has a great laugh, is super playful, but has a mean streak that I love.


I had the pleasure of meeting Blythe on her last visit to Los Angles. Blythe has a great attitude, fun outgoing and incredibly feisty. Setting up a session with her was easy and shes great at communicating what she will and will not do. I asked for a non competitive grappling session, and I wanted her to be mean, and dominant. As soon as the session started she surprised me with her tenacity. I did not want to make it easy on her, and she could tell. She is a very fierce competitor, and the more I fought back the harder she tried. I resisted her for a while, However, once she caught me in rear naked choke and applied pressure, it was all downhill from there. She submitted me over and over with, scissor and chokes all with a smile on her face. At the time she was new to grappling sessions. Even though she was not a jujitsu expert, she was able to keep me helpless in a variety of holds and submissions. Once she got in an advantageous position there was no way for me to escape.  She enjoyed the session as much as I did and has become one of my favorites. I cannot wait to see her again.


Future Blythe victims prepare for an exciting matchup. I signed up for a competitive session hoping I could stand half a chance and soon learned I was no match. Blythe is able to easily dominate with her strength, aggressiveness, and knowledge of many wrestling and submission techniques. It was nonstop action for one hour of beatdown. Blythe also has a place with mats to provide plenty of room to try and survive the mayhem. Blythe is accommodating and able to do a session with less pain if you desire. Otherwise, if you dare, an unforgettably fun session located in northern California.


I’ve been fortunate enough to session twice with Blythe. Blythe is amazing, intelligent, sensual, strict, caring & intuitive. She has a wonderful energy about her, she’s very fluid and keeps you guessing. My time spent with her was incredible, she challenged me, she pushed my limits and effortlessly incorporated all the kinks we discussed in our pre session communication. It was two of the best sessions that I’ve ever had, if you’re thinking about booking with her, run don’t hesitate you won’t regret it. Blythe is one in a million, a needle in a hay stack. I think about her often, and I’m understand my kinks better now after seeing her. I highly recommend booking a session with Blythe!


Blythe is definitely one of the best.

She is professional (in the best possible way):
Fair regarding money. Having agreed a session fee, I offered her extra money to chat at length on WhatsApp beforehand. She treated the extra money as a deposit and deducted it from the agreed session fee. She could easily have treated it as additional to the session fee (which was my intention).
Actually incorportes pre session requests into the session, without having to be reminded of them on the day of the session. Surprisingly enough, this is an area where I find many travelling girls to be lacking - they are so busy with everything else that they often forget specific client requests.
Clear on what she would do & wouldn't do. One thing I asked was for her to start the session with her hands tied behind her back. I knew this was an ambituous request, especially as we had never met before. She said 'no' to this but said she'll see how the session goes and may do it later in the session.
Great on emails. Fast, clear and direct communicator. She never made me feel like a nuisance.

The session itself was just perfect. Her experience as a domme gives her an aura of confidence - but, at the same time, she is lovely - very personable & easy to talk to.

We did a mix of regular wrestling and bondage wrestling. She decided what we would do and when (as requested by me in the pre session emails). She is fast, athletic, very strong legs, good with rope, knows most of the traditional session wrestling moves. She talks to you while she is beating you - whispers in your ear, making it a very intimate experience. I was no match for her at all. She even allowed me to tie her hands behind her back but I still couldn't stop her from pinning or submitting me.

She downplayed her rope-tying abilities before the session - but the only person I've wrestled with better rope skills than her was VeVe Lane. She managed to get me in some really neat looking knots - she clearly had rope skills - most girls don't. She was also a ruthless torturer once I was tied up - primarily tickle torture and some hand-over-mouth.

Blythe is definitely one of the best session providers. She is at the top or close to the top in all areas that matter - looks, intelligence, personality, professionalism, wrestling skills (she wouldn't be a match for 'pros' like Sheena but she is a very good wrestler), bondage wrestling skills, communication, etc.


Thanks so much for this great review! Can't wait to torture you again !! ;)

Ghost Nappa

She refused to answer my questions in regards to what I potentially wanted to do in a session and tried to relink me to a site to pay per message/call instead. Don’t waste your time with this one unless you want to be beaten around the bush and scammed!


A woman looking to monetize off of an entitled (and probably rude) man is hardly a scam at all. Blythe is an exceptional provider and I imagine you must have done something wrong to warrant such a response.


I can't recommend Blythe enough! I emailed her to book a session the night before I was available. Blythe was quick to respond, concise, and very accommodating. Setting up the appointment was a breeze. Her great communication via email translated to the session. She asks lots of questions to make sure you're having a great time.

As far as the wrestling itself: she's fast and stronger than she looks. I'm shorter and a bit heavier than her and have no training in any grappling martial art, so she kicked my butt for most of my hour.

During our email exchange I asked if she was open to some semi-competitive boxing for part of our session even though it's not a service listed on her page and she obliged. Come to find out during our session that I was the first person she did any semi-comp boxing with! We didn't box for long -- she wanted to conserve some energy for other wrestling clients she had that day -- but I really liked that she wasn't afraid to try something new.


I have sessioned with a number of terrific and experienced women here, such as Ashley Wildcat, Lia Labowe, and Master Kayla, and I'm happy to say that Blythe was one of the most fun sessions I've ever experienced. She is relatively new and so isn't as technical as some other women, but don't let that fool you: she's strong, fast, and most notably very aggressive. She's so competitive that she almost can't help taking it to you, which is a thrill, and if you walk in untrained or unprepared she will probably kick your ass (she certainly kicked mine!)

In addition to being a terrifically fun wrestler, what really elevates a session with her is the incorporation of domination elements into the session, as you might expect given her background. She is very communicative before the session about what you want, and skillfully incorporates your preferences into the session. I understand some people like to either go full wrestling or full fantasy/domination, but with Blythe the combination makes the other better (it's more fun to be "dominated" after you've legitimately lost.)

As other people have said, she's not as well known yet, but it's very hard to imagine she won't soon be.


Wow! I recently had the pleasure of having a session with Blythe. Totally blew me away in her approach, attitude and professionalism. If you are ever in the area this is a must do!! She is stunning, smart, skilled and very accommodating. I had such a great time.
Thank you Blythe, hope to do it again someday!


What a woman! I can only share the opinion of the first sessiongirls report. Blythe is a hidden gem for now, but won't be for long!! From her we will hear and read much more.

It start my review with the Mail communication. Already at this stage, I was sure that she must be a lovely and a very trustful person.

Then the reality. Beautiful, incredibly sexy, funny, intelligent and very open (loves languages and cultures). She is experienced, she has no fear of contact and she is, whatever you like, competitive, or domination, the perfect woman for every wish. For ages, I have not had so much fun. Among my 200 sessions certainly a place among the first 5. Good that she is living far away from Austria. I wouldn’t be in the position to afford a session every day.


I've had two delightful sessions with Blythe, and I'm looking forward to coming back for more! She's a talented and competitive wrestler: athletic, flexible, imaginative, and very powerful. On top of all that, she's lovely and a great conversationalist. The icing on the cake is that she can switch between pure wrestling and domination as needed, which adds a nice spice to the session. I heartily recommend spending some time with her - you won't be disappointed!


Blythe is a hidden gem for now, but won't be for long. She checks all of the boxes: appears to her genuinely enjoy sessions, is very in tune with what you like and tailors her approach accordingly, and is super hot, fun, and easy to talk to.

I met Blythe for what I thought would be a semi comp session but which blended into comp a few times because she's so naturally competitive and loves to go full out. She told me she is just getting started on grappling training, but she's so naturally strong and aggressive that I think most untrained guys who aren't elite athletes would find her more than a challenge.

She isn't at all afraid of the fact this a fetish, which is fabulous. Great role playing.

Don't miss out. Book with Blythe. You'll be happy you did.

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