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Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg
Physique: Curvy
Age: 28

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I am a professional full-time traveling model, specializing in fetish, in addition to glamour and art. I offer fantasy to semi-competitive wrestling, pins, tests of strength, scissors, chokes, one-sidedboxing, ballbusting, breath play, inflincting bondage, foot domination/worship, and tickling. There may be a few other Im not thinking of at the moment. But, as long as it isnt erotic in content, feel free to ask. I am not comfortable offering KOs without a tag-team partner present. Too much liability for my preference. I do REQUIRE REFERENCES to book. 

Sessions with me consist of entirely non-nude and non-sexual fetishes, and include athleticism. However, I do not do sessions that run a high risk of me getting hurt or obtaining major bruises (gotta stay bruise-free for my  modeling work). I dont offer lift and carry sessions. And again, I do not engage in sessions involving contact with either my own or your genitals. There will be absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS to these limitations, so do not bother reaching out to me if you think you can convince me otherwise. Because you wont.  

I tour 2-4 U.S. cities each month and therefore availability is limited, and rates are firm. I conduct myself with my always bubbly personality, but also a high standard of professionalism. And I will be expecting the same, with no tolerance for deviating from such. Another note Id like to emphasize is that if you suddenly become sick (even with just a simple head cold) prior to our scheduled session, please notify me immediately. Because I travel full-time for work, I cant risk getting sick and passing it along to my clients. This is very important to me, and is a courtesy I give to my clients as well. We work with such close body contact that the risk of contagion is amplified. Please be considerate in respecting this request!

I look forward to working with you! When you send me a message to inquire about a session, I need you to state your name, city and state you are based out of/ where our session might take place, and be as detailed and clear as possible so that we can cut through the lengthy process and get straight to the point. Also, I will expect references if we are going to follow through with coordinating a session, so be prepared to provide them. I accept bookings through email only.

Thank you!

-Karly S.

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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
01-20-2020 01-23-2020 Los Angeles California United States
01-25-2020 01-29-2020 Oahu Hawaii United States
01-25-2020 01-29-2020 Honolulu Hawaii United States
02-01-2020 02-04-2020 Denver Colorado United States
02-05-2020 02-08-2020 Newark New Jersey United States
02-09-2020 02-11-2020 Manhattan New York United States
02-09-2020 02-11-2020 Queens New York United States
02-13-2020 02-29-2020 Denver Colorado United States
03-05-2020 03-06-2020 Fort Lauderdale Florida United States
03-07-2020 03-08-2020 Orlando Florida United States
03-16-2020 03-17-2020 St Petersburg Florida United States
03-16-2020 03-17-2020 Tampa Florida United States
03-19-2020 03-31-2020 Denver Colorado United States
04-01-2020 04-03-2020 Dallas Texas United States
04-03-2020 04-05-2020 Austin Texas United States
04-05-2020 04-07-2020 Houston Texas United States
04-09-2020 04-21-2020 Denver Colorado United States
04-23-2020 04-24-2020 Des Moines Iowa United States
04-25-2020 04-27-2020 Kansas City Missouri United States
04-25-2020 04-27-2020 Kansas City Kansas United States
04-27-2020 04-29-2020 Chicago Illinois United States
05-01-2020 05-10-2020 Denver Colorado United States
Contact to book sessions on any of my travels! OR book directly through my website

I have been sessioning for a long time. She is hands down the prettiest session girl I have ever met and one of the strongest!


Well being my third session to date I was beginning to get minimal experience. Setting up the session was very very easy.

Karly’s photos are incredible but really don’t paint the real picture. She is stunning and her personality is just fantastic and full of fun. Her personality definitely makes her beauty stand out.

Of my 3 experiences, this was by far the best! When I first saw her size (about half my size) I figured she would have a hard time putting me in any type of position that would be complicated for me to escape. Little did I know that her control of me was outstanding. I tried and tried and tried to get out of every single hold, but it was just impossible. Smiling her way through the process. I’m not sure if she was going 100%, but I was trying to get out and just could not.

I really hope we will have a chance to cross paths again in Brussels or somewhere else. I need another chance at this !


Tried posting a review a few days ago but for whatever reason it doesn’t seem to have made it 😞 So will try again...

I met Karly last weekend and it was such an amazing experience. One I would certainly like to do again!

Setting up the session was simple, a couple of emails and I was there, paying deposit was no issue too. And when I got to see Karly in person on the day, she looked so beautiful! The photos themselves are great, but just wow 😊

I was a tad nervous whilst travelling to meet her which is perhaps a little normal, but she put me at ease so quickly, a couple of minutes chatting and I was fine. Karly makes sure you get exactly what you want from a session and puts a lot of effort into understanding your limits/expectations etc. We mostly tried out various scissor holds but also threw in a bit of playful wrestling too.

I could only watch on as Karly laughed and giggled her way through most of the session whilst having her thighs clamped around my head or my body, she loved it just as much as I did! And boy you could really feel those legs squeeze when trapped in her reverse headscissor too! Towards the end I could only get out once she allowed it.

Whilst taking short breaks in between she was such a lovely person to talk to, and we laughed about so much. I was gutted when the couple of hours were finally up.

I will certainly be looking out for Karly to come back one day, and I recommend you look out for her in your area too!

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