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Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Curvy
Age: 29

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I am a professional full-time traveling model, specializing in fetish. I offer fantasy to semi-competitive wrestling, pins, tests of strength, scissors, chokes, one-sidedboxing, ballbusting, breath play, inflincting bondage, foot domination/worship, and tickling, etc. As long as it isnt sexually explicit, feel free to ask. I am not comfortable offering KOs for liability purposes. I do REQUIRE REFERENCES to book. I am only touring when trips are SPONSORED. Inquire to sponsor a trip, if you are interested in having me come to your city.

Sessions with me consist of entirely non-nude and non-sexual fetishes. However, I do not do sessions that run a high risk of me getting hurt or obtaining major bruises (gotta stay bruise-free for my  modeling work). I dont offer lift & carry or fully competitive sessions.I do not engage in sessions involving contact with either my own or your genitals. There will be absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS to these limitations, so do not bother reaching out to me if you think you can convince me otherwise. Because you wont.  

I tour up to 2-4 U.S. cities each month and therefore availability is limited, and rates are firm. I conduct myself with my always bubbly personality, but also a high standard of professionalism. And I will be expecting the same, with no tolerance for deviating from such. Another note Id like to emphasize is that if you suddenly become sick (even with just a simple head cold) prior to our scheduled session, please notify me immediately. Because I travel full-time for work, I cant risk getting sick and passing it along to my clients. This is very important to me, and is a courtesy I give to my clients as well. We work with such close body contact that the risk of contagion is amplified. Please be considerate in respecting this request!

I look forward to working with you! When you send me a message to inquire about a session, I need you to state the following information:








I accept bookings through my website: or email only. I have a very easy and straight-forward form on my website that you may fill out to begin the process of booking (nothing is final until we have agreed on a date and time, and deposit is in place), if you just follow this link:

Thank you!

-Karly S.

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
05-01-2021 05-13-2021 Denver Colorado
05-16-2021 05-19-2021 Tampa Florida
05-22-2021 05-24-2021 Saint Petersburg Florida
05-22-2021 05-24-2021 Clearwater Florida
05-26-2021 05-31-2021 Denver Colorado
06-01-2021 06-23-2021 Denver Colorado
06-25-2021 06-27-2021 Newark New Jersey
06-27-2021 06-28-2021 Brooklyn New York
06-27-2021 06-28-2021 Queens New York
07-01-2021 07-07-2021 Denver Colorado
07-15-2021 07-31-2021 Denver Colorado
08-08-2021 08-10-2021 Anchorage Alaska
Contact to book sessions on any of my travels! OR begin the process to book directly through my website

I had a sessions with Karly while she was in Pittsburgh and I cannot thank and recommend her enough. I am always nervous going in and it takes me a little while to open up, but with Karly everything was so easy and well communicated, it was very easy because not only is she stunningly beautiful, but her personality is second to none and made me so comfortable and chill. I did a foot worship, domination session and we talked the whole time about pretty much everything and she taught me a thing or two haha. She was the perfect level of dominant and bratty for me and all of my wishes in our emails were fulfilled to perfection making it such an enjoyable session. Communication with Karly was perfect and went so smoothly. She has the most beautiful feet I have seen and it was beyond an honor to finally get to be at her feet as I have wished for many years now since I had seen her in many videos. She accommodated me to be her first session after her flight and to get to remove her boots and socks from traveling all day.....It was incredible and the most enjoyable session I have ever had. Everything about Karly is perfect and I cannot gush enough about how much I recommend booking her for a session if she is near your town. You will regret it if you do not. I know when she comes back to Pittsburgh I will be in line once again to get to serve at her feet


I wanted to add a review of a session that I had with Karly about a year and a half ago and I still think about that session.

Let me tell you that Karly is the real deal. She combines all aspects of a great session experience and all aspects of just an amazing person. This is not easy to do!

Her beauty is beyond words and her strength and skills are unparalleled. She thoroughly enjoys toying with you in the session and understands the limit that you are looking for. All levels are in for an amazing time. Her trash talking is just out the roof.

If she comes back to Europe I will definitely clear some room in my schedule to cross paths with her again.


When I met Karly in the lobby I thought wow she was way more beautiful in person than in the pictures. She was a very friendly lady with such a great personality. I was nervous meeting her as I am a fan of hers. It was like meeting a celebrity but In this case a scissor celebrity. The pants she wore when I first seen her they were form fitting and I could tell her legs was gonna be strong. When we got to the room I had forgot my comfortable shorts in my car and had to go get them I wanted to go looking semi nice and wore my dressy shorts. When I got back into the room I changed them she did and I’m gonna be honest I’m not normally a one piece guy I like sessions with ladies in 2 piece bikinis but she rocked that one piece I honestly think it was more sexy than a two piece I’m not trying to sound like a d bag because I respect women but I think it was better than a 2 piece. We got on the mats I normally don’t fight back and just let the women in the sessions just scissor away but I could kinda tell she wanted a little challenge so at first I did kinda go a little rough and I wanted to make her earn whatever she got me in. She had told me she bruised easily and I didn’t want to hurt her. She showed me some bruises she had from earlier in the day and I hope she didn’t get any from me and so I didn’t use full strength and since I didn’t use full strength she easily took me down. She even tackled me down easily one second I was looking at a beautiful smiling face a second or half second later I was down put in my place. She even told me she likes dominating and I could tell. If I didn’t mention she has a beautiful smile as well! She put me into a lot of different scissor holds and also did some smothering as well. If it weren’t for the fact it was hard to breathe she could’ve sat on my face the whole 2 hours and it would’ve been like heaven on earth. She is very strong in her reverse scissor which she says was her best I tried holding out on tapping because it was such a great view but I had to tap. The was her leg muscles was going against my neck was what made me tap more than the pressure against my head. I honestly don’t think I ever dealt so light headed in a scissor hold than hers. I even did like a small gurgling sound because of it. We talked a lot throughout the session it was so easy to talk to her! Almost 3 hours after the session is over I can still fill it in my neck area but that’s ok because the pain was worth it. This honestly was the best session I had out of the 6 I’ve had. This was the 2nd session that I am actually sad it’s over my 1st session ever was special since it was my 1st one and it was awesome but leaving Karly I’m happy to have met her but am sad as I’m writing this lol! The 2 hours went my super fast and I hope I can meet her again in New Orleans some day or close by! If she comes to your city do yourself a favor and book with her and you can thank me after you did. Thanks for a great time Miss Karly!!

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