Location: Denver, Colorado
E-mail: karlysalinas1@gmail.com
Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Curvy
Age: 28
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I had the pleasure of booking a tag team session with Karly and Indica involving physical domination, wrestling, and humiliation and can’t recommend them enough. I have had numerous sessions with various dommes and wrestlers over the past few years, including several internationally, and my session with Karly and Indica was without a doubt one of the very best. They are polite, easy going, and conduct themselves like professionals. They actually read my interests and incorporated them into the session, and their creativity, intelligence, and sense of humor was readily apparent during the session. Despite getting my ass kicked and dominated, I was having trouble not laughing because the two of them were so funny and had such good chemistry together. I highly recommend booking a session with either or both of them if they are in your area. They are top tier at what they do.


Karly is awesome!! Besides the obvious, which you can see, she is super easy to communicate with. She also really cares about you having a good time. This was my favorite session I’ve had. It was the most comfortable I felt and the most fun I’ve had. She knows a lot of moves too! We have to take advantage when she comes to the east coast!


I have been sessioning for a long time. She is hands down the prettiest session girl I have ever met and one of the strongest!


Well being my third session to date I was beginning to get minimal experience. Setting up the session was very very easy.

Karly’s photos are incredible but really don’t paint the real picture. She is stunning and her personality is just fantastic and full of fun. Her personality definitely makes her beauty stand out.

Of my 3 experiences, this was by far the best! When I first saw her size (about half my size) I figured she would have a hard time putting me in any type of position that would be complicated for me to escape. Little did I know that her control of me was outstanding. I tried and tried and tried to get out of every single hold, but it was just impossible. Smiling her way through the process. I’m not sure if she was going 100%, but I was trying to get out and just could not.

I really hope we will have a chance to cross paths again in Brussels or somewhere else. I need another chance at this !


Tried posting a review a few days ago but for whatever reason it doesn’t seem to have made it 😞 So will try again...

I met Karly last weekend and it was such an amazing experience. One I would certainly like to do again!

Setting up the session was simple, a couple of emails and I was there, paying deposit was no issue too. And when I got to see Karly in person on the day, she looked so beautiful! The photos themselves are great, but just wow 😊

I was a tad nervous whilst travelling to meet her which is perhaps a little normal, but she put me at ease so quickly, a couple of minutes chatting and I was fine. Karly makes sure you get exactly what you want from a session and puts a lot of effort into understanding your limits/expectations etc. We mostly tried out various scissor holds but also threw in a bit of playful wrestling too.

I could only watch on as Karly laughed and giggled her way through most of the session whilst having her thighs clamped around my head or my body, she loved it just as much as I did! And boy you could really feel those legs squeeze when trapped in her reverse headscissor too! Towards the end I could only get out once she allowed it.

Whilst taking short breaks in between she was such a lovely person to talk to, and we laughed about so much. I was gutted when the couple of hours were finally up.

I will certainly be looking out for Karly to come back one day, and I recommend you look out for her in your area too!


Karly was everything I could've asked for and more. Had a wrestling session and we went back and forth and she was incredible. She's even more beautiful in person and her laugh is the cutest. She's tough af too and I can't wait to book her again. Can't say enough about her. She's amazing!!


I requested a semi-competitive fetish wresting session with Karly and I provided references from recent sessions I had. She was immediately responsive to my email and very inquisitive about the type of session I was requesting. Karly was persistent in arranging the dates of our session and was professional. She requested 50% deposit. Our session was great. Karly is very attractive, assertive and outgoing. She brings her own mats to wrestle on and she is particular about hygiene. She is aggressive and extremely fast with cat like reflexes. I gave it my all not to get pinned. She was persistent, highly skillful and eventually immobilized me. I was the one getting pinned and I got overwhelmed by her endurance. I was especially impressed by her desire to have the session go as you requested. She is a perfectionist about having the session you requested and highly professional. I had a great time and I highly recommend her.


Book. Karly. Right. Now. Holy hell.

Firstly, you've seen the pictures and drooled and I'm here to tell you: it's somehow even better in person. She's stunning. She's not just one of the most beautiful session girls, she's one of the most beautiful, athletic women I've ever seen in real life. And just wait until you get in a room with her.

I booked her for a semi-competitive wrestling session in Denver. She was great and easy to email with, and when I saw her she immediately made me feel comfortable. Felt like an old friend, no stress, really communicative and wanted to know about my experience, what I wanted, and was really interesting to talk to. Opened up about her life, gave me ideas of things to do in the city, just really fun. Felt like I'd known her forever even though we just met. Then, once I was comfortable, we wrestled.

It was such a wonderful, sweaty, playful, fun back and forth. She's not just good looks—those muscles are real—and she can be extremely fast. I could hang with her for the most part, but if you make a little mistake, or let up even a second, she'll put you down and tease you about it while she does it. It goes from fun sweaty battle to being her toy real fast. You can feel her strength in every part of her body, and she caught me in moves I thought I'd never get caught in just because she was so quick and sneaky. She's also stubborn, so even when I got her in some moves I thought she might tap in, she was patient enough to weasel her way out of it and exhaust me in the process. I'm 6'4 and athletic, and she made me tap several times. Some of those taps came after a long sweaty battle, some of them came from wrapping me up in her breasts (I didn't believe you could truly get tapped out in breast smothers until hers) or in a choke that came so quick I didn't know what hit me.

My neck is sore today, and I smile every time I feel it. Needless to say, it was incredible. I couldn't have asked for anything more, and anytime she's around I'll be booking her. What a woman. Do yourself a favor and do it, you will not regret it!


A little tardy on this review but better late than never, right? Recently had the pleasure of wrestling with Karly Salinas during her East Coast trip and it was simply a blast. Karly was fun, friendly and competitive. I thoroughly enjoyed our hour-long semi-competitive roll and look forward to hitting the mats with her again. I would enthusiastically recommend booking a session with her if you get the opportunity.


Had my first session with Karly a few weeks ago and it was amazing! First of all, she is absolutely gorgeous! She's every bit as beautiful as she seems in her pics, and then some. She does kind of look like Natalie Portman. She also has a great combination of strength and technique. Of the women I've sessioned with, she's the only one who has caught me in a legit head scissors while I'm offering active resistance, and her legs are strong! She also has an incredibly sweet, affable personality. Very easy to talk to. I just wish she would come to my city more often, but I understand she has a lot of places to hit. I would definitely session with her again though and hope to be able to soon.


Like most men here, I originally took an interest in sessioning as a way to express my favorite fetishes. And while that is very much still the case, I've recently become more enamored with the competitive side of it and that's where Karly Salinas comes in. She may or may not realize it, but she's built a reputation for being one of the most athletic session girls to work with and has been a priority on my list for a while now.

I chose a semi-comp/tickle/foot domination battle against Karly. I felt every bit of Karly's athletic, resilient side. She's a bit difficult to get a hold of and is a mat technician. She picks her spots and is very good at reversing moves/holds to get you in a spot where you're literally trapped and can't move. I actually had to embarrassingly tap quite a few times--less out of pain and more because she had me pinned down in situations where I couldn't escape no matter how hard I tried. I love and respect that though because it makes the competition of the match so much more appealing and interesting.

Despite knowing her athletic background, I went into this mentally unprepared and as a result, fell weak to her fairly quick. She takes great delight in being dominant--evident by her adorable giggles and/or trash talk. Take note; if trash talk or teasing is a thing of yours, Karly is your hook up.

The last 15 minutes was solely foot domination/worship. Karly's feet are soft and very pleasing for those into foot fetish--but very lethal at the same time. She can find several different ways to trample, smother, and choke you with her feet that will leave you wanting more, despite any pain or lack of oxygen you feel as a result. It's a mix of heaven and hell pretty much.

Overall, I'm so very grateful to have finally been able to work with Karly. I've seen and admired her work from other producers and was itching to work with her for so long. She's incredibly kind and gentle hearted. While she looks innocent on the outside, she carries a friendly devious demeanor when in control of her opponent. She's all about details, so don't be shy to tell her what you like! Karly is the total package. Beautiful and easy on the eyes, athletic, a joy to be around, and worth every dollar and penny in your bank account. I look forward to locking up with her again. If you don't take advantage of sessioning with Karly when she visits, you're a fool missing out on a great opportunity!


I had the pleasure of doing a session with Karly Salinas and I thought I’d be doing the world a deservice not sharing it. If she comes to your town, drop what you are doing and schedule a session.

Her communication before hand as extremely professional. She took the time to answer my questions and really ask what I was looking for in a session. We set up a time and it was very easy.

When I met her my draw almost dropped to the floor. Her pictures are incredible but seeing her in person is such an amazing experience. She’s beautiful. Drop dead gorgeous. Her eyes are wlecoming. Her smile is endearing and sweet. Her body is literally all muscle but feels so soft yet firm. Her legs are strong as hell. I was tapping like crazy. Her chest, I can’t even tell you how perfect in a tight sports bra. And her feet. They smelled amazing and I kissed them a millions times.

The session went by in the blink of an eye. She beat me in arm wrestling several times all while laughing. I saw stars from her scissors and she pinned me.

The rest of the session was just focused on her feet. That was the best part of the session. They are incredible.

In short, Kathy was amazing. You have to see her.


Just had my first session with Karly and I literally could not wait to post a review. She is amazing in so many ways. First, she is smart and engaging, a huge plus in my book. Second, she is very strong, deceptively so. I love chokes and smothers and every type she applied to me was great. I particularly love the straight hand chokes and I was amazed by how strong Karly's grip was. Plus, she is creative and had me in a number of awesome choke / smother combos that I wish I didn't ever have to tap out of! She was also very responsive to my needs and desires, both within the session and when breaks, water, etc. were needed. Finally, she is so beautiful. She actually looks a lot like Natalie Portman (one of my favorite actresses, so that was a huge bonus!). She is a MUST when she visits your town and I can only hope she visits the DC area again soon (and hopefully often).


I recently met Karly for a scissors/semi competitive wrestling session. Karly is a great communicator so setting up the session was easy and painless. You will be drawn in by her beautiful photographs but when you meet her in person you will see that she is even more attractive. Karly looks strong but very feminine, combining all of the best traits of an athlete and a model. She is also stronger than she looks and will surprise you with her cat quick moves.

Karly legitimately enjoys a friendly wrestling match and when she catches you in a hold you will quickly understand that she is in control. Her headscissors can take you from Heaven to Hell and hit every stop in between.

Karly is very easy to talk to, and our short breaks during the session were as much of a joy as being trapped between her beautiful legs. Karly takes time to make sure that you are getting what you want out of the session and while she has no issues with cranking up the pressure, she also takes care to kick your ass safely.

Karly is much more than simply eye candy, she is very intelligent, fun, and real, in a way that makes you feel comfortable and important and I will definitely be seeing her again in the future.


I recently had a session with Karly and all i can say is that everything from communication to the session itself was completely smooth. She is responsive to emails and gives you exactly what you're looking for in your session. I was nervous before the session but she put me right at ease. She is well spoken and can talk to you about anything. And her legs are to die for, both from looks and her scissors! She can definitely squeeze with the best of them! If she is ever in your area don't pass up the change to session with her!


I had a triple session with Megan Jones, Mia Annabella, and Karly Salinas; and it was a once in a lifetime experience. I had not even had a 2-on-1 session before, so I was a little nervous. From the beginning, it was easy and quick communication setting up the session. They were all fun personalities and interacted seamlessly with each other; so it quickly became relaxed and the flow through the whole session was constant and just a down to earth session. Throughout the time, they are joking with you and each other, so there are no lulls. They wanted to make sure that you are having the best session, and all of them are Not just going through the motions to run out the clock. Obviously, they are all very beautiful and definitely strong; and I look forward to sessioning with any one of them again in the future. Highly Recommended.


I just had a wrestling / ballbusting session with Karly and it was awesome!
First of all, we met at a coffee shop close to where she was hosting her sessions, and when I saw her walking in, I saw just how insanely beautiful she is. Her pictures are great, but nowhere close to her in real life!
After the brief meeting, we went back to the room and got on the mats. The feeling of the session was positive and immensely fun. She made sure to make me feel welcome. We went over what I was looking for and she delivered. Amazing head scissors and ballbusting, even with a bit of armpit smothering (a special request of mine that she did SO WELL). Karly is strong, feisty, gorgeous, and will do everything to make sure you have the experience you are looking for. She definitely has a repeat customer in me!


I had the pleasure of meeting Karly Salinas for a fantasy kickboxing/wrestling session in July. She is attentive, responsive, and has excellent communications skills. Karly's bubbly personality and playful demeanor really stood out and made for a very fun session. She is very attractive, but don't let her pretty face fool you- she can land strong punches and kicks and has a killer leg-scissor lock.

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