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Location: Manhattan, New York

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Height: 5'1” - 154 cm
Weight: 115 lbs - 52.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 25

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Dont let looks deceive you. Lady Lourdes packs a powerful punch. As an amateur boxer and bikini wrestler, this little vixen will tease and torment you with the touch of her fingers and big brown dark seductive eyes. With experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Lourdes will entangle her way on top and control you with every move you try to make. She has a few years of mixed martial arts experience under her belt and loves semi-competitve, sensual teasing, tickle torture, scissor holds, smothering, and more. Aside from wrestling, Lady Lourdes also enjoys simple sessions that include foot worship and other aspects of domination BDSM. 

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Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Fantasy Boxing
Foxy Boxing
Tickle Wrestling
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Just had the most fantastic session with Lady Lourdes. She is so beautiful and beyond her beauty is her kind personality and intelligence.
We chatted before embarking on our session and once in the swing of things I was totally dominated despite being twice her size. She is a total dynamo and especially her scissor hold which left me gasping for air and tapping out several times while listening to her laughter at how easily she was able to control me. Don't let her petite frame fool you, she is an Amazon and a Goddess who deserves my total worship.
I am so excited about our upcoming session.... and the next one after that and after that too. Bar none, this was my most enjoyable encounter as Lady Lourdes is the best!!!


The NYC Dominatrix is one of the most sensual, possibly the most sensual, women you can ever hope to session with. She brings the perfect mix of that feminine sensuality and that power play to a session. I've done multiple scissoring + facesitting sessions with her and she is absolutely incredible. Out of so many session wrestlers on this site and on the planet, she deserves your attention. Her background as a trained domme only helps out her approach to session wrestling. Book with her. You will NOT be disappointed.


I have been sessioning for about 10 years and this week I had the pleasure of sessioning with the BEAUTIFUL Lourdes. From start to finish it was an amazing experience. We set things up in a day and it was no non-sense. Tribute included nice padded room and choice of outfit, which hasnt been the norm lately. Meeting her was like meeting a friend and I immediately was comfortable talking with her. She is absolutely gorgeous, articulate and just fun. We had a semi-comp/comp session. She is petite at 5'1 but don't be fooled, she can mix it up and wrestle. Her reverse/side scissors,chokes, sleepers and grapevines had me legit tapping. After trading about 3 submissions each, Lourdes took over and completely dominated the rest of the session with her quickness and stamina. Her dominating side is heavenly and sexy, she lets you know she is charge! Best in 10 years, I certainly will be back for a rematch with a true gift from God.

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