Location: Berlin,
E-mail: msmusclegoddess@aol.com
Phone: 17736060101
Travel Phone: 17736060101
Height: 5'8” - 173 cm
Weight: 175 lbs - 79.4 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Age: 49
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Tigress is a blast! A wonderful personality and a body to die for. And eyes to drown in. She made my day and I enjoyed it so much. Repetition is a must.


I saw Tigress in Virginia and OH.....MY.....GOD!! She took me where no session lady had taken me before. If you want to know what it's like to be held at the mercy of a muscular woman, you need to see Tigress. I let her know what kind of session I was looking for and she delivered on it in every way. She is very muscular and very strong. Once she gets you in a hold, you're there, at her mercy. I asked her to make me beg her to let me go -- and she did. I could go on. She gets 5 stars out of 5. Tigress set the standard by which all future sessions will be evaluated. I will definitely be watching for the next time she is within 250 miles.


Just had an hour session with Tigress couple days ago. And WOW is she strong!
Able to hold me down with one hand. She has muscles everywhere!
I am not a wimp but she was able to "toy" with me at will!!
After the session we sat and talked for about half an hour.
The Tigress is not only strong and muscular, but she is a real nice person and it was good talking with her.
The Tigress is an A+ session lady! Will see her again when she returns to my city.
If you go into the "Lion's Den" be prepared to be dominated. For the Tigress, it is as natural to dominate as it is for breathing!
Highly recommend seeing her. You will NOT be disappointed, I promise!


Tried setting up session with Tigress when she travels to my city.
As above post mentions, she is slow in responding to emails.
The biggest issue is that she ONLY accepts for deposits either
Gpay, cashapp or venmo. All three of these requires either a tablet OR "smart Phone" to send money. Since the ONLY Internet access I have is my desktop PC these don't work for me!
When asked about PayPal, Tigress said that she no longer accepts PayPal.
Suggested I send her deposit with "Western Union"
Decided NOT to peruse meeting Tigress as sending her required deposit was a problem!


I had a session with the Goddess known as Tigress. She is 5 out of 5 stars, and a perfect 10 out of 10. She knew what I wanted without me even saying it which helped because I was completely tongue tied by her amazing physique. She seems like being dominant comes as naturally to her as breathing and she is incredibly strong. I'm a big man (6'3" 200 lbs) and she easily outmuscled and dominated me. This woman is incredible. Do not miss out on your chance to meet her.


Very slow responding to email. Had to email couple times in a 3-week period to get any response.

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