Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
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Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 52

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Hello and thank you for visiting my profile. I have been in the session wrestling business for quite some time now. When I was young, I always liked rough housing with the guys and I think that is where my interest started. After my first session, I realized that this was something I really enjoyed doing. I have been fortunate to have a lot of repeat clients. I try to make the session fun and comfortable. I tend to smile a lot and laugh...kind of my personality. Thats a good indication that I am really enjoying the session. I work as a model and actress, so I am really comfortable with taking pics and doing video. I am also really into role play. Storyline sessions are a nice little bonus for me. If you want to muscle worship, legs worship and foot worship, I am OK with that as well. :) I enjoy talking to the clients a lot. I have been told that I am much stronger than I look. They see the model pictures and then dont realize there is a little feisty side. I have also been told that I have really strong legs and that my skin is very soft. I am not sure if that is a plus, but I thought I would share that information with you. :) Please let me know when you email me...what kind of session you are interested in, how many hours, references of people you have sessioned with, and where you are based out of, if you want to session with me in Las Vegas, or if you are looking to do a session at the location I am traveling to. Thank you so much and looking forward to meeting you. :) xo Tomiko


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09-19-2019 09-21-2019 Burbank California United States
Contact me at to book directly for sessions at my hotel. Hotel name and location disclosed upon receiving holding deposit for the session. Holding deposit is non-returnable if my competitor cancels the reservation. Deposit is returnable if I the host competitor is not able to honor reservation due to unforeseen incidents for example travel delays or injury. This deposit is taken from the total of my hourly tribute leaving the balance of my tribute to be collected from my competitor upon arrival meeting of our session reservation. Looking forward to meeting you!

7-19-19. I had a Fantastic Session with the beautiful Tomiko. There’s not a Negative thing you can say about her. Great at communicating and responding. Great at giving you the type of session you’re looking for and so pleasant in person makes you feel comfortable. FYI. we had a scenario/Fantasy session and what a Villain character she played. Lol. At the very end she made me submit/tapout. Can’t wait to challenge you again . DB

High-Five Man

Had a great session with Tomiko in Vegas. She is good looking and knows how to kick some ass. She is extremely personable and has great communication skills. She is down earth and lots of fun. If you are in Vegas be sure to session with Tomiko!


Tomiko was excellent. I agree with the other reviews on the age statistic. Tomiko looks 30 rather than 50. She is in excellent shape. She works out very often and it shows. She is very strong and fit. She was able to overpower me without breaking a sweat and has very strong legs. She is also the nicest person that you will ever meet. We got lost in the conversation and talked for two additional hours after the session. She is an all around good person.

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