Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
E-mail: tomiko@tomiko1.com
Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 53
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I had a submission and lift and carry session with the lovely Tomiko. She is a very nice and professional woman. She made me feel very relaxed ,we talked for a bit before our session started. The session was very well worth it . All the choke holes she put me in were devastating and if she squeezed any tighter i would have passed out. She was able to lift me over the shoulder with ease. Im 5'8 bout 188 190 and it was nothing to her. I am very grateful to have met her after she gave me a chance as i was put on a time waster list . Thankyou so much Tomiko i will never forget our session. Coffee guy....


Does anyone know how good a lift and carry session is with her ?Thanks


This review is rather late I'm afraid, but I would be remiss if I didn't make mention of what a delightful session I had with Tomiko. Besides the fact that she is absolutely beautiful (much younger than her age), she is much stronger than she looks. She takes time to talk before the session, and will put you totally at ease.

Given the chance, I would do another session with her in a heartbeat!.


7-19-19. I had a Fantastic Session with the beautiful Tomiko. There’s not a Negative thing you can say about her. Great at communicating and responding. Great at giving you the type of session you’re looking for and so pleasant in person makes you feel comfortable. FYI. we had a scenario/Fantasy session and what a Villain character she played. Lol. At the very end she made me submit/tapout. Can’t wait to challenge you again . DB

High-Five Man

Had a great session with Tomiko in Vegas. She is good looking and knows how to kick some ass. She is extremely personable and has great communication skills. She is down earth and lots of fun. If you are in Vegas be sure to session with Tomiko!


Tomiko was excellent. I agree with the other reviews on the age statistic. Tomiko looks 30 rather than 50. She is in excellent shape. She works out very often and it shows. She is very strong and fit. She was able to overpower me without breaking a sweat and has very strong legs. She is also the nicest person that you will ever meet. We got lost in the conversation and talked for two additional hours after the session. She is an all around good person.


First off, don't let the age statistic fool you: Tomiko is a poster child for graceful aging, as you would probably guess she was in her 30s, not 51. Tomiko has a great reputation among her peers, and for very good reason. She is very professional and organized, and is a very good wrestler while also being very safe. She and I did a semi-competitive session, and in such sessions, she prefers to trap you in holds rather than go full-force trying to choke you out or make you tap. She certainly *can* do that if you want her to, but if you are more interested in the workout than the bruises, she is a perfect session partner. She is also naturally chatty, but it's not to stall or anything; she just loves to talk. She has so much fun doing sessions, and it rubs off on you. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone of any skill level.


I had a session with Tomiko last week. That was probably my 6th or 7th session with this awesome lady in the last 4-5 years (I've lost track) and I'm long overdue in adding this review. Tomiko is truly a class act. She is extremely pleasant and personable, she has the knack of making you feel comfortable. On top of that, as you can see in the pics, she is incredibly beautiful and fit. She will provide you with the exact session that you are looking for and she will make it fun. To sum it up I rate her 5 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend a session with "Tomiko the Great"!


I just had my first session with Tomiko and I can’t wait for the next one.My first impression on meeting her was noticing how beautiful she is.She has a great toned body and her smile radiates.She made me feel so comfortable.I felt like I’ve known her for years after 5 minutes of talking to her.
I am 6’4 250 and in good shape.I thought it would be to her advantage if we just did fantasy wrestling,since I’m much bigger then her.She is deceptively strong and very quick.She put me in a series of scissors and I tapped out within seconds.I upped the ante and went at her full force.(I don’t think she realized it)I was submitting from hold to hold.Her rear naked choke was a killer.I tapped out within seconds!The fantasy session turned semi competitive.At least on my part because I was really trying but she was kicking my butt all over the mat.It didn’t matter what kind of scissors she put me in ,I tapped out immediately or I would have been put to sleep literally,Tomiko is very skilled and she was kicking my butt with a smile on her face.I lost count on how many times I submitted.
I am so sore but that was the best time I ever had!Tomiko is AMAZING .I plan on booking more sessions with her.You won’t be disappointed because she is so much fun,


A big check was off my bucket list when I meet her in vegas 2 weeks ago.

Shes really fun to get bullied by. Her biceps are off the charts. Her schoolpins are very tight.

I could see myself getting bellypunched by this tough cookie for hours. Shes very entertaining.


I had my second session with Tomiko and agree with all the comments made in the earlier reviews. She is beautiful, engaging and so easy to feel comfortable with. But her strength and skill are definitely there, despite the pretty smile. Her physique is very feminine with smooth as silk skin, but underneath are very toned muscles.

She makes being dominated by such a lovely woman a really great experience.



I had my first session with Tomiko. A semi-comptitive/scissor sessions. She is deceptively strong...I tapped every single time. Her legs are incredible but don't overlook her upper-body...that's where most of my tapouts came from!

She's also very personable and accommodating. You makes you feel very comfortable if you're nervous.

You won't regret a session with her!


Earlier this week I had my 3rd session with Tomiko. She is such a friendly person that you would have no idea that she is such a great wrestler, always has a smile on her face, and is very beautiful. She definitely does not look her age. Each time I see her she is more stronger than the last time and she has killer calves...watch out for them...or enjoy them!


I had a session with Tomiko this past November and I couldn't put into words how amazing it was! She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet! Seriously this lady couldn't be nicer. This was my first session ever so I was pretty nervous but she put me at ease. She is incredibly accommodating and performed all the moves I asked and even record the session for me. And she is breathtakingly beautiful in person!

I'm almost afraid to session with any other wrestlers as I don't think anyone could live up to Tomiko.

If she's in your area and you get the chance, session with her!


After reviewing Tomiko's impressive acting/modeling/wrestling resume provided on her websites, I e-mailed her to see if she would be available during my stay in Las Vegas. She responded to my e-mail the same day. Her communication was excellent so we had no problem finalizing the details for our wrestling session. She offered to bring her wrestling mats to my hotel room and also allowed me to videotape our session for a very reasonable fee. When Tomiko arrived at my door, I must say I was a little star struck. She is every bit as beautiful as her photos. I was somewhat nervous at first but her pretty smile (that came naturally and frequently to her throughout our session) made me feel much more at ease. Although my wrestling request was unique to her (to be held in one particular wrestling submission hold for our entire session), Tomiko did a great job of fulfilling my request. She even brought my e-mails/photo describing my ideal session so they could be used as a reference if necessary. Tomiko also offered suggestions that she felt would make our wrestling experience even better. She pays great attention to details. I was enjoying myself so much, and the time flew by so quickly, that I asked Tomiko if she would be willing to extend our session. She was so gracious to do so even though it meant rearranging her previous plans.
I highly recommend Tomiko. She's obviously beautiful but most importantly Tomiko is a genuinely warm, friendly, and fun person who wants you to enjoy your wrestling session experience. Tomiko gave me my best session ever and left me with fond, unforgettable memories. She was definitely the highlight of my trip and I look forward to my next visit to Las Vegas so I can see Tomiko again.


When you're in Las Vegas, you absolutely must session with Tomiko. Completely professional in the setup of the session and murder on the mats (but in a good way :cheer: ). She has a wide variety of locks and holds that will have you tapping out and wondering how such a personable, beautiful and sweet-smiling woman could cause such havoc! Underestimate you at your own risk. Of the dozen or so women I've sessioned with, she's up there with the best. You won't regret it.

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