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Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
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Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 165 lbs - 74.8 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder

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About Me

Strong. Sexy. Smart. Mysterious. Genuine. Professional and Sassy are a few words used to describe me. As a bodybuilder for 20 years and at the top of my league as a Pro, I love nothing more than to be worshipped for the body Ive built and the Goddess that I am.  

I want to hear your deepest darkest secrets. So, tell me............Whats your fantasy?

**Sessions desired for longer than 1 hour or 1 day are available at special rates

When contacting me, include:
City you are looking to session in
What type of session your looking for.
Date/Time you prefer

**Please do not hesitate to be detailed in how you would like your session to go.  All queries will be answered if presented in a pleasant & repsectful tone.  The more concise you are, the better I am able to prioritize your email with a quicker response.  Also, I do not work on call 24hrs/day.  Please be considerate of that when inquiring about a session.  

**I am able to travel almost anywhere in the world, but lead a consistently busy schedule. So, please request long-distance travel at least one to two months in advance. Travel expenses must be included (unless I am already traveling to your city) and a deposit is required during my touring. 

**While in Las Vegas, I only offer outcall sessions.

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you!! 

~ XOXO ~

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I just got home from seeing Tori this afternoon. And wow, what a woman. Gorgeous, phenomenal physique and above all a great personality. Smart, great conversationalist, and cool as heck. She is strong as an ox, and if you have any questions about how dense her muscle is, just have her put all of her weight on you.....she is every ounce of the 165lbs she says she is. All of her muscles have great shape and she just looks stunning in person. Wow. I am a big dude and she toyed with me. I like a little of muscle worship and some light one sided wrestling with scissors, and she put on a show. This is the third time I have seen her since the end of April, and I will see her again when life allows it. She is in no means a clock watcher and I have enjoyed every second I have been in her presence. I cannot recommend her enough.


I met Tori for the first time last week in Vegas.
Firstly (and I know it has become a cliché but I'll say it anyway because it's absolutely true) – she looks much better in real life. There are certain qualities that still photos just can't convey – like Tori's intellect and charming personally – she simply has that rare star quality which you get to experience immediately the first few seconds you meet her.
We had a wrestling role playing session acting out one of my "scripts" – and she so extremely well got into character! (did I mention star quality already?:) My stomach literally hurt after our session (or sessions – see below) from laughing out so loud as the plot thickened (i.e. as I got myself into more and more trouble in our role play:)
And not to mention her strength – she's definitely the strongest girl I've ever met.
I actually had two sessions with Tori on the same day! (we originally scheduled for noon time and since I enjoyed it so much we had another session in the evening of that very same day – which never happened to me before) so you do the math yourselves (and do yourselves a favor and go meet her:).
I'll definitely see Tori again next time I'm in town.


I just had my first session with Tori here in Vegas and all I can say is WOW!!!

She is a beautiful sexy hard body who is very personable and takes the time to get to know you and your interests. I had a domination session and certainly had to use our agreed upon safe word more than a few times as I was mercilessly destroyed smothered, lifted and taken to another planet by this beautiful Amazon queen.

Tori's pics don't do her just justice- she looks on-season and she definitely has the look of a 20-year IFBB veteran.

She has the looks and vibe of an assassin. Super hot and deadly. If this was yelp I'd give her 10 stars! Thank you Tori!

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