Location: Denver, Colorado
E-mail: tylerdare@hotmail.com
Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
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I had a session with Tyler when she came to London last year and to be honest my session was the most devastating I have ever experienced. She is very funny, friendly and energetic!

She knocked me out cold around 5 times. Her side and reverse headscissors are deadly and the effort she puts into sessions and facial expressions she makes during the session are a thing of beauty.

Highly recommend!


I enjoyed each and every knock out! Thank you for an awesome session and for your kind words. Funny, Friendly, Energetic, Beauty and deadly scissors.....I mean, what more can you ask for lol.

I hope to see you on my next trip to London! (Which I hope will be soon)


Hoping a Minneapolis trip will come....


I used to visit Minneapolis often, maybe it's about time for a return! Thank you for your post!


That would be cool. I would def book 2hours mayb 3. Be safe


Had my first session with Tyler last week, and it was wonderful! She does a great job of communicating, and very easy to talk to. On the mat I didn't have a chance, she is very strong, skilled and powerful. Overall, had a great time and would highly recommend!!


Awwww shucks, thank you for the positive feedback and post!


Tyler is simply the best. She is beautiful, fun and down to earth. Session was exactly what I wanted. She truly blew me away. She is not only amazing, but just a great human being.


Tyler was one of the first girls I ever met for a session, several years ago. I saw her a couple times. I probably had 50 lbs. or so on her, but she beat me armwrestling and wrestling fairly easily. Her scissors are very strong, if she gets those legs around your head, you're not getting out.

Easy to set up with.


I just had the good fortune to *finally* meet Tyler, and it was amazing! She is scrappy, witty, tough, sharp, fun, talented, generous, with moves that will grind you down. And the funny thing is, she doesn't even need to work that hard - though she does - to put you in your place, as her smile can dazzle you from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you tap on the floor, as Tyler legit loves to wrestle (even after she won, she still had some bonus rounds left in her - awesome). Great communication, stellar presence, and honest enjoyment of everything she does and everyone she meets. Before you leave this earth, see her.


Strongest girl I sessioned with. She is very professional. It was easy for her to outwrestle me. I have never been able to find a girl to beat me in armwrestling and she slammed me to the table in 2 seconds.


I had a wrestling, scissoring, ballbusting session with Tyler today. I’ve had plenty of sessions in my time, and she has absolutely been the best.
Right from the start, I felt welcome. The nerves I had prior were wiped away instantly because of how warm and welcoming she was. She is absolutely beautiful, to boot.
The session started and as we wrestled she had this laugh. It was routed in “haha, I’m going to totally kick your ass” and a touch sadistic, but added to the entire FUN and POSITIVE vibe of the whole session.
She probably knows roughly 1,000,000 holds. All amazing. My balls will also be sore probably for multiple days. I like knees and she had me on the floor in one strike! She also popped my “knockout” cherry (after going over everything in detail and making absolutely sure I wanted to). She punched me in the balls seconds after passing out so that I’d wake up with the ball pain. Amazing.
She has a repeat customer in me, as she does with others who have gone to her. Follow her travels. Session with her. You will LOVE it.


Just had an awesome scissor session with Tyler. She was very easy to talk to and has a great body. Her legs were bigger then my head and put me in every scissor hold possible, We even tried some that she hasn't done in a while. The session also turned into a little bit of a training session to which was awesome. She treats her sessions like hanging out with friends, you get to know each other fast. I have never been knocked out before considering she was my first session, but she ended it with a revers knockout and let me just say I didn't even know it happened. We were talking 1 minute and the next I am laying there staring at her waiting for something to happen. I will defiantly be seeing her again.


I just had a wonderful session with the lovely and beautiful Tyler Dare. First, I must say magnificent personality and body. The session felt more like I was talking with a friend, even when I was knocked out I woke up thinking we had been talking. I just couldn’t remember what we had been talking about. Tyler is like the super cool gorgeous girl next door that you enjoy hanging out with and sometimes she just kicks your ass.

Tyler knocked me out four times cold and a few almost knockouts, you know that tingly slightly weird feeling that is so cool. I learned a lot, I had a great time, and I look forward to some more sleep therapy. I am very awkward until I get to know someone but I was a lot less awkward with Tyler, not completely myself but closer to myself than I have ever been in that short of a time.

So, if you haven’t seen Tyler do it as soon as you can! If you have seen Tyler, you already know. Tyler is awesome.


She is very disarming and her demeanour put me at my ease - I was a basket of nerves going in, but I soon felt comfortable, and I enjoyed the session greatly.

Tyler was chatty and pretty forthright, and I found her easy to talk to. I am not sure how she would be with heavy RP, since I didn't request that, but she struck just the right tone for my session. She was accommodating and creative, and likes to ham things up in a bubbly joyful way that really creates a good vibe.

She is in great shape. Her legs are strong, and so are her arms. Her torso is fantastically well-shaped. All round great physique.

All in all, a great first session for me.


I have been seeing tyler for years now and she is amazing on all levels. Her grappling is good but her thick thighs are lethal, knock you out to oblivion. Def recommend seeing her, so beautiful in person


Tyler is absolutely fantastic. Do not miss your chance to see her.


Just met Tyler. She is fun and playful.. she is fun and awesome.
Highly recommend her. She is cooll


Just had a recent session with Tyler. She was everything that I could have hoped for in a session! I am 6'2" but she took me down a peg or two! LOL! Highly recommend her if you want someone who has great skills and is sweet to boot! :lol:


Review date: 4/23/09
When I sessioned with Tyler it was my first session ever, and WOW! Tyler is amazing, and was the perfect choice for my first session. Everything that has been said about her is true; as far as looks her pictures are nice but she blows them away in person. Her eyes are a sea green which you find yourself just starring into, and her body is so unbelievably solid! (And she doesn’t even work out!!!) Another thing written has been about her personality...Tyler is one of the coolest girls I have ever met! I felt like I could have talked to her for 3 days straight...and probably would have, but we realized he had to stop as we both had other things that needed to get done today! Then her strength...that’s a whole new paragraph!

OMG! Well let me just start by telling you about myself. I am 6’0, 175lbs, and work as a personal trainer so I am strong and in very good shape. Tyler, who doesn’t workout, yet has 13 inch biceps, was able to match me in strength!!! We started out with some arm wrestling, and with our right arms (which are both of our dominant arms) we held each other to a draw. She had me on the run for a while, almost taking me down, and I was like holy crap, this cute little girl is about to beat me in arm wrestling! But I was able to hold her to a draw...I never was able to move her arm past neutral though!!! She is STRONG!!! I then wanted to try out some of her lift and carry abilities, and she had no trouble tossing me over her shoulder and doing some squats with me up there!

We then moved into the wrestling portion of our session and I told her I wanted to see if she could pin me. We started standing as to not neutralize my height advantage, but she was able to trap me in a head lock and take me to the ground. We rolled around for quite a while, where again, she was able to match me every time I tried to over power her! At one point I almost had her pinned, but her shoulder never went down and she was able to slip my hold. We continued our back and forth struggle and then BAM I found myself trapped! She got me in a school style pin and I could not lift her off of me! She had my wrists pinned down, and I was able to push about a foot off the ground and then BAM she would thrown them back to the floor! I tried to swing my legs up to wrap around her, but she knew that trick was coming and left nothing for my legs to grab onto! After I realized I wasn’t going anywhere, she cutely asked “so is that a pin?” I just had to laugh!

The most impressive part of the wrestling match though is when she actually was able to over power me! As I said, in most of our rolling around, we were dead even in strength (even though I am 40 lbs heavier than her, 6 inches taller than her, and my biceps are 3 inches bigger than hers) ...well this time, again from a standing position and our hands on each other’s shoulders she started pushing me backwards! I couldn’t believe it! This girl is out muscling me and pushing me back! Well right in that instant, as if she knew exactly what was going through my head, she reversed it into a pull and threw me to the ground! That move was truly masterful!

We had SUCH a great time though! We were both laughing and joking through the whole session...and when we were both out of gas, we would take some water, catch our breath, chat, and get right back to it! At the end of the session I taught her how to do a body slam, which she executed perfectly! Tyler’s personality is only matched by her beauty, which is only matched by her strength! What a triple threat that is!

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