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ursa fierce


Location: New York, New York
E-mail: ursawrestler@gmail.com
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Weight: 240 lbs - 108.9 kg
Physique: BBW

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Ursa Fierce has been training in grappling for the last year + as well as learning the ins and outs of session wrestling from the iconic Veve Lane. Described as The Sass with Class, Ursa specializes in overpowering you with her weight. Shes always up for a competitive match and especially loves sitting on faces, trampling men, belly bouncing, and sassy and demeaning taunting. Basically, she likes turning men into man-toys. People are often surprised by her speed and energy--paired with her size, it is a daunting combo. Her skills are constantly improving and her enthusiasm for the sport is neverending! Follow her blog here: https://ursafierce.blogspot.com/

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Competitive Wrestling
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Fantasy Wrestling
Pro Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
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So, had a session with Ursa and she keeps getting better and better!!! Started off with semi-competitive, and she’s a lot stronger than last year, so, of course she overpowered me, and then it turned into a fantasy match. I mean, i tried but, she’s hard to move and from there, ursa took over!! Mix in a little taunting, facesitting, smothering, headscissors, and you have yourself a dominant woman! Would definitely recommend!!


Unlike a lot of guys, I'm not looking to dominate or be dominated. I prefer an even match but they're tough to find. And when the girl can't dominate, she often gives up. Not Ursa. We were quite evenly matched despite her 50-pound weight edge. She loved how we were challenging each other, and came at me like a pit bull for every second of the 30-minute match. A couple of the reversals she got were beyond impressive. She has powerful arms, great upper body strength and when she gets on top forget it. On my scale of 1 to 10,she's an 11.


Ursa was very organized and communicative via email. Scheduling was easy and she was genuinely interested in what I was looking for in a session. She has a good attention to detail. She is pretty and her pictures are accurate. What makes her unique is her size! She may not be the strongest (although her legs are pretty damn strong) or most proficient wrestler but she is incredibly skilled at using her size to control and immobilize you.

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