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Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg
Physique: Athletic

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About Me

A very athletic individual who likes to meet new people and most importantly decent people! 

If you inquire to book with me please RESPECT my rules: 


2) IF you tried booking me with me in the past and never did PLEASE move on. I am not booking people who couldnt get it together in the first place. NO EXCEPTIONS!

3) A deposit, yes a deposit is required. This keeps you and I from wasting each others time. A deposit is required 2 days from when you INQUIRED and TOLD me what day and time you wanted. (No same day appointments).  

4) You will receive an email  with A phone number to reach me regarding our appointment. All the information you will need will be texted to you. 

5) If I do not offer what you are seeking I will tell you. Just ask! 


 *Please note: A deposit is very necessary because these days anyone can pose to be anyone. I do not know you but you obviously know me and I am who I say! I have had many guys in the past pose as first timers just to have conversation. I really have NO DESIRE to play these games but most importantly this isnt a dating site. I am not looking for a boyfriend or a girlfriend. I am simply seeking a decent gentleman who truly appreciates a woman with muscle and wants to spend an hour or two having a feat of strength competion, as well as some intelligent conversation. :) 

 * DO NOT ask for a photo. This is what I look like. The only difference might be the length of my hair. I change it all the time. But I keep my physique up. I am proud to lift weights and stay in TOP FORM.

FYI: I stay around 125 lbs with 8 percent bodyfat. Year round.  This means I am above the average fit woman out there. However, I am not competing so if you want RIPPED or BULK it isnt me. I have a hard, sexy, very toned body year round. 

If I decide to bulk up or get totally ripped I will post that on here. You will NEVER be guessing with me. I believe in being direct and honest! 



Services Offered

Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
In-Gym Training


June 5th - DC June 6th - New Jersey Newark airport


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