Location: Mobile, Alabama
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Height: 5'8” - 173 cm
Weight: 120 lbs - 54.4 kg
Physique: Slim
Age: 50

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Hello, they call me V.V., V, V2, or just plain Veronika. I am a fiesty chica with natural strength and I live for fun. I have been in this business for 6 yrs plus now and cant say enough about the great people I have had the honor of working with and the endless people I have spent time with and become to know. I am recently back on track and beginning to train again. I recently relocated back to Detroit and I look forward to getting back into my groove. The heavy bag is up and the mats are in place. I have worked with companies such as HTM, Hardbodies, FWR, Robin fightbabe Sybil Starr Prod., Fantasy Fight Girls, STJ, SKW, Jennifer Thomas, Jezebel Romo, Gia Primo, Hollywood, Josie, and so many others. I invite you to order a custom and let me entertain you and produce your script or if you prefer we can meet in person and you can book a private match with me. I love Modeling and in my spare time taking on a private match and having fun is where you will find me. Please contact me if u are interested in setting up a match, Photo Shoot, or just want to say hello I look forward to hearing from you soon, please feel free to contact me with any questions and I can offer many references if necessary. Keep Rockn Sox and have a Fantabulous day!



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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
04-12-2021 04-16-2021 Las Vegas Nevada
04-19-2021 04-22-2021 Gulf shores-Pensacola Florida
04-29-2021 05-02-2021 Detroit Michigan
05-03-2021 05-07-2021 Myrtle Beach South Carolina
Its that time yawl! Back out of retirement and rolling through your town and cant wait to hear from you! You can also catch me with my Pro Family Women on Fire ... Reserve a Private Match -Photo Shoot -Custom Production -or send in your Custom Scripts and I will bring them to life. Here is a list of the services I offer Wrestling Semi Comp-Fantasy -Domination -Scissors -Face sitting -Breast Smother -Spanking -Ball Busting -Belly Punching -Beat Downs Role Play-Light Boxing -Submission HoldsPins sessions -Picture sets -Custom Videos and more. Sessions are tailored to your request as long as they are within my limitations no nudity Please contact me for further information at Discounts if more than one hour is booked or if session if pre paid in full. Deposit required when scheduling your private session. I look forward to seeing you soon and have a Rockn Sox Fantabulous Day! Veronika Valentine

Awesome match strong can dish out punishment look forward to meeting her again


Check your email please, I would be honored to meet you


I just had the great pleasure of two sessions with Veronika. If you are looking for someone for a very fun fantasy wrestling session, she should be at the top of your list. She's a strong little python for headlocks and scissors if you want a friendly non-competitive grappling session. If you want to add a pro-style roleplay to it, she's one of the best in the business at carrying her role. We tried her as both the blackhearted heel from hell, and as the poor suffering victim. She sells it well whether delivering the "beating" or taking it. Her trash talking as the heel was so good I was tempted to give her a swat just to get even. One of the best role-players I've sessioned with with in the last 15 years. She's also a great personality to talk to and will knock your eyes out in a bikini.

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