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Height: 5'4 - 163 cm
Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg
Physique: Athletic

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VeVe is a high-octane cocktail of ferocity, physicality, intelligence, and fighting skill. Her sweet and friendly demeanor will put you at your ease (and off your guard)... until the match begins. She loves the sweaty athletic struggle of a straight-up grappling bout just as much as the creative sensuality or cruelty of fantasy, domination, and roleplay wrestling. VeVes also a master practitioner and innovator of bondage wrestling -- step onto her rope-rigged mat and youll have only yourself to thank when you end up bound and helpless despite your struggles. Requests for other creative match styles, unique scenarios, and special attire are also heartily welcomed. This lean beauty trains regularly and hits the gym with a passion, so watch out for her fighting fury and fantastically defined biceps. Whether youre looking for a fight or craving to be locked up, roughed up, and ground down, VeVe will dish it out and keep on coming. She doesnt stop; she doesnt quit; shes got the skills and tenacity to fight for days on end. If you think she can beat you, you want to meet her. If you think you can beat her, you NEED to meet her. Try your luck. Bring it on. No crying afterward! ................................ Im based in New York City, with studio spaces in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and I also travel on session tours.

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Competitive Wrestling
Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Pro Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
2 on 1 Wrestling
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Muay Thai
Semi-Competitive Boxing
Fantasy Boxing
Fantasy Kickboxing
2 or More on 1 Handicap Matches
Tag Team Matches
Foxy Boxing
Female vs Female
Feats of Strength
Lift and Carry
Belly Punching


Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
11-08-2019 11-09-2019 Madrid Spain
11-16-2019 11-18-2019 Paris France
11-19-2019 11-21-2019 Milan Italy
11-21-2019 11-23-2019 Zurich Switzerland
11-24-2019 11-26-2019 Vienna Austria
11-26-2019 11-28-2019 Lisbon Portugal

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I forgot to put a review. My session with Veve Lane was soo awesome! We had a catball bearhugging session. She really good person to talk with, while we were rolling around, were even talking about super hero's (she Ironwoman). I can't wait for our next session!

phil emp

It was in November 2018 that I met the fabulous VeVe Lane during its tour of Europe. for my first session and I was terribly nervous. Once in sportswear, the session was launched. I did not know where I was going and an unknown adventure for me. I told her that I was nervous, she told me that bondage was an ideal way to calm down with a big smile.

She made me discover the pleasure of riding on a carpet. first part: I discovered the wrestling, she was very soft in the application of submissions like the triangle, the keys of arms and many others. Many submissions, she did not finish them. Anyway, she did not want to scare me, I was already breathless and all red!

In the second part: she proposed me catch bondage, I find it extremely innovative. I tried to apply a rope to him, but I did not have time to finish the knot. When VeVe accelerated, I felt like I was being attacked everywhere. I loosened a rope that I was already stuck by another. I managed to dodge several times. But she did not like that much. So she put more pressure on her attacks and I found myself on the back where she stuck my two arms side by side between her beautiful legs and she tied my elbows. No escape for me because the knot was inaccessible. She finished her bondage and she took the victory pose or I had the pleasure of admiring her from the ground. Once detached, I told her she was very nice, she burst out laughing.

In the third part: I offered him to try professional style wrestling wedges. For my curiosity. I tested the banana split, boston crab, the single leg crab the worst and the camel clutch one of my favorite etc. . She was all smiles, maybe, because I'm flexible enough!

To finish exhausted, she offered me a python catch. Once out of breath, she wedged me between her powerful limbs and she put her hand on my nose and my mouth. I was out of breath but that was the goal!

I spent 2 hours unforgettable. She is truly an exceptional woman!
If I have the opportunity, I do it again one second of session without hesitation!
Moreover, wrestling speaks all languages! (quote from VeVe Lane)


Saw VeVe for 2nd time. Did both "bondage wrestling" & competitive wrestling. For the 2 hours she totally owned me! VeVe is very sweet (When she is not beating you up). Setting up session is very easy with her. During our session she did lots of "trash talk" & totally humiliated me physically & verbally. VeVe is absolutly my number one! Her biceps are wonderful & her strength + stamina is unreal! I was not able to even slow her down! I totally admire this session lady! Thank you VeVe for a wonderful 2 hour session!

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