Location: New York City, New York
E-mail: veve.wrestler@gmail.com
Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg
Physique: Athletic
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Surely this review will get lost in the sea of well-deserved, favorable reviews of other clients. Quite simply, Veve is the best. Although it's been a while, I had sessions with many other girls. I met Veve several months ago when she was in Washington DC. I'm a complicated client with a length, highly detailed 19 page typewritten session description. In insist on compensating an extra $100 (it should actually be a little more) because of the extra prep time required. But this didn't stop some session girls from taking the additional $$ while hardly remembering anything in the description.

By far, Veve was the absolute best. She remembered everything. My description requires the girl to be a proficient martial artist. Everyone is aware that Veve is a superb grappler. But her standup skills are awesome as well. The session began with her acting flirtatious and stroking the male ego. She gradually becomes less flirtatious and more condescending and belittling. At some point she flat out challenges the male to try to stop her from "bitch slapping him". That set the tone for the first part of the session where she displays her wicked standup skills. After each knockdown, she waits for her male adversary to fully recover and get back to his feet. In the meantime she struts about like a runway model. She examines her fingernails or fixes her hair in the mirror. She stands with her toe pointed as if posing for a sexy pic. 360 twirls are also common. And, of course, the trash talk is constant. Her kicks and open palms strikes were powerful and precise. She even performed several high kicks to the face.

After a few knockdowns, Veve decided it was time to show off her full range of fighting skills. Her legendary grappling skills are ... well they are legendary. She easily transitioned from rear naked chokes, to kimuras, to armbars, to triangles, etc ...


What can I say, had a great session with Veve! She is very strong and fit. Definitely tapped often in wrestling. Did some ball busting in which she literally leg pressed me 3x while doing so. She can definitely pack a punch too. Definitely recommend and look forward to next time.


What An awesome session! She was super chill because I went to the wrong hotel and then could not find parking at the current hotel. Once things got started she definitely had me tapping out and wiped her mats with me. We did some boxing and ball busting as well. She is definitely strong not only with wrestling but her legs as well. She had me against the wall Then used my balls to do three leg presses. I never had that done before but was definitely a fun experience. I highly recommend her. She is very easy to communicate with and even let me have a friend come along to watch and see what sessioning was all about. Cannot wait to session with her again. Maybe this time I will know a few more holds than, well nothing.

Carson's Creekside

I met VeVe On Sunday. She was very welcoming and sweet. I was surprised at how small she looked compared to videos and pics that I have seen of her, but impressed by her incredible physique. I had a competitive wrestling and bondage wrestling session with her. I was surprised at how difficult it was to move her around. Yes, she is that strong! She just out wrestled me, making me submit to a variety of arm bars, chokes, hand smother, face smother and head scissors. She gave me a lesson on submissions. Then we went into the bondage wrestling. She just completely dominated me. Tied me up twice is 30 minutes. She was really in her element. You can see why she is unbeatable in this realm. VeVe is a great host and a wonderful person to session with. If you ever get a chance to session with VeVe, do it!! You will love every minute of it.


About a month or two ago, I had a second session with Veve Lane, it feel like shes my top favorite person to wrestle, she really does know how to host a session and she makes enjoyable. Also I can talk to her forever, she is so cool. We had a nice mixed Catball Session, we rolled around the mats, a couple of times, pinned each other down, she pinned me down most of the time with her super strength. I admitted to her that my favorite part is the rolling and after admitting that, we ended up rolling around all over the mats, it was sooooo epic!! It was almost like a rolling battle, which she won by the way, she rolled me into a nice pin. By the way her muscles and strength is also really
impressive, she's as fit as a superhero! Thank you Veve, I'm looking forward to rolling around with you again!

Pat from Boston

I met with Veve about 2 years ago for a sleepy lift and carry with light domination. I weighed 180 at the tome. We just did OTS and fireman’s carry. Veve actually surprised me with a cradle carry that was unexpected and easily. Veve is extremely strong not just for her sized but fir any size. She lifter me as easily as girls that weighed 170+. As most know she is extremely athletic. She was fine with being lifted herself and was great with playing the sleepy victim. Veve has great reviews fir her mat skills. I just want to point out that she had lift and carry skill that exceed most other ladies.


I just had my first session with Veve and I can sum it up in one word. Fantastic! It was not a wrestling session, more of a domination session. If it had been a wrestling session she would have kicked my ass! She has an amazing body and there's not an ounce of fat on her, she's solid muscle. Veve is really strong. As part of the session she demonstrated some wrestling holds. For one she got me in a reverse facesit pin where I was completely helpless. I couldn't budge her. The pièce de résistance, however, was a reverse head scissors. Her legs were a steel trap. I would have loved to stay there as the view was magnificent, but after a minute I felt like I would pass out. I tapped.
Her domination was perfect. It was as if she intuitively knew what I wanted. She's a natural domme and seems to enjoy it, unlike many girls who just go through the motions. She sat on me with schoolgirl pins, like I was just a piece of furniture and did some amazing face sitting in all kinds of positions. She's a great face sitter, she can let you have a little air or cut you off totally. We also did body worship and I will attest again that she is all muscle. It was one of the best sessions I've ever had.
Veve is also very pretty, intelligent and easy to talk to. A true renaissance woman. I've already booked my next session.


Amazing that’s what I have to say. Emailed her to say put me on the list because she was booked up. She had a cancellation and I was able to make it. She is just a great person and it was a great session. Once she has you in her control you aren’t getting out. Whether it’s her scissors or her facesitting, which she has perfected you have no choice but to submit. Definitely looking forward to her next trip to Boston.


I’m sore, I’m numb, I’m out of breath, I can already tell it’s going to be worse when I wake up in the morning, and I can’t remember the last time I was this satisfied after a session. Where do I start?

To give some perspective, I’ve wanted to do a session with Veve Lane for years, so I had high expectations. I’ve read the reviews, seen the videos, heard testimony from women she’s worked with, so I went in thinking the world of her. I got that and so much more.

As a competitor, Veve is relentless. We started out with a straight wrestling match, an hour with three 18-minute rounds and 2 minute rest periods in between. I’m about 6 feet tall, 200 pounds, I came at her with everything I had, and she just kept coming. We’re both heavy sweaters and we left the mats slick, we were both breathing heavy by the halfway point, but every time she submitted me and scored a new point - and that happened many times - she got back up, stronger and more determined than before. She’s skilled and strong, I’m sure anyone even remotely familiar with her knows that, but now I think her biggest strength is how driven she is to win and overcome her opponents. There were moments, few and far between, where I had some momentary advantage over her and managed to get on top, but every single time, she fought her way out, endured and turned the tables. It doesn’t matter what you come at her with, or how hard you go, she will find a way to grind you down to a nub.

As a domme, Veve is intense. After the competitive round, we moved into pure punishment, and she overwhelmed me with this raw, sensual energy. Her voice is soothing, calming, but with this devilish edge that tickles your ear. She towers over you, and it doesn’t matter how tall you are, she has a way of making herself even bigger. She’s great at dominating you with just her body, putting you in this never-ending series of holds, twisting you in knots, bending you in ways you never knew you could be bent and giving you pain you never knew you could feel. But she can use her body in other ways, use it to leave you gasping. Don’t let her petite size fool you - she’s one of the best facesitters I’ve ever had on my features. It might seem like a trivial thing, but there’s a way to do something and a way to do something well. She doesn’t just plop down on someone’s face and wait for them to tap out, she plays with you. Gives you a little air, sees how much you can take, gives you just enough to keep going. She toys with you, taunts you, owns you.

As a roleplayer, Veve is talented. For the final phase of the session, I played the role of a police tracking down a female serial killer, finding her and taking her on and getting caught in her ropes. From the moment we started, I was impressed with how into the role she was. Some session wrestlers are better at playing a role than others - it’s no slight against them, that sort of improvisational acting isn’t for everyone, but Veve excels at it. Once she was in character, she didn’t break it for a moment, never wavered. She was all in, enthusiastic and professional, and that helped me go along, too. It’s a rare kind of energy to see in a wrestling session, and it does wonders for the experience - this was, probably, the first time I’d really felt absorbed into roleplaying in a session, with someone who matches whatever energy you bring to the moment.

Nothing I’ve said here is likely new, or things that haven’t been elaborated on in detail before, but all the same, I want to sing her praises. This isn’t even getting into how welcoming and friendly she was from the start, how she listened to my every suggestion and followed them perfectly, her uncanny sense of timing and how she maximized our time together, or how insanely deft she was with her ropework. Every thing you’ve heard about her is true, but an understatement, and I can’t do justice, either. It doesn’t matter what kind of sessions you’re into - if you live near her or she comes your way, book a session with Veve Lane. You will have an excellent experience.


I just returned from a session with VeVe. In a word, she is incredible!!

I have done several sessions and she is the most skilled wrestler I ever met. Her technical abilities matched by her strength and fitness are unstoppable. She submitted me dozens of times, easily. I was completely dominated to the point where I was submitting before she even finished the hold, that’s how complete her domination was.

And not just leg scissors or basic chokes. She used a variety of wrestling and I suspect jujitsu holds that had me begging for mercy.

She was teasing me throughout. Not in a mean way, just having fun!

We transitioned to a bondage session (my first) and that was even more intense. I was completely helpless!

She followed my suggestions for the entire session flawlessly and executed them so much better than I could have imagined.

She is beautiful and very fit and strong. Do not let her size fool you. I am 6’ 225 pounds and she had zero difficulties controlling me completely.

A great session! The most fun I’ve had!


A true professional in every sense of the word. Setting up a session was incredibly easy. Veve is very quick to respond to emails and was very receptive to meeting a new client. Once I arrived and saw the mat room that Veve has set up, I knew i was in for a great session. Veve gave me the exact type of session I was looking for. 90 minutes has never gone by so quickly! She already looks strong, but she is even stronger than she looked. She had me trapped in so many different positions and had me stretching in ways i never thought even possible. Once she has you, there's no escape. I enjoyed this session very much and will certainly be meeting up with Veve again in the future. To anyone that books a session with her, I hope you enjoy her company as much as i did!


I had a session with Veve in July and she is a pro in every sense of the word. It was really quick and easy to schedule a wrestling session with her, she had an extremely nice facility, and the hour we spent together was fun and playful. We talked for a bit afterwards and she was thoughtful and kind. She's an absolute must-session when it comes to NYC wrestlers.


I had a session with Veve in Stockholm, Sweden 2018 I believe. I posted a review a while back but that never got published.

My session with Veve was the best one I've done. She is pure professionalism. She reads up on you session before you meet so she has the right clothes and knows what to do. She was the first one to actually surprise me when we met by knowing what I wanted. That has never happened before. I will never forget that.

She is strong, smart, good looking, muscular with a wonderful personality. I just loved that session.

She is one of the top professionals in this industry. I will definitely book a second session with her again when she returns.
If you're like me, a high demanding guy, she is the right for you.


I remember having a session with Veve in 2008 at her Doom Maidens studio in Brooklyn, NY. It was a mix of semi-competitive wrestling and lift/carry. She whopped my ass then and I was a sweaty mess but I enjoyed it :)


3-6-2020. I only have three words: Absolutely THE BEST !!!!!!!!!! DB


Had a great competive wrestling session with Veve Lane about 2 years ago in Germany , she really is a great wrestler/grappling female she submit me 3 times I submit her only ones. But I am sure I will book a session soon again ones in the USA or maybe she will visit Germany or the Netherlands soon ones.


VeVe is the ultimate session professional. Everything she does is superb from the communications setting up a session to the session itself. She loves wrestling and fulfilling your fantasies. She has loads of worldly experience and dynamite skills. I have sessioned with her 3 or 4 times over several years and each time was amazing. We sessioned in Florida over Super Bowl weekend recently and again was thoroughly pinned and basically humiliated by long tight facesits and inescapable holds. Her domination skills are topnotch. I tried everything to pin her to include cheating whenever I could, but she countered everything I had. After trying to cheat in the non stop onslaught match she made me suffer under her and beg to be released. It was a highly competitive losing match for me throughout and a semi-competitive eventually easy fantasy match for VeVe over the hour we wrestled. I highly recommend her for most any type of domination session your looking for. She is very receptive, professional and communicates the planning of the session well. She is popular so if she is traveling to your area or your in New York I recommend you email her well ahead of time.


Had a session with Veve earlier this year, just a bit slow to write a review! Setting up the meeting was simple, and Veve took the time to answer any questions I had seeing as I was still quite new. As for the session itself, she pretty much just dominated from start to finish with various scissors and other holds that I’d never encountered before. She has so much energy which just doesn’t seem to disappear! And if you’re unfortunate (or perhaps fortunate!) to become trapped in one of her scissors, then it’s only a matter of time until you tap! Highly recommend to anyone out there that really fancies a challenge!

Thanks Veve!


I forgot to put a review. My session with Veve Lane was soo awesome! We had a catball bearhugging session. She really good person to talk with, while we were rolling around, were even talking about super hero's (she Ironwoman). I can't wait for our next session!

phil emp

It was in November 2018 that I met the fabulous VeVe Lane during its tour of Europe. for my first session and I was terribly nervous. Once in sportswear, the session was launched. I did not know where I was going and an unknown adventure for me. I told her that I was nervous, she told me that bondage was an ideal way to calm down with a big smile.

She made me discover the pleasure of riding on a carpet. first part: I discovered the wrestling, she was very soft in the application of submissions like the triangle, the keys of arms and many others. Many submissions, she did not finish them. Anyway, she did not want to scare me, I was already breathless and all red!

In the second part: she proposed me catch bondage, I find it extremely innovative. I tried to apply a rope to him, but I did not have time to finish the knot. When VeVe accelerated, I felt like I was being attacked everywhere. I loosened a rope that I was already stuck by another. I managed to dodge several times. But she did not like that much. So she put more pressure on her attacks and I found myself on the back where she stuck my two arms side by side between her beautiful legs and she tied my elbows. No escape for me because the knot was inaccessible. She finished her bondage and she took the victory pose or I had the pleasure of admiring her from the ground. Once detached, I told her she was very nice, she burst out laughing.

In the third part: I offered him to try professional style wrestling wedges. For my curiosity. I tested the banana split, boston crab, the single leg crab the worst and the camel clutch one of my favorite etc. . She was all smiles, maybe, because I'm flexible enough!

To finish exhausted, she offered me a python catch. Once out of breath, she wedged me between her powerful limbs and she put her hand on my nose and my mouth. I was out of breath but that was the goal!

I spent 2 hours unforgettable. She is truly an exceptional woman!
If I have the opportunity, I do it again one second of session without hesitation!
Moreover, wrestling speaks all languages! (quote from VeVe Lane)


Saw VeVe for 2nd time. Did both "bondage wrestling" & competitive wrestling. For the 2 hours she totally owned me! VeVe is very sweet (When she is not beating you up). Setting up session is very easy with her. During our session she did lots of "trash talk" & totally humiliated me physically & verbally. VeVe is absolutly my number one! Her biceps are wonderful & her strength + stamina is unreal! I was not able to even slow her down! I totally admire this session lady! Thank you VeVe for a wonderful 2 hour session!


VeVe is one of the best sessions you'll have. Setting up the session was very easy; VeVe is very professional and pays attention to the details. As a wrestler, she is very skilled and *very* strong, despite her petite appearance. She likes to talk a little smack as well. That said, she's also very sweet when she's not giving you bruises. I look forward to her returning to my area.



I had my first session with Veve, it was my first session ever. I want to see if the reality matched the fantasy and from all the videos I have of VeVe's made her my first choice to introduce me to the scene. We had a wrestling and boot worship session. It was a truly amazing experience.

Her videos and pictures speak to her beauty and physical fitness...what they don't demonstrate how wonderful of a person she is. She knew I was nervous and she helped me feel comfortable. She wiped the floor with me for the solid hour! We talked and joked and had a wonderful time. I felt comfortable to share personal stories. I did not want the session to end.

I can't wait to session with her again, either up here in Boston or on a business trip to New York. I am already thinking about the next session!!


5-11-18. I had an extraordinary session with the fabulous VeVe. We actually did a mixed catball, Wow!!! So much fun along with very exhausting. With Ve Ve being petite she is very strong, her scissors will leave you gasping. We'd tussle, rolled around without ceasing. I was sucking wind. lol anyway I can't wait for Ve Ve to return to Lo Angeles maybe I'll be the villain with a different result lol. Lol. Did I mention Beautiful!! This lady is all that and some. Thanks Ve Ve. DB


It's very rare that I book a session. But VeVe has been on my radar for a long time and I finally went ahead and met her.

All I can say is wow!

She is absolutely amazing. I didn't think it was possible to pack so much power into a 5'4", 125 lb. frame.

Her legs are strong beyond description. If I didn't know better, I would have thought that I was being scissored by a 300 lb. male powerlifter instead of a cute, petite woman.

Her grapevine was just as powerful and I could only take a few seconds of it before tapping out. She also put me in a banana split submission hold. Now I know what a wishbone must feel like as it's being pried apart. She clearly knows what she's doing and is highly skilled.

She also performed several lifts on me. At 185, 190 lbs., I couldn't believe the ease with which she did it. She didn't even strain under my weight.

The most impressive lift was when she actually got me up in a torture rack. It's hard to imagine a girl her size racking a guy my size, but she did it not once, but twice!

And maybe the best part about VeVe is her attitude. She's super cool, and put me at ease right away. It's obvious she loves what she does, and wants to make sure you have a great experience. I know I sure did.

I can't say enough good things about VeVe, and I'd definitely like to see her again. She truly is one of a kind.


It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with Veve. The best p2p session wrestler out there. She is a real professional.


I just had my first wrestling session with veve lane.It was amazing she is a wonderfull person.I told her I like sleeper holds.She delivered some of the best sleeper holds I've ever been in.Her scissor holds are killer to she loved to see me struggle in her sleeper hold and scissor holds.I would definitely book her again.Thank you veve for the wonderfull wrestling session Thanks Rich


Had today a semi comp boxing session with Veve - the second one since two years. And like the first one it was fantastic. More competitive than semi competitive, more than half an hour strong fighting - in distance and in clinch too. Now I am very happy and look like Rudolph the red nose .... :)
Veve is a nice Lady, very open and communicative - it's a real pleasure to spend time with here - thank's a lot to you, Veve. :)
and hope to see and boxe you soon.


I am a 250 lbs 6'1 man with some good wrestling experience.
I had the great opportunity to wrestle Veve Lane in December 2014 in her wrestling studio in Brooklyn. She is amazing. Her technique is great. She is a very smart and pleasant woman. She is extremely professional. She pinned me 3 times and made me submit 10 times with her painful locks and scissors. I fought hard and I did my best, but to no avail. Being much smaller and weaker than me she worked on my neck and arms, inflicting me suffocating situation or excruciating pain in her locks. Her leg scissors are devastating too. She said that my legs are too powerful for her to work on them and make me submit, so she ignored them and concentrated her action on my neck and head. At the end of the hour, I was totally exhausted, not even able to pin her once. I was no match for her. After the match she spontaneously took a well deserved victory stance over my drained and inert body, putting several times her bare foot on my face and chest. I will definitely see her again when I am in NY.


2 weeks ago I had a session with VeVe and asked her to help me make a custom video. She agreed and was very knowledgeable behind the scenes because of her years of experience in doing such. A true professional. But as you would expect, she shined brightest when it was time to bring the pain!
My video called for multiple strikes, chokes and joint locks.... VeVe delivered and then some!
She's extremely quick, a lot stronger then I expected and precise with her moves. You can tell she's very disciplined, and clearly keeps herself in great shape. There was no doubt that she's the real deal.
If your looking for a real competitive challenge, or just want a custom video, I couldn't give a better recommendation. She has a very warm personality, great sense of humor and my highest praise.
The video came out exactly as I wanted and I look forward to working with VeVe again!


I had the honor of getting on the mat with VeVe during her west coast swing in 2014. We did a 2 hour competitive wrestling session and I was completely impressed by VeVe's skill level. She is less than half my weight and I have some martial arts training. It was no where near enough to handle VeVe. I got two submissions on her and she got at in the neighborhood of eight to ten on me. It might a been a few more - I lost count. And I don't think she caught me with the same submission more than twice. It was a great experience - I'm glad she came out west.


Veve is nothing short of amazing. We did a session last summer, and I must warn - do not let her twinkly-eyed smile deceive you. She is slippery (even in a BJJ Gi), wily, quick, and - when she gets her chokes on you - a rock solid python who will deprive you of consciousness if you do not tap (I did - many times). Also have to say she set up the best mat space set-up of any traveling wrestler I have met. If you get the chance, definitely see her.


I recently had a wrestling session. All I can say is Veve is FANTASTIC. Clearly one of the best sessions I have ever had (and I've had many over almost 20 years). Great combination of wrestling skill, beauty, and personality!
I would start of by saying that Veve is simply a superb wrestler. She made the match extremely fun fighting for -- and almost always getting -- a wide variety of excruciating holds. Much more fun than some girls who go back to their one or few favorite holds. Her repetoire was seemingly endless.
She also made the match fabulous by adjusting her level. She simply toyed with me, letting me work my ass of to get out of some holds, even apply some, but always staying in complete control. I was a mouse to her cat.
She is also quite pretty. Her new hair cut is lovely (I must confess her earlier pics were somewhat of a turnoff). What a muscular body!!! without being overly so. One sexy lady.
She is also a lovely person. Fun to talk to and be with.
I can't wait to see her again.

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